MacBook Pro, Yo!

I’ve joined the new millennium and I got my very own brand spankin’ new MacBook Pro! I’d been saving up some of my “allowance” for some time, and didn’t think I’d get one for a while, but Dan traded in some of his Hilton hotel points (since all of us know how much he travels) for quite a few Best Buy gift cards, and helped me get to the amount I needed a little quicker (isn’t he the BEST hubby in the world)? My Dell laptop (circa 2006) has been on the fritz for a while now, and every time I reboot, I would get some system error and it would crash and reboot itself.  I was so tired of it.  Especially since I wanted to be able to update my blog or send emails, or check my Outlook calendar and I didn’t even have enough time to do so before I was trying to restore and “clean up” the messy program errors.

So, now I need to get used to using this thing.  I’ve been using a PC for so long, and I know so many short cuts and back doors in the PC world, that I am completely lost when it comes to Mac.  I did use it for a few classes in college, but that was so long ago, and they had the old CRT monitors in the beautiful turquoise clear shell way back then.  Remember those?  Just in the few hours that I’ve allowed myself to play around I learned a few things.

-Mac has an awesome face recognition software for pictures, and it organizes them by date (which I had to do manually with my PC)

-Command+c or v Lets you cut and paste, which is essential, I must say

-control+click is my BFF because I’m so right click happy, and I keep forgetting that there isn’t a right click

-I’m loving the apple email client and calendar application.  For someone who is from the corporate world and SO used to Outlook, I was totally prepared to buy Outlook for Mac, but now I’m not so sure that I’ll need to.  I will probably eventually get the Word and Excel because I already have so many documents that I want to keep and reference, but I think the calendar and mail client will work just fine.

-I’ve figured out how to add RSS feeds to my mail client so I can keep up with the blogs I follow.  One thing I haven’t figured out, is when they are added, they have several “unread” posts, and I can’t seem to figure out how to “select all” and “mark all as read”.  It’s simple maneuvers like that, that trip me up.

I know this will take some time to learn, but I’m super excited about my new toy!