Stitch Fix

So, one of my good friends, Danielle over at Bitter Me Lovely inspired me to try  Stitch Fix out for the first time.  If you don’t know what Stitch fix is, this is basically what happens:

  • You go online to and you create a style profile (You can even link to clothes you’ve pinned and styles that you have on pinterest!)
  • You are charged a $25. styling fee that will go towards whatever you decide to purchase
  • You’re sent a box of clothes. I got two tops, a cardigan, a bracelet and a pair of jeans
  • You decide within three days what you want to keep, and send the rest back in pre-addressed envelop free of charge
  • If you decide to keep everything that was sent you get 20% off
  • If you refer a friend that does a stitch fix, then you get $25. off your next purchase (hence the link BELOW…help a sista out!)

So, if you’re wondering what the style profile is like, they’ll ask  you what your opinion is on several groups of clothing.  Just for a reference, out of the different groupings, this is what I said I LOVED. The others were either not my style AT ALL or just a little meh..

style2 Stylegroup1


They also will of course ask what your size, weight, and height is. They also ask you how you like to wear your clothes. For instance, do you like to have your tops fitted, or more loose, do you like to show your arms, show cleavage, show legs, or keep covered, etc. They’re very specific, which I love! In addition to all those questions, they also ask you how much you like to spend on clothes, whether or not you are looking for clothes to be more casual, for date nights or professional. The questions are great. 

 So, without further adieu, this is what was shipped to me.  The packaging was very professional and pretty!

The first thing I opened was this cute cuff. I loved it but I already own something similar to it and it was $38. so I decided to return it.

This cardigan is cute and edgy and good in theory.  However, when I tried it on, it did nothing for my figure and was way too big. Maybe in a smaller size, and possibly a different cut. It definitely has the boho tribal vibe, which I love.


Okay, for the pants, I got a pair of denim jeans.  I really wasn’t too excited about these, and the price was over 70, which is pretty pricey. I tried them on and again, I wasn’t overly impressed.  Then when I was about to pack it up to send back, I realized that they had a style card in there and they were supposed to be ROLLED UP. They were called boyfriend jeans. Man am I out of the loop!  I just started getting into skinny jeans, and now I need rolled up boyfriend jeans?  But you know what? When I tried them on again rolled up, I loved them. I’m still perfecting the skinny tight roll (It doesn’t look quite right in the picture) but I’ll get it eventually. They’re not too tight and fitted, they’re super comfy, and honestly they’re my new favorite pair of jeans!



In the box was also this comfy knit shirt, but the fit was all wrong. I have a long torso and the shirt was super fitted right around the chubbiest part of my stomach, when it should’ve sat closer to my belt line.  It is a pretty color (my favorite) but the fit just wasn’t right. It was also super tight around the elbows with it being more loose in the shoulder… giving you the batman wing-ed arms… not really my thing.


I love this top! The colors are certainly my colors and I love the style. It’s perfect for the spring and I love the cute triangle cut-out details in the back of the top too.  I feel like I need a long silver casual necklace to jazz this up a bit, so I’ll be on the lookout for an inexpensive piece that I think will help complete the look more. This top is a keeper along with the jeans.  I love them both!

It was overall a great experience for me.  You should definitely check it out.  If you have already and you’d like to share what you got, comment with a link to your blog post!

For those of you that would like to try Stitch Fix, please help me out by using my referral link:

Ultra-Fab Cake Wallet!

Last week I posted here about wanting one of these wallets for my diaper bag.  So… I put in my order to the baker at Cake and she made me a custom wallet that I simply adore.   It is complete with a iphone pocket and a cute little owl that sets it apart from the rest.  Thanks Lindsey!


       Owl Applique`     Wallet Fully Open

       Inside ID slot     Full Inside

Eco Friendly Diaper Duty

Diaper treeAny of you out there that is expecting a baby, consider yourself a “Green Momma”, or just want to save some money should look into cloth diapering.  Although we are expecting to fully delve into our stash of disposables within the first few weeks of just trying to get use to baby Parker, we still have the goal of cloth diapering as much as we can the extent of his pre-potty trained life.  When we decided to look into this we found out that there are SO many choices out there from All in One Diapers, to Pocket diapers to Pre-folds with covers and the list goes on.  So where does someone start that is planning to cloth diaper?  I found some of the best information on the cloth diapering forum on  They directed me to Nicki’s Diapers which has the best prices on the internet and not to mention FREE SHIPPING on all of their diapers and diaper covers.  This is where we decided to purchase our diaper covers.

DuoWrapMeadow DuoWrapOceanBlue1 DuoWrapHoneyDew

Dan wasn’t too keen on the idea of cloth diapering to begin with.  He thought the smell and the hassle of washing would be way too much to handle.  I know that is a big concern for a lot of people, and that is why most decide to just go with disposables.  However, I have found that most are just not educated on some of the reasons why cloth diapering is such a good idea; Did you know that cloth diapering could save you thousands?  Did you know that cloth diapering means not having to worry about weird chemicals up against your baby’s skin?  Did you know that it takes 500 years for ONE typical disposable diaper to decompose in a landfill?  Those are enough reasons to me to at least consider the thought to use cloth diapers.

clothdiapercoverWe decided to go with a delivery service that is offered in our area to deliver fresh laundered diapers every week and haul away the soiled ones.  This option is a little bit more expensive, but it has allowed Dan and I to compromise on the concerns he had with cloth diapering, but also giving me the ability to still use them.  Even though this option is a little bit more expensive than washing, it still saves AtlantaDiaperServicesLogocopymoney over disposables in the long run.     Atlanta Diaper Service offers a delivery service in the metro Atlanta area and some of the suburbs.  You can choose to rent cloth diapers, cloth wipes, disposable diapers, and diaper covers.  After much research, we decided to go with 50 diapers a week (to start) 40 cloth and 10 eco-friendly disposables (for outings), 10 Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers (purchased instead of renting so we can possibly use with baby number 2),  and 73 cloth wipes per week.

The cloth wipes alone will save you hundreds a year over the disposeable wipes.  You can use a wipes warmer and put in a mix of babywash and tea tree oil (to prevent mildew) to keep your wipes moisened before use.

I’m so excited to give all of this a try! I’ll keep you updated on how this new challenge goes!

Maple Shade Kids

As you know, this weekend Dan and I finished painting Parker’s room.  Now we’re looking at how we’d like to decorate the walls.  We wanted something original and different, but also sticking to the theme of owls, birds and bunnies as a focus.

Dan and I found this wonderful shop on Etsy called Maple Shade Kids and we fell in love with their creative pieces!  She  creates amazing artwork, bookends, shelves and peg racks using sustainably harvested wood, rescued wood, colorful papers, non-toxic glues and sealers.  Not only are they incredibly cute, but they’re eco-friendly too!  Right up my ally.  She will have some new creations by mid-week, so we may have to indulge some more!  Below are some of the items that we have decided on.  Feel free to click on them for more views/info.

Killer Deals

Dan and I went to the All 4 Kids consignment sale last night. Boy did we score some killer deals! Since we don’t know the sex of the baby yet, we had to stick to some gender neutral items. With that being said, we looked at larger ‘big ticket’ items instead of small things like clothes, shoes, bedding etc. There will be plenty of time for that later on down the line. So, here’s just a few of the deals we got:


Baby Trend Jogging stroller Retails: +/-$300. All 4 Kids: $20.! (definitely best deal of the night)


Fisher Price Nature Swing Retails: $140. All 4 Kids: $60.


Boppy Travel Swing Retails: $69.99 All 4 Kids: $30.



We got a Pottery Barn Kids toy blanket with mobile for $6. It looks brand new and never used. The little plush toys are so cute! I can’t wait until the baby gets to play with it!

Gone Shopping

Dan and I had such a good time meeting our friends Lily and Jim for breakfast at Alon’s (which has the most incredible pastries in all of Atlanta) and then went to see if we could dig up some cool finds at Scott Antique market.  Lily flew in from California, and Jim flew in from NY just for the weekend.  We were hoping to score some deals at the show.

There are so many really unique pieces there that you just don’t see everywhere in your typical store around the corner.  They had one dealer that had several old well buckets.  They were a little beat up and definately had some character.  That was the only thing we ended up getting.  We purposely took Dan’s car so we wouldn’t be tempted to get huge pieces of furniture.  It was really fun getting to see Lily and Jim and just enjoy the time with Dan.  I’m definately going to hit up this show next month!