Midnight Snuggles

Now that Mason is older, it’s pretty rare that he wakes in the middle of the night.  When he does though, it’s typically short lived.  Last night, he decided to start fussing around 4am, and I got up to see what was the matter. I picked him up, and he immediately clung to me.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  He wrapped his little chubby arms around my neck so tight and started to babble, as if to tell me something.

I went over to the chair and started to rock him and sing the typical lullaby that we usually sing…

Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet Mason

Mommy loves you, Daddy too, and your brother Parker pooh

Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet child,

Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet child. ♫

It was so precious how he stayed there clung to me like glue, taking deep breaths and muttering sweet babbles as I sang.  I really savored the moment.  Then I put him back in his crib, and he curled up his chubby legs under his chest so his bum stuck up in the air, and I covered him up with warm blankets and kissed him goodnight.  He didn’t make a peep after that.

So, morning came, completely convinced that Mason woke up to just get some sweet Mama love, I came in to get him, and turned on the lights to see him jumping up and down without his pajama bottoms on.  Silly boy was trying to tell me last night that he was cold because he took off his pajama bottoms and threw them over the crib.  Aw, and all along I thought he just wanted some midnight snuggles.  I love my sweet and silly little Mae Mae.

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Low-Down

Sunday Slim-Down
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We had a great Valentine’s day here in the Christiansen household. My little boy got dedicated today (more on that later), I got a beautiful bouquet of roses (my fav!) and I made it through the day without going into a chocolate coma! Woohoo! Actually, I’ve been doing MUCH better with my slim-down goals. I ventured out this week and got some exercise DVDs. I was a little skeptical of this, because I’ve always been a going to the gym kind-of gal. However, with a baby, and being home bound, somethings gotta give.  We started doing Cardio Max, and it’s going pretty well.  Yes, I said We.  I actually convinced the hubby to do it with me!  Last night he though it was silly of me to ask him to change into workout clothes, so he he did them in his boxers.  Yep, jumping jacks, and lunges in all!  He didn’t understand what the big deal was since we were home alone and no one was watching.  Boys are so weird.  At least it kept it fun!  The best part of this DVD?  It’s only twenty mins of intense cardio.  I say intense, because I’m completely out of shape.  Twenty minutes is totally doable. No excuses!  There’s a ten min warm up and cool down, so for a total of thirty mins, you get a great work out.

As of this week I have a new inspiration too.  We’re going to San Juan Puerto Rico for our five year anniversary in March.  I need my body back… and there’s no better time than now.  If I could just lose five LB’s before the trip, then I will feel SO much better about myself lounging on the beach.

Sleepy Low-Down

Yes!  Finally it has happened.  Our little one is sleeping through the night.  Reason to celebrate? Well, ask me again when he starts teething, gets his first cold, hits another growth spurt, or just feels like testing “the limits” again.  It certainly didn’t come without a fuss or two. “Oh my gosh!  You let your child CRY IT OUT??”  Well, considering that everyone seems to have they’re own definition of it, I choose not to answer that!  What I will tell you is this;  learn your child and follow you’re instincts.  We felt it was time for Parker to start to re-learn to put himself to sleep again, so we started letting him fuss for five mins, go in and comfort, ten mins, comfort, and only one night did he fuss longer  and it never exceeded fifteen mins.  He just “got it” after two days of doing that for naps and bedtime.  Really?? Yes, Really!  Will it last?  Who the heck knows.  It’s been about two weeks, and he has been sleeping great.  He goes to bed at 8pm and I go in to feed him at 5am, and he goes back to sleep until 8am.  Sometimes he starts to fuss around 11pm, but it’s usually for less than two mins, while he settles into his next sleep state, and he rolls over on his side, rubs his face, and goes back to sleep.  During the day, he sleeps about four hours.  An 1hr 30min in the am, 2hrs in the afternoon, and another 30mins to 45mins in the early evening.   Sometimes less during the day and sometimes more.  I’m SO proud of my little sleeper.  It seems as if once he was ready to do it again, and we set the stage for it, he really took to the idea well.  Now he’s such a happier alert baby during his awake times, which makes my heart happy.  You know what else makes me happy?  Mama getting some rest!  Amen for sleep.

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Low-Down

Sunday Slim-Down

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my slim-down goals.  So here I am.    Fortunately the weather has been nice this week and Parker and I, along with the dog have been able to get out and enjoy son nice walks around the loop.  Dan is back to traveling throughout the week, so I haven’t been able to visit the gym in a while.  Over the last month I’ve been able to loose about 4-5 lbs (four on a bad day, five on a good) and squeeze myself back into my old jeans! Yay! That was a great accomplishment, although far from my goals I have set.  However, I’m still happy that at least I’ve made some progress.  I’ve found that I can burn quite a few calories just doing housework.  Which, I never got too much into while I was working full time since we had the help of a cleaning crew.  In fact, I’m seeing just how much I can work up a sweat by scrubbing the shower and moping the floors and pushing the vac.  Ahhh…the life of a stay at home mama. Who knew?  All those peeps that thought we just watched our soaps and did carpool….Puleeez.  Just wait until little Parker becomes mobile and is crawling all over the place.  That’ll be a workout in itself.

I’ve been looking into some things that Parker and I can do together that would be fun, and started looking into the Oh Baby Fitness to see about enrolling in a few of their classes.  They’re not cheap, but it may be fun to do a few times just to change up the week a little bit.  Since it’s wintertime and the weather isn’t always nice, we have to come up with some new ideas.  I’ve also found that the more I stay busy with either chores or activities outside the home, the less I’m “snacking” and making poor diet choices.  I also have more chance  of walking more throughout the day and being active instead of staying indoors and playing on the playmat with Parker.  I’ve also heard that Gymboree has Play and Learn classes.  Has anyone been to any of these?  They sound like a lot of fun.  I’m so excited about the days ahead with my little boy!

Sleepy Low-Down

With holidays and family visiting I have to say that the sleepy low down is that he wouldn’t go down. Well, let me rephrase by saying, he refused to go down for naps.  Fighting them to be exact.  Among all of the excitement of Christmas, family visiting, unfamiliar places, and throw in a three month growth spurt and low milk supply and you have a baby on sleep boycott!  I think after things calmed down a bit, I had real high expectations that things would get back to normal in no time, but sadly they didn’t.  The naps are back to normal.  He’s taking two 1hr45min naps and one catnap in the evening.  He’s been doing great with them, but he’s been going through the typical four month sleep regression at night.  It’s crazy to think that after about a month and a half of sleeping through the night, that he would start to wake several times a night for no apparent reason.  The first thing that went through my mind is “what did I do wrong?”  “Is he hungry? Newly aware of surroundings? Teething? Ear ache? Separation anxiety? Is he off his schedule? Too attached to his paci?”  I went down the list, and did quite a few trial and errors to see if we could get him to sleep longer.  We’re still working through some of those now.  Right now I’m trying to focus on the things that I can control.  I can control his feedings, when he goes to bed, and how I respond to him when he cries.  Lately I’ve been feeding him about 8x a day.  That way, when he does wake up at night…I know, it’s not because he’s hungry (unless he’s going through another growth spurt!).  We adjusted his bedtime to earlier so that he’s not overtired and gets only two hours of awake time from his last nap to his bedtime.  We also are implementing the Ferber method, letting him fuss for 6-7 mins, listening to his cry to make sure it’s a mantra cry and not a “I really need you” cry.  I use to cringe at the thought of the Ferber method but the more I read about it, I find that he doesn’t advocate letting the baby cry for hours.  Also, this is the method that a lot of pediatricians recommend once the child is old enough (between 4-6 months) to self soothe.  We also have the benefit of watching the video monitor to make sure that everything is okay.  We originally thought he was becoming too paci dependant, but after letting him fuss a few nights when he woke up, after less than three mins of fussing he fell back to sleep without his paci, so there goes that theory.  He likes to have it to fall asleep, but he has proven to us numerous times that he will do just fine without it.  I stumbled upon this site and found it reassuring when I find myself kicking myself for things not going perfectly:  http://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/baby-wont-sleep-your-fault/

The perfectionist in me wants everything to just fall into place so I can have the perfect little sleeping baby who is attentive, happy and playful when awake, and sleeps long and well during bedtime, but when I examine it a little closer I start to realize that just like anything, it’s not going to be perfect.  I don’t sleep well every night.  I’m not always happy and attentive during my awake times.  I have my “days”… and in no way does this reflect what kind of Mom I am either.  I need to trust that God will work this out… and learn to relax and let it go and take it one day at a time.  Hopefully through the trials and errors, we will ease into something that works just right for us.

Nightlife with a four month old

Life has been super crazy lately.  My milk supply has gone down, which has made nursing my little guy extremely exhausting.  I’m trying to listen more to his cues instead of going by a schedule since my supply is so low.  Once it gets back up, we’ll be back on a routine of sorts. We are also weaning him from swaddling since he has learned to roll quite a bit.  Here is a glimpse of our night life.

This is Parker’s point of view:

8pm- Hi daddy, sure I’m ready for bath time

8:05-Oooh, warm tub.  Daddy makes the tub water just right.  Wow, daddy is a horrible singer, but I love how he scrubs my belly.

8:15-Hi Mommy, dry me off please…agooooo, goo goooooh, thank you. Nice and dry.  Ooohh, cold lotion, oh, belly time. Yay…goooh..eeeek…EKKKKK! gooo.  I love my baby massage…ooooo EEEK!

8:20-Be gentle when you dress me Mommy…Wahhhh!!!…I said gentle..suck suck, ooh, passie…thank you mom.  Oohh.. you sing much better than daddy…suck suck…*grunt” grunt…hungry…grunt grunt.  fuss…

8:25- Reading Winnie the pooh again mommy?  When will this novel end? …Grunt grunt…I hope she’s feeding me soon…maybe if I cry she’ll stop reading and feed me….Waaaah!!

8:30-Oh, big bottle.  Yum,Gulp! Oh, what is this new stuff I taste? Not mommy’s milk…gross…ooh, getting sleepy.., Oh, yeah, bottle…suck, suck, gulp…

8:38-That’s it?  That’s the end of the bottle?  Wahhh!..oh, pacie, thanks Mom.  Mommy, you forgot to swaddle me!  Waaaah!…Waahhh…Oh, mommy hand on belly…nice rock.  Who is this Jesus person she speaks of while I’m trying to sleep?  Why is she asking him to help me sleep through the night?  Aw, Mommy is leaving…Heavy eyes…deep breath…feeling very tired…zzzzzzz

12am-What was that sound?  Where’s my paci? Wahh..Wahhh!!!! Oh Hi daddy…thanks for giving me my paci…zzzzzz

2am-*grunt grunt* I’m hungry…and wet! Wahhh!  Oh, my sholder is wet too…I must’ve spit up all over myself…Waaah!

2:02- I’m REALLY hungry!! Wahhhhh!  Oh, Hi Mommy! I’m hungry! Why are you changing my diaper first?  You have to change my clothes too? I said I’m hungry!…fuss fuss..

2:05- Oooohh…boobie!  *Gulp, gulp* finally!

2:10-Feeling tired….zzzz…Why did you tickle me? Oh yeah, boobie…gulp…zzzzzzz

3am- Where am I?  I thought I was with Mommy? Waahh!!  Ooo…paci…thanks daddy! zzzzzzz

4am- I can’t sleep…it’s dark in here…Waaaaaaahhh!!!  *suck, suck* thanks for the paci daddy! zzzzzz

4:10- Did Daddy leave?  Waaaaaaaaah!!….Oh, Hi Mommy!  Is it time for milk?  Oh, paci..

4:15- Wait…I want milk…I’m hungry…Wahh!!!

4:16- Hi Mom, I’m hungry.  Oohh…Thank  you…gulp…gulp…zzzzzzzzz

5:30- Agooo…*giggle* time to play.  Agooo….Can they hear me?  Waahhh!

5:32- Hi Daddy…I don’t want paci….waaaahh!  I said I don’t want it…

5:35- Hi Mommy…Where are you taking me?  Oh, nice big bed.  There’s daddy too.  Oh, maybe I will go to sleep….zzzzzz

7am-Where am I?  I’m hungry…oh, Hi mommy. Gulp…gulp…

7:15- time to play!  Oooh, mommy doesn’t look very good.

7:20- I love my play mat…Gooooo! Eekk gooo!  Ahhh gooo!  Good Morning to me!

8am-Is it time to eat again???? Oh, Good Morning Lizzie…Yuck, cold wet tongue on my face!

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Low-Down

Sunday Slim-Down

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday!  Where has this week gone?  One place it has gone…COLD!  Sadly, that means saying goodbye to our lovely strolls around the loop and walks in the park.  This past week I didn’t get to the gym at all, unfortunately.  Mainly because of the traveling, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, and just getting other errand done in my free time.  However, I did manage to keep my diet in check and really watch my calorie intake.  While we were in Orlando, I made an effort to walk a lot and do things that took my mind off of eating.  I know, it’s sad that I have to do that!  Even though I STILL haven’t lost any weight, I’m really happy that I’ve managed not to gain any extra.  I normally pack on my normal Thanksgiving 5, along with another 5 for Christmas.  That is NOT happening this year!!  While I was at Target this week, I found this DVD MOm and Baby Fitness.  So, now that I can’t get outside during the day to walk with Parker, I thought we’d try bonding over yoga, pilates and finish it up with a baby massage.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes this week!

Sleepy Low-Down

So, I found out what happens when a baby gets off schedule…!!  He’s a cranky baby!  Traveling to Orlando had it’s ups and downs.  On Tuesday we got our traveling under way at an early 8am.  He had his 7:30 feeding, but it usually follows an hour and a half of active awake/play time.  Well, we had to leave, shortly after he got into the car, he fell asleep.  This was the start of problems.  I fed him right on time (10:30) for his next feeding in the crown room at the airport, and shortly after his feeding…he had a complete meltdown crying and screaming.  I felt so bad because there were business men in there taking conference calls and working on their laptops.  We certainly got our fair share of dirty stares.  Just passing it off as indigestion, we tried our best to soothe him.  The soothing sent him right back to dreamland about 10-15 min later.  Which we were okay with because at least he wasn’t screaming.  That was until we got to the airplane.  Dan got upgraded to first class, and he thought it would be better for me to sit up front with Parker in first class, and he could take my coach seat in the back (they couldn’t upgrade me because I had a free ticket using points)  So, while the plane was taxing out to the runway he starts crying again.  I had this stupid moby wrap, which in theory is really great and comfortable, until you have to get the damn thing off of you by yourself with a screaming baby…and people staring.  One business man across the aisle asked if he could help… that’s when I noticed that I had put my jacket on over the wrap, and needed to get that off first.  I gave him this stare like, No thank you, but then he quickly pulled on one sleeve freeing my arm so I could help get him out of this origami knot that I made around my body.  Then I had to inconspicuously nurse him, before his cry turned into fits of rage.  Fortunately there was no one sitting to my left at all, but until he latched on, I felt as if everyone was staring, as if to secretly tell me that if I don’t shut that baby up soon, there was going to be a BIG problem! Fortunately, that did the trick and as I gazed at my watch, I realized that it had only been a mere hour and a half since his last feeding, and it was then that I knew his schedule was screwed for the day.  The flight was a little over an hour and he nursed at take off and landing.  By the time we got to the hotel, he was so overtired, that he cried for what seemed to be forever!  Poor baby!!  As soon as the crib arrived, we broke out the sound machine and swaddled him, and he got all the snoozin’ he needed until dinnertime.  He slept so well that night too.  It had been a while since we slept with him in the same room.  We forgot about all the baby sounds they make that can keep you up.  The next morning, he was a new baby!  He was the happiest I had seen him in a really long time.  He’s been taking his naps really well lately, and he’s been getting much better about letting me put him down awake, so he can fall asleep on his own.  He has always been good about that at night, but for some reason hasn’t been as good for naps, but he’s getting better!

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

Sunday Slim-Down

I don’t want to blog tonight…but I am.  I feel like such a loser because I really haven’t made any progress with my Slim-Down goals.  The goal was to allow the weekly post to motivate me, so if I didn’t exercise or eat right I would feel like shit having to post my failure, thus motivating me to exercise.  Well, I succeeded in feeling like shit, and that’s about it.  Seriously though… how long is this really suppose to take?  Why do I force myself into this blogging antics to loose weight and then not go through the effort?  I think there’s only one explanation: something’s gotta give, and now…it just happens to be my waistline.  I’m really focusing on trying to be a good mom, wife, homemaker, cook, etc. and sometimes eating right and exercising just isn’t high on the list for the day.  I’m not going to beat myself up over one bad week.  I was still able to make it to the gym this week, but my eating was AWFUL.  I had a few chocoholic moments where I picked up snacks that I clearly had no business eating.  Nevertheless, tomorrow is a brand new week, and I can choose to make it a good one!  I found this article, and I think it has some great info to help me do just that.

Sleepy Lowdown

I hear the sound of the monitor picking up the noise from the sound machine in the nursery, I am SO glad that little Parker is snoozin’.  That’s what I’ve had to focus on this week… I have a GREAT evening sleeper and I am SO thankful for that.  I don’t think if I had to choose, that I would trade that for a great day napper.  I had a few bad days where Parker didn’t nap well and was a cranky baby and then I had one day where he took all his naps in full…BUT he woke up at night once, and then woke up again early for his feeding.  That told me that maybe I’m shooting for too much of a good thing.  So, I’m trying to focus more on being flexible and tuning in on his sleepy signals.  If I wait too long for me to get the hint that he’s tired, then it turns into a full blown cry fest!  We don’t need all that now do we?

I’m still enjoying our bonding time when I nurse him, and I think that he’s been great at letting me know when he needs more, and in turn, sleeps more as a result.  I think we’re continuing to learn more and more about each other, and I’m loving this growing experience.

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

Sunday Slim-Down

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us, and fortunately I survived without gaining any extra unneeded weight! Wohoo!  I think this last week was the hardest because of the holiday, but I still managed to get some exercising in and catch up with family in the process.  Here’s are a few  pictures of us (minus a few people) on Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s farm in Lake Hartwell.

We enjoyed spending time with each other over turkey and getting in a much needed stroll afterwards.  We didn’t have all of the family there, and we missed those that didn’t make it a lot.  With the enjoyment of friends and family and also with Dan being home, I think it was easy for me to loose track of what I was putting in my mouth.  I tried to stay pretty active this week, but I’m still struggling with my food intake (quantity and food choices).  I think breastfeeding makes me extra hungry.  My goal this week is to try drinking a large glass of water every time I’m hungry in between meals or when I feel the urge to over eat.  I’ve heard that this can give a person a sense of “fullness” and not to mention that it’s good for you.  I’ve also read that cold water in particular will cause the body to burn a few calories just warming it up to your body temperature.  So, Ice water it is!  We’ll see how that works out.  I’ve still just made it to the gym twice this week, so my intense exercising hasn’t really increased.  I would like to challenge myself to hit the gym every day that Dan is home.  I’ve been apprehensive because that usually means working out on the weekend…which to me usually equals “fun” time.

Sleepy Lowdown

Can I say for the record that I absolutely LOVE my little boy! This past week he has been SO good and I actually feel like my little schedule has put us into this rhythm… This sort-of understood bond has developed between us and it has turned me into the confident Mom that I never thought I’d be.  We visited the pediatrician last week, and of course, I had a boat load of questions for him.  He probably thought I wasn’t ever going to shut up.  I asked him about all my concerns regarding sleep, and scheduling and he was all ears.  Of course, I should’ve  known…I’ve been over-thinking this whole sleep thing the whole time.  I was using this as a strict guide, and instead of using it as a general guideline.  The first thing that I wanted to “correct” was his short naps (particularly the early AM nap) His answer for that is that at this age, it’s virtually impossible to have a 10 week old follow a strict schedule.  He said that if he wakes up after 45 mins for his first nap, and you can’t get him to go back to sleep, then he’s probably just not tired. (duh!)  Sometimes I think because we have this information superhighway we call the internet, we tend to over think and complicate things.  It’s really NOT as complicated as I try to make it.  Try to get naps in during the day, create a predictable routine,  try to have the longest stretch of sleep at night, feed every 2.5-3 hours.  Boom…that’s it.  Simplicity.  That’s what I need to learn.  With that simplicity after Wednesday, I’ve tried to ease up on making Parker take the “recommended” hour and fifteen minute nap, and guess what?  As a result, he’s sleeping 8+ hours!  Not every night, but he slept 8 hours straight three nights this week, and fed, and slept another three hours right afterward.  See what happens when you just let go?  The heck with over-thinking it!  I’m sure there will be days that aren’t perfect, and that’s OK.  I still have my “schedule”, but I’ve been giving myself a fifteen minute “grace” period for feedings and allowing Parker to be flexible with his naps.  As long as he gets one long stretch of a nap in for the day, I’m not too concern if he has a few short naps.  As a matter of fact, the pediatrician said that it’s completely normal for babies to be “short nappers” up until they’re six months of age.  Parker has been so alert and happy lately.  He’s smiling and cooing all the time now and it just fills my heart with joy!

Sunday Slim-Down & Sleepy Lowdown

In addition to my once a month update for my weight loss goal,  I am also going to try to write each Sunday on my weekly progress at attaining my goal.  I’m hoping that this will help me become more accountable by giving me short-term motivation each week.

I am pairing this with an lowdown on the sleepy time with Parker pooh.  I’m hoping that this will not only help me remember what worked that week, but also maybe help other readers who, like me are trying to establish a good sleep/nap routine with their little one.

Sunday Slim-Down

Since last Sunday I can’t say I’ve “hit the ground running” with a great weight loss routine.  I feel as if I need someone to hold my hand…someone to smack me into reality and hold me accountable.  That sounds super pathetic, I know.  Before little baby was in the picture, I would already be up at a certain time for work, so I would just wake up earlier, hop in the car and roll up to they gym and work out.  Now I have to work around my husband’s schedule, make sure the baby is fed, and worry constantly when I’m gone.  When Parker is napping, it would be a great time to do a video work-out, but all I can think about then is folding laundry, catching up on sleep,  making the bed, getting a SHOWER…you know, the basics.  With that being said…I haven’t done well this week.  I’ve walked the two mile loop just about every day except for two because of rain.  Today was the only day since last week that I made it to the gym.  I was able to squeeze in 30 min on the cross trainer and crunches.  I managed about 50 regular and 20 side and times 2 sets.  I was able to hold a plank for about 20 seconds on my feet, and about a minute extra on my knees.  Those things are so hard!  I’ve dedicated Sundays for reshaping my abs.  I’m hoping that I can accomplish THIS one of these days.  Thanks Lisa for the great idea! Man do they need some help!  My diet has improved a lot.  I’ve reduced my sweet intake to one a day and it’s a 100 calorie snack pack.  I’ve been getting better about eating lighter dinners, and making breakfast the larger meal of the day.  I’ve been hungry a lot this week, and it sucks.  Water…been drinking lots and lots of water.  Thank God for lemon.

Sleepy Lowdown

At nine weeks, I think Parker is doing fairly well with his sleep and nap times.  We’ve made bedtime at night a fun event that little P  and I (okay, maybe just me) look forward to every night.  At 8pm sharp, we start the bath and after story time and final feeding, he goes down at 8:30.  He goes down really well right now.  After he nurses, he’s got heavy eyes, and I wrap him in his halo sleep sack, and off to dreamland he goes.  He always sleeps a minimum of 6 hours without waking.  When he does wake, we’ve tried a few different things this week.  We tried letting him cry for 15 min, to see if he would go back to sleep ( I know, it sucks!!) and we’ve also just gone in there after the first cry and put the passie back in his mouth and left the room with him awake.  The conclusion that we’ve drawn at this stage is it doesn’t make a difference if we wait and let him cry, or if we go right in.  Once he gets the passie, he’s back to dream land.  So, why let him go through all the crying?  We tried this approach after reading Baby Wise, and it doesn’t seem to work well for us at night.  By no means do I judge anyone who currently uses the methods in Baby Wise.  If that works for you and your child, then that’s great!  This may all change later down the line if there are future sleep problems.  Right now Parker goes down at 8:30 and wakes up somewhere between 2:30am and 3:30 am.  We try the passie until 4:30am (8hrs) once, but if he cries a second time, then we know he’s hungry, and I go feed him before the 4:30 (goal time).  Most of the time he drifts back to sleep with the passie and waits until 4:30.  I did a lot of reading today about this, because of the early wake time to see if I should be feeding him, because I’m afraid that he’ll continue to wake at 6 hours out of habit instead of true hunger.  I’m not sure where the balance is between wanting him to sleep 8 hours thus waiting to eat because I know he’s physically able to, and giving in at 6 hours for fear that he’s starving and I’m missing a hunger cue.    This is going to be my challenge this week; trying to decifer between the two.  I’ve heard that 6 hours is really good for a nine week old, so maybe I’m being over zealous about the whole 8 hour business.  Sleep-Training Graduates, please weigh in on my polls!

Nap time has been getting much better this week.  Parker is finally sleeping in his crib for at least two naps a day, if not three.  This is a big milestone because before he was sleeping everywhere from his carseat, to a swing, to his bouncy chair.  I’m not a stickler about making sure that these “props” aren’t being used at all, because let’s be honest… who would want cancel being able to go on walks, or go for a car ride, or out to dinner because naps must be in the crib?  Especially when he takes three plus one cat nap.  Our routine has been working out pretty well.  This is the routine that we’ve settled on and will continue through week 9.

7:30am- Wake and feed
10:30am- Wake and feed
12pm- Nap
1:30pm-Wake and feed
2:30 Nap
4pm- Wake and feed
6:30pm Wake
8pm- Bath Time
8:15-Story Time/Prayer
8:20-“Snack” Feed
8:30-Sleep for the night
4:30am-Wake and Feed