2015 Holiday Festivities

We had a great time celebrating the holidays. It’s no surprise that I am a big fan of Christmas. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the whole shebang. The music, the decorating, the lights, shopping, Christmas outings with the fam, cooking, visiting Santa, hosting parties, and all the holiday festivities that go along with it!

IMG_9155Lake Lanier Under the lights 5K
The first thing we did to get into the holiday spirit, was run/walk the Lake Lanier Under the lights 5k.  We did this last year, and it really is a fun event to do. Not only that, but I love the time I spend with Dan, running and being goofy out there together. You get to see lots of light displays during your run, and the jolly man himself. It’s a great atmosphere. It’s something that we enjoy and would like to continue doing every year!


Tree Lighting of Avalon

We enjoyed a tree lighting ceremony in Avalon. This was our first year attending the tree lighting ceremony there, and it was nice. It was super cold, and a bit crowded, but we ran into some friends, and it turned out to be a really fun evening.  This may end up being a tradition each year leading up to Christmas!

Parkway’s Children’s Program

Mason and Sienna took to the stage with their classes to sing Christmas songs for the holidays.  This was Sienna’s first time singing and she did great! She loves singing, and is always animated with her movements when putting on a performance, and Mason isn’t shy about singing either. It was super precious and we enjoyed every bit of it!


Cookies with the Clauses

It was kind of sad this year going to Cookies with the Clauses because I remember taking Parker as a toddler, when Mason was just a baby. My how the times have changed. Now Mason and Sienna are attending without big brother because he’s in Kindergarten. In a blink of an eye! Next year Mason will be in Kindergarten as well!

Sienna and Mason had a great time. We met a few friends there, but we were waiting in line for a while for Santa and Ms. Clause that we didn’t get to visit as long as we would’ve hoped to.


Getting the Perfect Christmas Tree

No Christmas would be the same without our annual visit to Kinsey Farms. We decided to go on a weekday this year because it’s always been super busy on the weekends. Although, this is a Christmas Tree farm, they’re not typical Christmas trees that they grow there. They’re leyland Cyprus, and other green trees, but Fraser firs are what people typically get, and they aren’t grown in this area. They’re mostly grown in the Appalachian regions of NC. They are trucked into Kinsey farms, but we still love the atmosphere of the farm, and it has certainly become a tradition of our family.
Even though Mason and Sienna managed to dump hot chocolate all over them, and they burned their marshmallows several times, we still managed to laugh about it all. I love our crazy family!

When we got home, we got busy decorating the new tree! We decided to do colored lights this year, which is the first time we’ve done this. I noticed that they don’t photograph as well as the white lights, but it was fun to use the for a change!


Meeting Santa in Avalon

We had planned to visit Santa at North point mall, but they are just too fancy. I mean, for realz, fancy!! In order not to have to wait in a line for a long time, I planned to do a reservation. Except this year in order to make a reservation at North Point Mall Dreamworks Santa, you had to pay ahead of time for the pictures too. Say whaaaat? Who does that? I mean… this year happens to be the first year that we don’t have a kid afraid of Santa, but if we did then we’d be up a creek with crappy photos. I’m just not a fan of paying for photos you’ve never seen. I think I’m pretty normal in that degree. It is a fancy set-up though. They allow you to design your sleigh, and you go on an interactive ride in your sleigh prior to meeting santa. We may try it next year, but Dreamworks needs to get a reality check before next year and not require the pre-pay for photos in order to reserve.
So, we went to Avalon instead, which turned out to be a great experience anyways. The only thing that was a bit of a let-down was the weather. It was literally 70 degrees! Not very Christmasy but we made the best of it. After a sweet visit with Santa, and a wonderful staff that allowed me to take MY OWN photos for free, Parker begged me to take him ice skating. It was so expensive that we could only take one child, and we told the others that they weren’t old enough and they’d have to wait until next year. Dan took them to the soft play area and Parker and I took to the ice. It was so slushy from the weather that Parker fell several times into the wet mess. However, in true Parker fashion, he laughed and laughed and didn’t mind one bit. Just like when he was learning to ride a bike. He never got upset or frustrated, he just laughed, got back up, and tried again! I need to remember this when I’m frustrated by the fact that he’s a goof ball and won’t be serious…I’m thankful that he also has the type of personality that doesn’t take himself too seriously and knows when to laugh it off, even if it’s the hundredth time falling in slushy ice and soaking your pants from the waist down!

Christmas Eve

We were overjoyed to be able to host Christmas Eve in our home this year. We typically go to Angie’s house, but we asked if we could host, and we were so thankful that she not only agreed, but was happy that we offered. I know we live a little further out, and we were excited that everyone was able to come up and spend such a special time in our home.  We had a table full of appetizers and desserts, and we enjoyed catching up with family, and we watched a short clip from the movie Nativity that talked about the birth of Christ, and the true reason why we celebrate the holiday. In years past, we have done everything from reading scripture, to singing Christmas Carols, to sharing prayers, and we decided to change it up, and put our stamp on the night. All the young kids are excited to open “stocking stuffers” from family members, of course too. Truthfully, I may be equally excited to see the joy and smiles on their faces!  Overall, it was a big success! We were exhausted, but everyone had a great time and the kids were tired by the end, but still excited for Santa to come and for Christmas morning.

Christmas Day

We enjoyed a relaxed morning at home Christmas Day.  The kids big gifts this year were a dollhouse for Sienna, remote BB8 for Parker and Mason got a Lego AT AT.  Aunt Angie hosted Christmas lunch at her house this year, which was really nice because typically the family Christmas Day lunch is held at the farm, which is too far for us to drive with the kids.  It was nice to visit more with family and get to see my grandparents that weren’t able to make it on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas!

This Winter

I’m so glad Spring is on the way! This winter hasn’t been as bad as last in the sense that we didn’t get the amount of snow that we did last year, but the ice was a lot worse. We even lost power a few weeks ago, which was surprising and unexpected because our entire neighborhood has buried lines.  It was from 7pm until about 11 the next morning, which totally freaked out the kids!


We made a fire for Dan and I and made the best of it.  After lots of snuggles (especially Parker, who knew?) and songs, and also the help of light sticks, we got them to fall asleep.  Whatever light sticks that were left, we let them use in the tub for a cosmic tub time.  That was a big hit!

The very next week we had snow forecasted, conveniently the same night as my consignment sale, but fortunately I still sold quite a bit of stuff, but I think my sales weren’t as good as they could’ve been if the weather would’ve been better. The kids liked the snow, but It wasn’t quite enough snow for a snowman. We got enough for a few silly snow angels, though!


We’ve also been trying to make the best of our indoor playtime and we’ve been continuing to go to storytime, the gym and also Catch Air occasionally with friends. We joined our friends Kialer and Kinsey one Thursday and with inflatables, dance floor, and slides galore, the kids were able to have fun while the Mamas could catch up on conversation! We’ve really lucked out with our neighbors. We have some great ones! We also love having neighbor friends over for playing in the playroom when it’s cold out. Nothing can cure the chilly boring day blues like a little friends, dress up time, and kid music to dance to!

Another way we’ve been trying to stay warm this season is trying new winter comfort food recipes. Here are some yummy ones I’ve tried! Mostly thumbs up from the fam! I thought they were so good recipes that were easy for me to prepare for the kids. Also, I’m not a huge beef fan, so I usually tend to make a lot of chicken dishes.  These two are a great way for me to incorporate beef into my meals. I’ll certainly make these two again!

One thing I had on my inspiration board that I wanted to do more of, and we’re reminded of during the marriedlife seminar, is to date more often. So Dan and I have been enjoying more dates this year, one double date with our neighbors where we ate at Kona and went to Andretti’s. It was a lot of fun to have dinner and conversation with them without the kiddos, and to share laughs and connect as couples!

Another date we went on, was when I accompanied Dan to his favorite shooting range Sharp Shooters. We did some target practice, and I got to learn a few things about how to load a gun, etc. It was a lot of fun, but I have to admit that I was nervous the entire time!  I don’t know how to shake the nerves about others with guns around me. It’s not the guns that I’m shooting I get nervous about, it’s the random strangers around me with guns that I have a hard time with. I wanted to do it though because I know how much it means to Dan! We also discovered a new yummy pizza place called Crust in Alpharetta that was fabulous! We will definitely go back there. It was very good food and great service.


Parker started spring baseball practice, but due to the nasty weather it’s been cancelled all but three times, one of those times P has Strep Throat and couldn’t go, so he’s gone twice. The start of baseball as well as this burst of warmer weather here and there is makinging me super excited about the new season! The few days have been warmer  the past few weeks, we’ve jumped at the chance to get outside and enjoy it!  We had fun time celebrating our friend Kim’s pregnancy with baby Xavier, her first baby boy! We’ve also loved going to Sims Lake Park as a family, the greenway, and simply playing in the yard with the kite, little neighbor friends and our new sandbox!


Come on Spring and Summer, we miss you and we have BIG plans for you!

Goin’ to the Zoo zoo zoo

Have you guys heard that children’s song, We’re going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo… How ’bout you, you, you? The kids love that song. There are several versions online, but we love the old one the best.  I never thought that we’d be the kind of family that listens to kids songs, but we do, and we love it.  The day before our planned zoo trip, our kids were PUMPED with this song. Yes, we’re a corny family, I know!

This post is about visiting the Atlanta Zoo. Surprise, right? We made a great investment in an anual  zoo pass last February, and we decided to put it to good use for the fifth time this season and go with our neighbors this time. Dan has MLK day off, and so does our neighbor Jenn’s husband Chris, so we decided to take advantage and have a family day with some friends!

It was a chilly morning, but it warmed up in the afternoon and it turned out to be beautiful.  Chris and Jenn have two boys, one that is Parker’s age, and one that is in-between Mason and Sienna’s age.  The kids had a lot of fun playing together!

I got to try out some new settings on my camera, and shot primarily in Manual mode with a low ISO and an F stop of about 2 or 2.5. I love the blur of the lower F stop or 1.8, but I’m finding that I also get a lot more blur when the subject isn’t perfectly still. It was fun to practice!


Their favorite part of the zoo every visit has to be the petting zoo and the zoo’s playground area.  Visit those two spots, and they’re in HEAVEN!


The kids certainly had some grumpy moments, but overall we made some fun memories!


Day in the life

My typical week looks something like this…

Workouts. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I take Les Mills Body Pump class and I run a mile beforehand on the treadmill in the morning. Sometimes if I’m running late, I don’t get time to do the treadmill, but most of the time, I can squeeze in a mile or if I’m lucky, over a mile.

On Tuesdays I have Storytime with Sienna and Mason at the local library and then we all play at home,  I start washing clothes, and tidying up the house until it’s time to pick up Parker at 12:45

On Wedneday after the gym I have laundry. Lots of laundry. Typically takes me all day long. This is when I take all the clothes that were washed the day prior and sort, fold, hang, etc. Fortunately, the boys have become very helpful in this area and they both now put away and hang up their own clothes! We also have small group on Wednesday nights and we’re doing a parenting study now and it’s going great, but that also means squeezing in reading two chapters a week and answering questions to prepare for our discussion.

Thursdays have just changed to another gym day, and I’ve so far done Body Combat and RPM (stationary bike) class. Another workout in the morning and then back home to play with Mason and Sienna since Mason is home from preschool on Tues and Thurs.

After the boys get home from preschool we all have lunch, and Mama gets a break. Mason and Sienna take their nap and Parker either takes a nap in his room or takes the time to look at his pen books or have some alone time playing quietly while the others nap.  After naps, we try to play outside if weather permits. It’s hard to do so on Wednesdays because I’m typically still in laundry madness trying to get everything sorted and hung. Otherwise, we’re either outside or playing in the playroom together.  The boys LOVE to have dance parities. Their favorite musician is the Laurie Berkner Band. They LOVE the “I’m going to catch you” song!

Once the kids go to bed, I get time with Dan at night. Right now, we’ve really enjoying snugging up on the sofa and watching the Walking Dead series.  Sometimes he likes to have his guy shows that he watches, or shoot his bow in the basement while I blog, edit photos, read,  or catch up on a girlie show (Bachelor, Parenthood, etc.). It’s healthy to have time alone as well as together.  Sometimes if we’re lucky, we get a date night, a girls night, or a guys night out.

Life is busy. Work outs. Carpool drop-offs and pickups. Kids running around without pants. Grocery shopping. Playing dress-up. Messy playrooms. Books before bed. Tantrums. Hugs. Building a “lego city”.  Riding bikes and playing outside. Washing dishes. Watching their favorite show. Making lunches. Cleaning. Meal planning. Cooking.  Goodnight kisses. Repeat.

The life of a stay-at-home Mom means running a household and making sure it not only runs smoothly, but with love and patience. Reminding ourselves that grace is needed for ourselves, our kids, and our marriage.  Being intentional about serving others, bringing God into our everyday conversations, leaning on him for strength, making sacrifices, and above all being grateful for where you are in this stage of life.

What does your day look like? I’d love to see a blog post from my readers!!

Enjoying Traditions New and Old


The days leading up to Christmas were a lot of fun. We enjoyed a lot of traditions that we’ve started since we’ve had kids, and also tried some new things that may become new traditions. It was a great time to gather with friends and family and celebrate over the holiday season.

The first tradition we love to do every year, and it’s usually the first thing we do, is get a tree from Kinsey Farms. We just love that family farm, and this year was no different.  Hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows (with a two year old, who wanted to dive in, it was a bit of a disaster, but otherwise fun), enjoying the crisp cool fall weather. It was perfect. We also enjoyed eating at Rice, a Chinese restaurant that had delicious food not far from the farm that we’ve made it a tradition to go to every year after picking up our tree. We also did an artificial tree this year in the formal dining room. I had been wanting to do one since we moved in, but this year we decided we’d go for it. I’m really into gold accents these days, so this tree so this tree was a great way to showcase my taste.. The sunroom tree is a tacky family tree with homemade or school made ornaments, and ones we’ve gotten from places we’ve been, and we love it.


We enjoyed our first Christmas program at Parkway Presbyterian Preschool where Parker and Mason’s attend. We were so excited that Parker got selected to be Joseph in the school nativity. He loved his role! Mason sang with his class too and the entire program was super cute!




We have really come to love our local library. Not only have Sienna and Mason really taken to their story time every week on Tuesdays, but they also offer fun events in December! We signed up for the Polar Express pajama Party for the first time this year, and all the kids just loved it! They had hot chocolate, cookies, Polar Express story reading, crafts, and a visit from Santa himself! It was so fun, and definitely a tradition that we will have for years to come.


Another fun tradition that I like to do with the kids, one I’ve done with Parker ever since he was a toddler, is go to the Alpharetta Community Center for Cookies with the Clauses. They have such a cute program there with the free pictures with Mr. and Mrs.Clause, crafts, cookie decorating, dancing, etc. We’ve always met up with friends each year too, which has been a lot of fun. Yeah, so Sienna wasn’t a huge fan of Santa.That’s okay though, it made for fun pictures! My Mom came as well, and we enjoyed spending time with her while we were there, and she’s always such a great help with the kids too. The thing that is a little sad though, is that Parker will be in Kindergarten next year, so he will likely miss Cookies with the Clauses next year! So crazy how time flies. Soaking in the memories!

This is Dan’s second year working at Airwatch. After the amazing Christmas party they hosted last year, I was excited to see what would be in store this year. They rented out the entire World of Coke and it was amazing! They had an open bar where you could bring the soda from the soda dispensers from around the world to the bartender, and they would mix it with your liquor of choice in an ice block with slushy ice inside! How amazing is that? As if that wasn’t fun enough, they had a room for Karaoke, which was very entertaining, they had tables and tables of beautifully decorated miniature deserts for the taking. Servers with food trays asking you if you’d like an appetizer. We were pretty full when we arrived because we met up with Dan’s co-worker Zach and his wife Alissa for dinner beforehand at The Westin Sundial restaurant. I was a nice start to the evening and it just got better from there. My amazing Mom babysat the kids for us, and we made a last minute decision to grab a hotel downtown instead of heading home afterwards. That way we could sleep in after our late night and get a good breakfast before heading back home. It was so much fun getting dressed up and having a fun night out with Dan. We had a really nice time.

I also enjoyed a few parties with friends, my girlfriend Danielle put on a great party with a “favorite things” theme at her place in Woodstock. I met a lot of fun girls, and we had a really fun night.  That same weekend, we attended a neighborhood party that got a little silly, and we had a really nice time there too. It’s been so fun to get to know our neighbors and know that we’re surrounded by people just as fun and crazy as we think we are.



We had a nice time Christmas Eve with the family. We always keep with tradition and we attend the Christmas Eve service at Stonecreek Church with my Mom and sister Amanda and we had a nice dinner beforehand. The kids had fun at Aunt Angie’s house opening all their gifts from family members. Can you say toy OVERLOAD? They each got a laundry bag (santa sack) full of toys. It was crazy.

Year after year, it never gets old though. I just love being with the family for the holidays! I got to use my tripod I got for Christmas a few years ago to get  a nice family shot. The lighting was tricky, but at least it’s clear enough to see! That’s the most important part. With my grandmother having cancer in her liver, only the Lord knows how many Christmas Eves we’ll have with her. She is so amazing and we are cherishing every bit of time that God is giving her on earth.  We finished the night with setting out cookies and “reindeer food” for Santa.  The boys enjoy giving “Quackenshelf”, our elf, a hug on Christmas Eve. Since that makes him lose his magic, we had to leave a note for Santa to pick him up on his sleigh on his way to the North pole when he dropped off the gifts. Of course, right? Ha!

IMG_1451 IMG_1452

We had such a nice time with the family Christmas Eve. The fun didn’t stop there. We had a full day of Christmas surprises for everyone.  We strapped the contour camera on top of Parker’s head and asked him to walk downstairs and tell us if Santa came.  Ah… the memories! My favorite time of year!

Here’s the lowdown on the a few of the major Christmas surprises

Daddy: Small .22 handgun, 75th anniversary Red Ryder BB gun, Teavana raw tea brewing set

Mommy: New Cannon 70D base (Dan used his hilton points to get Best Buy gift cards, I had NO idea this was coming!), a Michael Kors large leather tote handbag (love it!), Lots of LUSH products (my fav!)

Parker: New ipad configured with his fav educational games, remote control spider (his santa request), Nerf gun, leapfrog interactive watch

Mason: New ipad configured with his fav educational games, Smokey the fire truck (his santa request), Nerf gun, remote control monster truck,

Sienna: New tricycle, Elsa and Anna dolls (her santa request), magna-tiles in fun pink and purple colors

The boys also got geodes in their stocking, and Parker and Daddy really enjoyed cracking those open outside to see what they looked like!

One thing that I really love to do on Christmas day is cook. I try to make what I can ahead of time, but this was what our holiday menu looked like this year.

Breakfast: Monkey bread muffins, ham and cheese omelet, strawberries

Lunch: Mini hot dog wrapped in crescent rolls, crackers and cheese spread, fruit salad

Dinner: Roasted Turkey breast (came out DEE-LISH), mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing

Dessert: Chocolate Peanut butter Pudding pie.

I know, not the healthiest, but it’s not supposed to be! It’s Christmas!  We invited Dan’s friend he works with, over for dinner as well. He is single and has no local family, and we didn’t want him to be alone.  Not sure being with our crazy family was much better, but at least it was something. I had a steady flow of wine and treats throughout the day, and I was feeling good. It was a great day with the family. Everyone was happy! I am so thankful for these moments. These memories. This blessing of special holidays with our family. I hope I never take it for granted!

Zoo Time!

We had a wonderful time at the Zoo a few weekends back! Here are a few favorite photos.  I really love that the boys are getting into enjoying the animals and really learning about what they like to eat, and their habitat.  Parker’s current favorite show is Wild Kratts, and he has learned so much about animals from that show too.  It’s MUCH more fun to see them in person though, and it was the perfect weather for it.

IMG_1459 IMG_1471 IMG_1482 IMG_1488 IMG_1492 IMG_1496 IMG_1504 IMG_1517 IMG_1522 IMG_1552 IMG_1566 IMG_1571 IMG_1575 IMG_1583 IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1612 IMG_1616 IMG_1619 IMG_1627

Snow Storm- Round Two!

So, this time around it was a bit different. Dan had a business trip scheduled and he apparently didn’t think it would be too bad, and decided he needed to leave on Monday to keep his scheduled meetings with his clients. Boy was he wrong! The snow coming down on Tuesday and Didn’t stop until after Thursday! Snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain. I was home alone with all three kiddos, terrified that we would lose power while Dan was traveling. I am so thankful that we didn’t have any issues and it ended up just being a snowy few days that was an inconvenience to those who wanted to leave the house, but not anything more than that! It was actually surprisingly fun being home with the kiddos. Not that it normally isn’t fun, but I think normally we get tied up in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for preschool, rushing around to and from drop off and pick up, naps, etc. and it was really nice to just be home and find things to do to entertain the kids. I brought out the big craft bins and we did valentine cards, crafts from Kiwi Crate and just enjoyed using our imaginations.  We used this opportunity at home to also have Parker practice holding a pencil, writing letters, and writing his name.  He wrote his name out for the first time on a little Valentine he made for Daddy. Round2Snow_1 IMG_1348 We missed Daddy a lot, and kept in touch by doing FaceTime.  It was nice to catch up with Daddy and let the boys talk about their day and the things they got to do.  On Thursday after snowing all morning, the snow let up a little bit and I brought the video monitor with me while Sienna napped, and we played outside in the snow.  The snow was MUCH more conducive to build a snowman this time, so that’s what we did.  We had so much fun making memories.  The boys did some sledding on some of our lids from our rubbermaid totes, and we built our first snowman together.  It was so fun!  It was also great to get out of the house since we had been stuck in there since Monday.  A few of our neighbors came out and joined in the fun as well.

round2snow_2Round2snow_3 Round2snow_4

After we stripped our wet snowy clothes and warmed ourselves inside for a bit, I got an idea to make a banner for Dan welcoming him home since I had heard that his flight had been cancelled for the fourth time and he was now put on a Friday flight which would be Valentine’s Day.  Parker got another chance to practice his name, as well as a few stick figures, and they loved covering the welcome banner with valentine hearts, too. Mason had a lot of fun adding his flare to the banner as well.  Sienna woke up from her nap and wanted to help, but after trying to eat a few stickers, and me taking them from her hand, she wasn’t too happy.  I guess judging from my last post, and now this one, Sienna isn’t a big fan of snow days (and the activities that come along with being trapped indoors)!  It was a fun indoor activity and the boys loved it!

round2snow_5 Round2snow_6 Round2Snow_7 round2snow_8We also had fun making cookies.  I found this recipe on Mama Natural’s website and thought I’d give it a go and make some Valentine’s Cookies. It’s is a pretty natural recipe, and I had all of the ingredients so I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids.  They didn’t turn out like the recipe said, but I didn’t have coconut flour, and used quinioa flour instead. I’m not sure if that’s why it didn’t turn out right, but it was pretty runny dough, and adding more flour didn’t do the trick, so unfortunately we weren’t able to use the heart shaped cutouts.  We saved them and used them the next morning for heart shaped pancakes.  Instead, they dressed them up with sprinkles and they tasted yummy!  They also had a recipe for icing with coconut oil that was super yummy.  We added that on top of the sprinkled cookies as well. Dee-lish and so much fun!

Around2snow Bround2snow Cround2snow

Friday, I piled all the kids in the car and headed to the grocery store.  It had been four days that we had been home and we were ready to get out.  I wanted to get Daddy a little Valentine gift and since we had been stuck inside for so long, and the roads were finally clear, I asked the boys if they wanted to surprise Daddy at the airport.  They were so excited, so that’s what we decided to do.  They brought their little cards they made him.  I thought the banner would be too big and heavy for them to bring, but I brought my bouquet of Hershey’s special dark candy bars that I knew he would love.  He was so surprised to see us! It was a fun adventure for the boys as well, and something that we will all remember.  The snow storm, round two, where Daddy was stuck away all week, and we came to surprise him on Valentine’s Day.  Fun memories were made, so all, in all I’m glad we were able to take some time and pause.  To just be thankful for each other and celebrate our love for one another in a unique way.

Airportsuprise IMG_1446

Sienna’s First Snow Day

It has happened yet again. It snowed in Atlanta, and then we become butt of all the jokes in America about how we AGAIN can’t handle the snow. I’m glad our family didn’t get caught in the mess on the roads as much as some of the others did. I left to pick up Parker and Mason at school and it took me 45mins to do a normal 20 minute commute there, and a good two hours to do a normal 20 minute commute back home.   All I have to say is Thank you LORD for the in-car entertainment to allow the boys to watch Toy Story and otherwise keep occupied.  Sienna wasn’t the happiest with it being her nap time, but the situation definitely could’ve been worse.  So thankful God looked out for us.  The roads were pretty scary! Dan made it home shortly before me, after leaving his Abernathy office a few minutes after 1pm.

It snowed about two inches and it was beautiful. We Atlantans don’t usually get to see this much snow. The last time we had a good snow (mainly sleet and ice) here was when I was pregnant with Mason and Parker was 16 months old in 2011. Before then, Parker was just an infant, and the weather was just about like it is here in 2010. Snowy and then followed by GORGEOUS weather, like we had yesterday for Super Bowl Sunday.  So nice to be able to get out and ride bikes and play outdoors!

To say that the boys had fun in the snow was an understatement.  They LOVED playing in the snow and having fun with the neighbors doing so.  We started to make a snowman, but the snow wasn’t sticking very well.  The boys just enjoyed some snow ball fights and sliding around in their laundry baskets, making snow angels and hiking in the beautifully snow-lit woods surrounding our house.  A great way to change it up from the normal chilly winter days!  Sienna didn’t like being cold, so she smiled for a few photos, and then, well… she wanted to be back inside where it was nice and warm.  I hear ya, baby girl.  I’m a summertime kind-of gal myself!

Snow2014_8 Snow2014_7 Snow2014_6 Snow2014_5 Snow2014_3 Snow2014_2 Snow2014_1

Having my iPhone was much more convenient, so I took more pictures day two with my phone for instagram as well.
InstagramSnowpics1 Instagramsnowpics2 Instagramsnowpics3