Toy Story Halloween

This year for Halloween the boys dressed as their favorite Toy Story characters. Nannie got Parker a Woody doll for Easter last spring, and ever since then and watching the movie, he and Mason have been obsessed with the movie. It even inspired Mason’s first sentence! “Toooo infinEEEE en BeeeeOOOOn!” Which is cute as can be.
We had a fun outing in the costumes to Home Depot with our playgroup one Saturday, but the fact that Dan was in the hospital put a damper on things a bit. We still made the best of it. The boys enjoyed getting out, and I enjoyed getting my mind off the craziness that was my life at the time with a sick husband and a baby due any day. I also wanted to make sure that we participated in something fun for the season since I wasn’t sure what would happen on actual Halloween since it was past my due date. They really enjoyed playing in the store. The tractors were a big hit, the games, hay ride, and just being able to be goofy and run around like the crazy tots they are.

Then the day came… Halloween.  It just so happened that it was also my induction date.  I was due on October 29th, and we decided to induce on November 1st because the docs would be at the hospital that I would deliver at, and I was ready.  I didn’t expect to last as long as I did since it was my third pregnancy, but again still decided to do induction since I was past my due date and the thought of actually being able to “plan” the delivery sounded more appealing with all the craziness we had been through the weeks prior.  The Herty’s are an amazing family that I met through playgroup, and they also conveniently live within a few miles of the hospital.  They graciously offered to have the boys over Halloween, take them trick-or-treating and let them have a slumber party for the nights we’d be in the hospital.  Parker and Mason LOVE playing with Charlie and Amelia so it was a lot of fun for them.  They even slept in the same room the last night and had fun chatting and playing.  Here are some photos that I got prior to heading to the hospital to have baby girl.


It was the best way to end our last night as a family of four.

Kinsey Farms Visit

We’ve been going to Kinsey farms for the past few years and last year we took our holiday pictures there.  I love looking back on photos the same time last year to see how much the boys have changed.  Our family has grown so much in a year!

This year, since I’ve taken a photog class and got my new 30mm camera lens, I thought I’d try my hand at some photography, all while enjoying our visit with the animals, and picking out pumpkins.  The boys had a blast and it was a memorable outing with a nice new fall chill in the air to put us in the fall spirit. Since I’m 37 weeks pregnant and prior to knowing the gender, I nick-named the baby “baby pumpkin”.  A Mama bump picture with a pumpkin was definitely in order!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Showering Sienna with Love

I have some of the most amazing friends and family! Through the years, God has really blessed me by sending the most thoughtful and caring people to touch my heart!  Just over the last few years I’ve met some new Moms, and they have truly been a blessing to me, and I’m so thankful for them.  Sarah and Kim graciously offered to throw me an amazing shower.  They pulled out all the stops, and paid attention to perfecting every detail.  Everything from the napkins and plates, to the bunting banner, hand crafted food signs and take-home gifts…they were all amazingly done and perfected with love.  Not only did they put tons of time into making every detail perfect, they executed the shower seamlessly by letting everyone know what to do, and what was to be expected next, etc. Fantastic hostesses!  As if all that weren’t enough, a handful of other friends brought yummy treats to share, and made sure to keep within the beautiful theme that Sarah and Kim created which was inspired by Sienna’s nursery.  See! I do have amazing friends! Furthermore, Sarah decided to use her awesome photog skillz to document every beautiful aspect of the event!

Even though only about have of the invitees were able to attend, nothing skipped a beat, and the smaller more intimate group made for great party.  I also got to hear from each one of them about why they think I would be a good Mom to a daughter, and/or advice for raising a girl.  The heartfelt sweet responses had a lot of meaning, and meant so much to me.  It truly made me feel super special! This baby girl is so loved by so many already!

A weekend with my big boy!

Over the last month or so, Parker had been asking about going on an airplane.  He’s been on an airplane twice before, but it was when he was three months, and six months old and obviously doesn’t remember it.  So this year for as a combined present for Parker and I, Dan and I decided that I could do a little weekend getaway with just the two of us.  I thought it would be a nice way to bond before baby number three comes along.  We were able to find a cheap hotel, and opted to stay at the Embassy Suites so that we could have a separate living area.  Parker is weird about falling asleep with me in the room.  He only wants to play and doesn’t sleep!

We had a great flight to Orlando.  Parker was super excited to fly and the most entertaining things to him was the seatbelt, window shade, and tray table.  We arrived in the afternoon, and got our rental car and made our way to the hotel.  We took a little snooze, then we headed out to the pool for a while to let Parker play and enjoy the last bit of pool time of the summer.

Afterward, we headed out to dinner and went to downtown Disney.  They had a wonderful restaurant called T-Rex, so we decided we’d check it out.  They had an awesome archeological dig area for the kids to play in while we waited for our names to be called.  It proved  to be too long of a wait for us, though so we ended up eating at the bar.  It was still really nice with a fun aquarium behind the bar, and giant octopus legs coming out of the top. Every so often, the lights would dim, and all the prehistoric creatures would come to life.  It was awesome and definitely kept Parker entertained while we waited for our food.

The next morning we woke up early and headed down for breakfast.  We headed out to Magic Kingdom and got to the parking lot really early and we were able to find a great parking spot. We took the ferry over and waited outside the gate for about fifteen minutes before opening.  They had plenty to keep us entertained with a Mickey show with all of his friends who came chugging along on the train.  I have to say, that opening act brought tears to my eyes.  To see Parker’s face, so happy and excited! It was also my first time at Magic Kingdom, and I just felt so blessed to be spending it with my first born!

I definitely recommend getting there early.  We didn’t have to wait at all when it came to the rides.  We started with the Buzz Lightyear ride, and then went to the tea cups, and Dumbo, and there were either no lines, or just a few people in front of us for one ride cycle.  We walked some, and I let Parker stroll some… We took photos and just took it all in.  We didn’t feel rushed or anything, we just took it easy around the park.  We went ahead and did “A small world” since there wasn’t many people in line, then went to Mickey’s Philharmagic, a short length 3D movie, the Haunted House, and Peter Pan.  Parker was So open to doing anything and everything!  He wasn’t afraid of anything and got so excited for the next ride and always wanted to know what was next.  I would let him choose as much as possible, and he loved having the control.

After a busy morning, we decided to head to lunch.  I had already decided that we should go big since we only had one day at Disney.  The Crystal Palace had dining with the Characters.  In Magic Kingdom, the characters are from the Winnie the Pooh story.  Parker hasn’t seen any of their movies, but we have read several Winne the Pooh books, so he was excited to be dining with them.  It was about a 20 minute wait, but it was worth it because there was a Mickey Mouse show outside that kept us entertained until our buzzer went off, then when we got sat.  It was a buffet and we were able to eat immediately, which is also a bonus.  The smiles on Parker’s faces were priceless too.  He loved every bit of it!

We couldn’t have planned the lunch time any more perfectly because as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant, there was a parade right in front of the castle, steps away!  The first float was none other than Woody himself with Jessie, Parker’s favorite!  It was an afternoon to remember!

It was such a fun parade! Afterward, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest.  By that point it was starting to get a little overcast (light showers were foretasted) and Parker and I were certainly getting a bit tired.  If we were going to make it to the parade and fireworks that evening, a nap was definitely in order!

I was worried after our nap that we wouldn’t be able to get a close parking spot, but we actually got a closer parking spot than before! How awesome was that?  Apparently while we were napping, the rain started, and a lot of people decided to leave, so we got really close to the park, and only needed to take the monorail over.  We went straight for the area that we hadn’t gone to before, and decided to do the Safari boats.  Parker loved seeing the animals, even though they weren’t real.  We went from there to the Tiki Hut to see the birds sing, Pirates of the Carribean ride, and the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride.  On our way back into the park, someone gave us a fast pass to the Peter Pan ride again, so we did that for a second time, and then at dinner with “Pinnochio” in a German looking beer hall that served pizza and soda.  After that, dusk was upon us, and we decided to just make our way to the center of the park near the castle to hang out until it was time for the parade and fireworks.  We met some people there, and Parker enjoyed showing off his Zurg that he got after the buzz lightyear ride, and chatting with the friendly people.  Everyone was so happy to be in the “happiest place on earth”.

Parker was super excited to see the parade and fireworks.  He doesn’t ever get to stay up late since he goes to bed by 8/8:30 each night, so this was a special treat.  He’s also never seen any special firework productions, just the little firework displays of street fireworks that Dan and I have set off for the 4th.  He did great watching the parade as well as the fireworks.  He was pretty content in his stroller during the parade, but then I decided he needed to sit on my shoulder during the firework display.  He loved being up high, and fortunately, I didn’t mind the thirty pounds of extra weight for a little bit.  It was worth it to be able to experience the excitement with him!

On our last day, we decided to head back to Downtown Disney, watched Finding Nemo in 3D at their theater and grabbed lunch at the T-Rex restaurant for the second time (because Parker honestly couldn’t get enough of that place!).  We then walked around before heading back to the airport.

It was an amazing trip, and I’m so thankful that I was able to make some great memories with my sweet Parker.  There were some hiccups on the flight home, but nothing that was out of the ordinary for an overtired toddler, who was missing the comforts of home.  I know it will be something that we will remember for many years to come, and it was such a special bonding time for us both!

Celebrating Daddy’s Birthday and Enjoying Labor Day

We enjoyed a nice weekend as a family this past weekend. Dan had been gone all week in Hawaii (I know, tough life, eh?) on business, so it was nice to have him home and he arrived on his birthday.  I decided I’d try my hand at making a cake at home.  Of course, I’ve made a few cakes in my lifetime, but for some reason, we just always opted to eat out for birthdays so traditionally, we didn’t make cakes at home.

Dan is a simple guy when it comes to food, so he opted for a plain yellow cake with chocolate icing.  The boys and I picked up a box of Duncan Hines’ finest with a selection of yummy chocolate icing, and headed home.  Parker was such a big help making the cake with me, while Daddy played with Mason.  He LOVES scooting his little two step-stool up against the counter and helping me measure, pour, stir, and blend.  He was so excited to see how the cake would turn out.  Dan wanted to do Chinese take-out for his dinner (no objections here!) so while he was gone to pick up the food, the cake had cooled a bit, and we spread on the icing, and I even whipped out one of my old pastry bags to do a boarder on the cake.  I was so proud of our little creation.  After dinner, the boys had fun singing happy birthday to Daddy, helping him blow out the candles, and most importantly, eating the yummy cake!  Mason just couldn’t wait and he was literally in tears while we were cutting the cake, waiting for his slice of heaven.  Poor kid.  He survived, though.  I think this will be a new family tradition for birthdays!

On Saturday, we enjoyed some nice family time during the day.   We checked out a new housing community in Forsyth County that we are interested in, but since we have the kiddos with us, I just ran in and grabbed some brochures and peeked briefly at the model.  We always said we wouldn’t move to Cumming because we like Alpharetta too much, but we find ourselves in Cumming most weekends anyways, either at the greenway or at the theaters etc.  Not to mention, you certainly get more for your money there in the way of land and spacious living.   We then enjoyed some time at the park and walking the greenway before we headed home for the boys naps (okay, and maybe our naps too) and then we left the boys with our sitter for an early evening date night to celebrate Dan’s birthday.  He really wanted to see the new Bourne flick, so we saw that at SMG and grabbed dinner at the same time.  We then headed over to Andretti’s where we shared a sinful dessert, and then enjoyed tearing up the machines like kids playing lots of games and enjoying each other’s company.  We had a great time and it was a completely laid back way to spend a date night without being too stuffy or fancy.  Okay, a cocktail would’ve been nice to have, but other than that, it was fun!

We enjoyed the company of my Mom for Labor Day.  The boys always love seeing her, of course, and we went out to lunch and caught up on life.  After lunch, the boys went down for a nap, and my Mom graciously agreed to watch them for us so we could go back to the new home community that we liked in Cumming so Dan could check out the model, home sites, etc. sans kids.

They have so many beautiful home plans to choose from, and even some of the smaller plans have enough bedrooms for each kid, plus an office, playroom and even guest room!  The layouts are very spacious and we were very impressed with the craftsmanship of the homes, not to mention the location (connecting to the greenway and 1.5mile from exit 13 and forum shops) and the school district.  Oh, and one of the best perks… Forsyth county taxes!

So, why are we deciding to buy now?  Well, to state the obvious, we’re expecting our third now, and frankly, we’re running out of space.  It hasn’t been the best market to sell a home, and us along with many many other Americans, are upside down on our home.  So, we won’t be selling our 2,200sqft townhome because then we would be taking a huge loss, and frankly it would cost us more to just get rid of it than to rent it out, and wait for the market to recover, and then sell it later.  With the home prices and interest rates in the favor of the buyer, however, it is a great time to buy.  So, we’re doing some research into a company called Marketplace Homes.  Which, at first glance, seems to be too good to be true, but they will to rent out your home for six years (at an agreed upon price) as long as you buy a home from one of their new construction builders (they get paid a % from the builder like a realtor would).  Here is a video from a third party reporting on it, that explains it better:

The company will pay you the agreed upon price every month for six years even if there is a fluctuation in getting the townhome rented and keeping the tenants in there.  What a great safety net!  One of our biggest fears would be that we would have to foot the bill of both homes at the same time due to tenants breaking leases and gaps in the rental, but this helps us with that.  As an added perk, they will also take care of any damage the tenant has done to the home.  Bonus!

So, we’re looking into their “builder list” to see if any of them fit into our mold of what we’d like to have in a future home. Since it will likely be the home that we raise our kids in until they’re in college, we want to make sure we’re getting exactly what we want without compromise (except for price… price is always the major limiting factor).  We want to make sure we have a decent size yard, room for growth in our home, a good school district, activities close buy that we frequently enjoy, etc.  I don’t want to have major regrets years down the road because we were anxious to make the “deal” work.  So, we’re going to pray about it, and shop around and continue to figure the whole thing out.  It will be so much different this time around than it was last time when we were a newly married couple without kids.  We’ll have to juggle two toddlers and a new baby while trying to attend meetings to select finishes, sign contracts, and do walk-throughs.  A lot of planning involved!

Overall, a nice enjoyable weekend with the family.  Dan has been in Seattle all of this week, and I’m looking forward to having him home this weekend to spend some time with him.  We will also be painting Sienna’s room on Saturday.  I picked up the “Victorian Iris” paint color today for the accent wall.  Then all we’ll have left is to hang the chandelier wall decal on the wall behind the crib after it is ordered and comes in.  I can’t wait to see it all pulled together!

The time is NEAR!

I can’t believe that this could be is my last blog post before my new little bundle enters the world.  I went in for a doctor’s appointment today at 40 weeks, 2 days, and we found out that my cervix is ready and that I’m a good candidate for induction.  I wanted to wait and see if the labor would start naturally, but Dan’s parents are coming into town and leaving on Monday (which is when the Dr. would recommend that I induce at the latest) and since my cervix is ready, that coupled with the inlaw’s visit is what I based my decision on.  I’m trying not to feel guilty about it or over-analyz it.  I’ve already received some comments that have rubbed me the wrong way.  I know everyone has their opinions on inductions, but its a personal decision and I feel that we’re making the right one.  If my cervix wasn’t ready for it, and if I wasn’t past my due date, then it wouldn’t be a good option for me.  I talked about this some here.

Parker will be staying with his buddy Campen and parents Ben and Gracile while we’re in the hospital.  Campen and Parker have had many playdates and are only three weeks apart in age.  I know he’s going to have a blast over there with his buddy, playing with all his toys and charming his way into special treatments. We are so very thankful to Ben and Gracile for helping us with this! Lizzie (our sheltie-shepard rescue pup)will be staying with her new boyfriend Dawson, (which ironically is the name of one of my OB doctors) at Aunt Danielle’s house.  She’ll be well taken care of and have a fun playmate that has a huge back yard for her to roam free and chase squirrels.  See what great parents we are?

My Grandmother and Dan were both in the delivery room when Parker was born, and it was great to have both of them to encourage me and help comfort me.  This time, my Mom and Dan will be in the room for Mason’s delivery, and I’m excited that she will be able to experience this with us.

It is in fact, all a little bitter sweet.  We’re so prepared with everything that Mason will need right when he comes home.  The diapers and clothes are washed, drawers and baskets stocked, the fully charged batteries are in the bouncy seat and swings, preparations are made for Parker and our hospital bags are packed.  I’m a planner, so there wasn’t a doubt that I would have all my ducks in a row way before it was time.  I haven’t however, seemed to prepare myself emotionally for a new baby.  I mean, Parker is my baby. RIGHT?  Didn’t I JUST bring him home from the hospital?  I’m tearing up as I type…. How can I possibly love another little baby boy as much as I love my sweet Parker?  I KNOW I will.  I just know it, but it’s really hard for me to grasp, if I’m being perfectly honest.  I have this gut wrenching feeling that I’m not going to be able to give Parker the love and attention that he deserves with another baby around.  That really works at my insides.  I’ve really been enjoying his fun little personality lately too.  He always finds a way to make me and his daddy smile.  He’s saying new words.  He randomly blows me kisses.  He does this thing with fingers and strums his lips like a guitar while he laughs.  His happiness is so contagious.    I’ve heard that God will make your love multiply when you have kids, and I’m just trusting that is the case.  If God has enough love to share with all of his children, then I am confident that he will equip me with what I need to be a good loving mother to both of my boys.  I’m apprehensive…yet very excited about this new chapter in our life.  A life that includes my little family of four.  I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

A bad stretch of days

It all started on Friday night.  I had two days in a row of an intense work out on the ol’ cross trainer at the gym, and I think I over did it.  By night’s end my pelvic area was so sore that it hurt to walk up the stairs, get in and out of the car, and pretty much do anything.  I hated it!  I already had some pain, which I attributed to Pelvic Girdle Pain that started about a week ago, but was amplified by the work out.  Unfortunately, that put me into lazy mode most of Saturday.

Saturday night after a girl’s night out, I came home and was flipping through the netflix que with Dan, and saw the documentary The Business of Being Born, and decided to check it out.  This is a documentary that outlines the positive outcomes to home births and why it is so much better do give birth naturally, than with drugs.  They go into the negative effects that induction has on a baby (particularly pitocin) and why the hospital system has failed us.  Dan only lasted about ten minutes watching the film.  In his words…”this crunchy stuff is stupid”.  I was merely curious as to what they had to say…and who knows, I may have a few take-aways from it.  Let me just say that I have a great deal of respect for Moms that decide to deliver naturally.  I think it’s beautiful, courageous, and a selfless act for your newborn.  However, with that being said, I don’t think that those who choose not, to love their newborn any less.  This movie made some claims that the release of oxitocin during a natural delivery, creates a bond that is unmatched by Moms that deliver with an epidural.  I can’t speak for the Moms that gave birth naturally, but the euphoria after delivery with Parker was pretty intense.  I was so full of love and joy, and we had a bond that was such a precious moment.  I did have an epidural, and I fully intend on having one again with my next delivery.  I don’t  think that makes me a bad Mom or any less loving because of this choice.  I choose this because I am an anxious person and if I have the choice to have something that will ease the pain of delivery and help me have a positive experience, then I am all for it.  I am however, a little apprehensive about the usage of pitocin in deliveries. It is proven that it does cause more intense contractions, which can put the baby in fetal distress, or if is not given when the cervix is ready, can increase the risk of a c-section.  The pitocin causes the contractions to be stronger and closer together, which can be harder for the baby to handle.  This movie has brought that to my attention.  I understand if you are a week or more past your due date and you need pitocin, but there are a lot of hospitals that are giving pitocin to speed up deliveries without even needing it in order to have higher patient turn overs, or to have the deliveries happen at a time that is convenient for them.  I think this is something that pregnant Moms should question.  Before you are given pitocin, ask your doctor what your bishop score is.  This will give you a better idea if you’re a good canidate for pitocin, or if your doctor is trying to speed up your delivery without there being a need to.

So, after watching this movie, I had THE WORST dream about my delivery.  I think it started to scare me a bit knowing that my delivery is coming up pretty soon and also knowing that I birth larger babies.  My dream had me in the delivery room and the baby was already in my arms.  I was completely knocked out during my delivery and had no recollection of the labor at all.  To some, that may be a blessing, but I was not happy with my complete altered state of conciseness at the time.  Thank God it was just a dream.

So, on Sunday I woke up after not only having a horrible dream, but with an excruciating head ache which was attributed to the lack of sleep from a head cold that left me without usage of my nostrils.  I was so exhausted, that I laid around most of the day, missed church…basically being a waste of life.  Then it hit me around 4pm…NAUSEA!  I was a spewing spout… to put it eloquently.  It continued through the night, and turned me into a lump of worthlessness all day Monday.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt that bad during pregnancy.  It’s bad enough that you’re puking every  few minutes, but then to have a baby inside you kicking your belly while you toss your cookies is another!  Fortunately, my Mom came to the rescue and came to help out with Parker while I rested and recovered.  This is the second time during this pregnancy that I got a stomach bug.  What are the chances?  Is someone trying to test me? I was starting to feel better by night’s end last night and settled into a good restful night sleep.

That was until 6:30 am, when Parker started screaming from his room.  This boy…never wakes up at night.  I mean, he could sleep through a hurricane.  This wasn’t a normal baby cry.  This was a SICK baby cry.  I had given my poor little boy the stomach bug.  We’ll spare you the details, but it was so sad when we went to get him.  After we cleaned him up and redressed him, we tried to give him some love and bring him into our bed, but he was in no snuggling sleepy mood.  He was ready to start his day… a cranky pants kind of day.

After dinner he started to snap out of his cranky mood.  Dan even got him to grin from ear to ear and open his arms real big and wide when we say “So Big!”.  I complained all day about how he wouldn’t let me hold him.  However,  tonight when it came time to put him down for bed after reading him a book, I picked him up and went to kiss him, and he wouldn’t let go of my neck.  I would peel him off, and he’d cling again tight just loving on his Mama.  Oh how I love that boy!  That just made my day.

What we’ve been up to

The best thing about being a stay at home Mom is not staying at home.  Lately, Parker and I have been busy venturing out with friends, playgroups, and “Play and Learn” classes.  Parker had a blast hanging out with Ms Elise at the Mall last week.  Aren’t they SO cute?


We tried Gymboree’s Gym Play and Learn for the first time this week, and it was awesome.  They had a lady who was super silly and captured all the toddlers attention with goofy songs and a playful clown called “Gymbo”.  Parker’s favorite thing was the Parachute circle time.  Lots of silly songs, blowing bubbles, shaking the parachute, going under…and did I mention singing silly songs? Okay, normally I would think this kind of stuff is super lame…boy do things change when you become a parent! I became one of those Moms singing along with a smile from ear to ear.  I know right? I should just go ahead and buy myself some “mom” jeans and turn in my “hip mama” card.

Groupon has become a friend of mine.  Not only did I find an awesome groupon for the Gymboree Play and Learn class I spoke of above, but I found this place called Green Hut Spa, which uses organic and vegan products for manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, etc.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!  I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this place before now.  I’ve searched on google for something like this in our area, and I even blogged about opening up my own eco-friendly spa but I’m glad I found this one.  Their manicure and pedicure was delightful, although it took much longer than I had anticipated, but it was still worth it.  I’d love to try out their facials and massage services.  I bet it would be awesome.

It was really nice having some “me” time last weekend and getting a manicure/pedicure.  I’m reaching the “uncomfortable” stage with me being 35 weeks pregnant.  It’s so much harder now than with Parker since I have a little 16 month old that I’m trying to keep up with, chase around, bend and pick up, dance with…and just have fun with.  I think that’s the hardest thing about being pregnant. There are just so many things that you can’t do…and it’s multiplied when you have a toddler to take care of in addition to your other family duties.  I’m on the home stretch though!  I can’t believe that we’ll be holding our sweet little baby boy in a five weeks or less!

We have a lot done in the nursery.  We’re still waiting on the hutch, which will complete the furniture order.  We have some really cute wall decals, a retro colorful rug, and some cute accessories.  Parker and I have enjoyed playing in there, reading books and looking at the small clothes and infant toys.  We’re spreading some warm welcoming vibes in preparation for baby Mason.  Its really starting to look great.  Completion pictures to come!

We just got word today that Parker was accepted to the Mother’s Morning Out program at St. Aidan’s Episcopal church here in Alpharetta.  He will start August this year!  I’m really excited that he’ll get the social stimulation he needs as well as begin to learn some basic skills that will enhance his overall development.  Their program is great, and I love that they have no problem with continuing to use cloth diapers for Parker.  It will be for just two days a week and four hours each day, so it’ll be just the right amount to allow me to spend time with him during the week, but give him another outlet and allow me to focus a little more on Mason, who will be a little over five months at the time.

We’ve been having some great family time lately.  The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect.  I’m so glad we were able to get out and enjoy it.  We took Parker for a wagon ride in Wills Park.  He loves his wagon, and he had so much fun at the park, climbing up the playground and sliding down the slide.  We also had fun taking him around the neighborhood in his wagon, and letting him explore nature.  He loved all of the little gumballs that he found so we picked out a few of those and some nice pine cones and brought them home with us.  I love that everything is so brand new to Parker.  He has such an appreciation for grass, dirt, flowers, pinecones, rocks…It gives me a new found appreciation to see how much he loves to explore this world we live in.  I’m glad that we enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze this weekend because the weather has been cold and drizzly for the past two days.  At least it’s not a snowy blizzard like a good bit of the north.  Another great reason to live in the south!

Here’s a little video of us on the way to the park…enjoying the car ride and the cool breeze:


Sunday was another family fun night.  We met up with our church small group at Monkey Joes for some indoor inflatable fun with friends.  Parker was keeping up with the big kids in this place and had a blast sliding, jumping, and just being his goofy self.  In addition to the inflatables they had a few coin operated trucks, which he loved.  Here’s a picture of Parker with pal Jake taking a ride in the fire truck.

Oh, and did I mention how much he loved the slides?