The Status On My PMS

Life gets busy, but each day I see little things in each of our little PMS (Parker, Mason, and Sienna)  that I would like to document.  So, here is the first episode of The Status On My PMS


Boy, are you just the chatter box!  I know it’s all a good thing, but seriously… we need to learn some manners with this talking business because it’s wearing Mama out!  Every time I’m in convo with Daddy or trying to listen to an important part of the nightly news, there it is again… a trailing of verbal expression from “Mommy, my placemat is dirty, get me the mickey one?..Mommy, I need my milk! Mommy, where did Daddy go?  Mommy, what are you doing? Mommy, look at that car on TV” Mommy, it’s looking HOT outside.. Mommy, what are we doing today?” Sometimes I admit that it tips my patience near the tipping point.  I know that he’s just a verbal and social being who loves to chat, but we’ll have to start working on some boundaries on when it is appropriate and how not to interrupt when adults are talking.

I LOVE how sweet and verbal he is in public to strangers though, always saying Hi to random people and offering to open their door via automatic button at the gym.  He’s really turned a corner with leaving places and very rarely has a tantrum.  He typically just waves goodbye and says as a matter-of-factly “I’m going home!”.  I love that! It was a long time coming after all of the nightmares we had leaving places in the past, but as everyone promised, he grew out of that stage, thank you LORD!  He’s doing great with the potty training too, showing me that he is the big confident boy that I remind him of.  He’s great about waking up in the morning to let us know that he needs to go potty since he’s not in pull-ups, but does have the occasional accident in his bed if he oversleeps.  It’s not enough to warrent putting him back in pull-ups though since more often than not, he wakes up in time.  We’ve added a little clock in his room that glows at 7am when it’s time to get up.  That has helped tremendously with previous issues of him not going back to bed if he woke up around 6am to potty, and thought it was time to start his day.  Now he knows to go back to his room and either stay in his bed and go back to sleep, or play quietly until the light on the clock turns green, and then he can come in our room and watch a little curious george and play with toys while Mommy gets going for the day.

He gets fussy about wanting to do everything himself, which can be a challenge when we’re in a hurry, but I try to give as much as I can feel confident, secure, and in control as much as possible.  Of course, also to avert his evil twin from emerging.  The current things that are off limits: Flushing the toilet, closing ANY door, getting into his chair or carseat, pressing the elevator button, getting out of the car, and going up and down the stairs… just to name a few.  If we try to help him or rush him by helping him with any of those things, it insights a riot!  Mr. Independence is his surname.

One of Parker’s favorite times of the day is story time before bed.  He LOVES picking out books and having me read to him.  We used to make bedtime routine such a long process, with singing, and reading etc. but now we’re pretty much just down to bath, teeth brushing, short program on TV (while I put Mason to bed), story time, potty time, prayers and bedtime.  He’s always taken well to his routines and I think enjoys the predictability of it.

He loves playing with his brother Mason.  He still has times where he snatches toys, but when I see it happen, he’s typically cooperative about sharing them and taking turns.  Their absolute favorite joint activity is “pillow mountain” and he and Mason have a blast taking turns running into the pile of pillows on the floor and giggling up a storm.  They also have fun doing dance parties, which we typically do a few times a week while I’m folding clothes and the boys are listening to music and playing with toys.  Fun times!

I have seen a few changes in his speech and as he has begun to be more verbal, he’s developed a little bit of a stutter.  I’ve heard it is normal, but sometimes when he’s tired or excited he stutters so much that he’s out of breath.  It makes me wonder if that is normal or not.  Here’s a clip of us that I took today, and you can notice some slight stuttering, but not too bad.


I can’t believe how much my baby has turned into a toddler these last few months.  Mason can easily say 50+ words and is so very smart and verbal.  Parker seemed to hit this milestone a little later, although Parker knew quite a bit, just couldn’t say it.  Mason has pretty much skipped the sign language, although he still does it sometimes in combo with speaking.  He never ceases with his “PLEASE” when he wants food, a refill on water, a dab of powder on his nose when I’m putting on make-up… or food of any kind from a stranger.  He’s gutsy in that way, but ever so cute in the process. He’s pretty outgoing in his personality, but definitely has to warm up to new environments and new people.  In playgroup for instance, he’ll go and play on his own, but will stick around me for a little while first and scope everything out before diving in.  He’s meets new people with the same amount of regard and typically just needs to warm up to strangers first, but then has no problem chatting them up and playing with them.

I’ve also noticed that although he takes some regard with new people and places, he’s a brave and gutsy little toddler.  He LOVES to climb.  He’s constantly trying to climb on tables and chairs,  tubs, and anything within waist height of him that gets him up high.  If he falls, he’s so brave… he may whimper for a second, but only if it’s a really big fall.  Otherwise, he just gets right back up and tries again.  He probably hurts some part of his body about once a week by bumping into something or tripping and falling or climbing.  The boy is a rough house. He definitely keeps us on our toes, though with all the climbing.  I went upstairs today to grab some socks, and he had stepped up on our lego bin and helped himself on top of the toy bin.  I came back to see him lopsided across the toys holding on for dear life.  I helped him get his foot unstuck, then I snapped a pic as he sat on the edge of the toy basket.  A daring one he is!

He’s been getting used to being left at the gym and with other people like the babysitter.  It used to really bother him, but as he’s gotten older, I can see that it has gotten much easier.  He’s been fine with the babysitter putting him down at night, and doesn’t put up a fight at all! He still is a bit of a Mama’s boy, and if I’m not around, and he’s in a grumpy mood, no one seems to do the trick except for me.  I love that so much about him, especially since it’s so different from how Parker was since he was one to be pretty open to any and everyone.  I do however, worry a little bit about how he will be when Sienna comes along because I want him to know that I’m not replacing him at all.  He’ll always be my baby Mae Mae no matter what! Neither Parker or Mason are/were ones that enjoy being held and rocked a whole lot, but Mason is a bit more tolerant of it.  Especially so when there’s a storm out and he’s scared, or needs a reassuring hug during a firework show, like last month.  He enjoys showing love by giving kisses, blowing kisses, and giving hugs, and that will never get old.  I love my Mason hugs and kisses!

He’s still growing by leaps and bounds, being within five pounds of his older brother.  He’s started to get a little pickier with his eating, and tends to skip over or toss aside the veggies while he eats, the same thing Parker started to do at this age.  I don’t make any special meals though, and he still gets his typical foods which is usually fruit and whole grain waffles or yogurt in the morning, sandwich (either peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese) coupled with fruit or carrots and then dinner which is usually chicken, fish, or some protein coupled with rice or noodles and I always offer a veggie. He’s over the 95th% for height and weight, so he’s certainly growing and thriving!


I’m six and a half months pregnant with Sienna, and so far it’s been a pretty good pregnancy.  I just had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I’m up seven pounds for the pregnancy, which they say is really good, but it would be even better if I was at an ideal weight prior to the pregnancy.  I was reading Boston Baby Mama’s blog and I loved her post about what she loves and hates about being pregnant, that I decided I’d share my thoughts on the matter.

What I won’t miss about being pregnant:

  • The first thing I can think of is having my sleep interrupted several times a night by my full bladder.  I try to skip drinking water an hour or so before bed for this reason, but I love drinking my water, and I get so thirsty at night.
  • Not being able to sleep on my belly.  That is one of the first things I do after labor once it’s time for me to really get some rest.  Roll on the stomach, one leg up froggy style, and my arms around a pillow.  That’s just how I roll.
  • Drinking myself into a coma.  Okay… not really, but you know what I mean.  I like to get my drink on from time to time.  What Mom of young kids doesn’t?
  • Having to toast my deli sandwiches in fear of listeria, having to watch my seafood intake and no raw sushi.  This girl loves some salmon, tuna, sushi and turkey sandwiches.  I really have to make an effort to watch my intake while I’m pregnant and that gets pretty annoying.  I eat turkey sandwich meat and Salmon the most, so they are the biggest culprits.
  • Feeling helpless when I want to do a billion things at once, but can’t.  I hate asking or bugging the husband to lift heavy things for me… I know, sounds like a “perk” of being preggers, but for me it just seems like something that has to “wait” instead of something that I can just “do”.  I had all these large items and boxes to bring down from the attic, but had to wait until Dan was back from a business trip to help me instead of just doing it myself like I normally would.  Not too steady on my toes with a bump.
  • Not being able to work out as hard.  It doesn’t bother me when I’m working out on the elliptical, or pulling the wagon along the loop, or walking a lot in general, but I sure feel it when the pelvic girdle pain starts to kick in later.
  • Getting the nosey questions from people about personal decisions like: delivery, induction, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and the like.  Unless you’re a close friend, it’s no business of yours, and no soon-to-be new Mom needs a guilt trip on her plans for bringing baby into the world, or what to do once they’re here.  Save it for your doula.

What I love and will miss about being pregnant

  • Feeling like I don’t need to suck in or hide my round belly.  Now, this doesn’t really apply to the first 4-5 months since I typically just look overweight since I have a really inset belly button that makes it look like I have two jelly rolls up until I’m about six months pregnant, but generally speaking, I love it once I have a “noticeably” round buddah belly.  I just feel less subconscious about my weight as weird as that seems.  It’s like “oh, she’s supposed to be fat…she’s pregnant”  Instead of “oh, she could stand to lose 10 pounds or 20…”
  • Feeling her move inside me.  It’s a gentle reminder of the miracle that is going on, and I love how it makes me feel like her protector and that no one can be with her yet except for me.  Our special bonding time.
  • The celebrating of a new life.  Who doesn’t like a party?  I’ll miss the celebrating with baby showers and family and friends, although there will be many new opportunities to celebrate once she gets here with birthday parties and the like.
  • The attention of being pregnant is nice, too.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love attention?  It’s a great convo starter by any nosey bi-standard who is eyeing my bump at the grocery store or park, and those who know me know that I am not shy about bragging that I have two little boys and that I have a girl on the way.  It’s just icing on the cake and gives me warm and fuzzies inside to talk about it.  I do get a few eyebrow raises when I tell them the ages of my boys (almost 3 and 16months) but I guess that is to be expected since I am borderline certified cra-zay.
  • Preparing for the arrival.  I love talking about the excitement of what will she look like, what will life be like, what are we doing for her nursery, how will the boys take to the new addition…etc. It’s just exciting to get to talk about these things with Dan and friends and family when preparing for a baby. Nothing beats the anticipation of holding her, feeding her, and snuggling her.

So, that’s the status on my kiddos! Stay tuned for more evolving news on them as they grow and thrive!

Which Fabric?

I’m so excited that my SIL Lisa will be making baby Sienna a crib quilt for her bedding. The curtains in the room are sage, and we plan to paint the back wall that the crib will go up against a light lavender.  I was going for a French look with a chandelier wall decal the edge crib. Shabby Chic and elegant without being too frou-frou!

So, with that being said, I have the task of picking out crib quilt fabric that would work well with those colors and style. It was really hard to find something in lavender! I have whittled them down to these two collections, and I need your thoughts!

Okay, so this first fabric, let’s call it “COLLECTION A” is calming and sweet for a little girl.  I love the colors because they’re not the typical pinks, but more soft purples and light greens.  I think it’s super cute for a baby girl, but worried that it’s too muted and won’t be something that she’ll love many years down the line. The first fabric you can’t see, but it’s clouds on a lavender background with a little girl and a clothes line of girly clothes.


This second collection, let’s call it “COLLECTION B” is super cute, and vibrant, but is it TOO vibrant?  It has some very pretty fabrics in it, but worried since I’m using a bit of a more muted sage for the curtains, that it is just too bold of a collection.  I like the fact that it has more “mature” fabrics, that may last a little past the baby years, but are they too mature for a baby?  I only need six different fabrics, so I think I will eliminate the second one in (too blue) and the sixth one in that is a small turquoise pattern since it may compete with my sage curtains.


Which one should I choose for baby Sienna’s crib blanket quilt?  The pattern I will be using will be this one:

I consider myself a pretty decisive person, but I can’t seem to decide on which grouping. I need your help, so please place your vote on this poll!

You’re having a GIRL!

We anxiously awaited the news to find out how baby pumpkin was doing… and hoping that we could find out the gender.  I know some people keep it as a surprise, but we just couldn’t take the anticipation much longer.  It’s still a “surprise”, it’s just 20 weeks earlier.  Plus, I love that I know what the gender is because it allows me to know just a little bit more about the little miracle happening inside me.  It helps me bond while the little one is still inside me.

The morning came that we were going to the doctor to get the 20 week gender scan.  I was so anxious that I didn’t get any breakfast before I left the house, not even a sip of water or coffee.  Granted, the appointment was early, but I just didn’t want to take the time since I was already feeling queezy.  Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out, that wasn’t such a great idea.  Once we got into the ultrasound room, the tech was using the wand to press all over my stomach, and I began to feel sick.  I stuck it out with some breaks and sips of water, and we got to see our beautiful daughter.  Kicking away, moving around for us to see.  We found out why I haven’t been feeling her as much as I did my boys at this stage.  Apparently, I have anterior placenta.  Which means that the placenta is positioned right below my belly and as the Dr. explained, it’s like having a pillow between me and the baby.

The ultrasound tech was doing her thing, but baby was making it difficult because she was crossing her legs.   It took some time to but then suddenly, the tech uttered these words: “You’re having a girl!”  I turned wide eyed, because while she was wiggling my belly to try to get the baby to uncross the legs, I thought for sure I saw a little boy part down there.  But I was wrong!  I immediately replied with “Really??!!” “are you sure?” (like she didn’t know how to do her job or something) and then the tears just flowed and I just looked up at Dan and said “Sienna Marie” followed by the biggest grin I could make on my face.  We were both SO happy!

It took some time for it to sink in, and we are still a bit in disbelief.  A GIRL?  I’m going to have a girl after having two boys?  What in the world do I know about girls?  I’m used to playing with messy, loud, obnoxious (but oh so loving) boys! Now I get to have a sweet little princess to spoil! I can’t wait to teach her all the girly things I know.  I can’t wait to dress her up like my personal doll baby and show her off like I did my dolls when I was a little girl.  I look forward to helping her pick out a dress for her school dance or prom, or wipe my tears when I see her walk down the aisle and get married.  I can’t wait to help her paint her nails, and show her how to put on make-up.  I look forward to getting our nails done and having spa days together one day… Mother and daughter.

YES! I’m having a GIRL!

I’ve been going crazy (and those who follow me already know) on Pinterest!  I have found some wonderful ideas for baby Sienna’s room.  It’s so overwhelming to decide what we’ll do in her room, but I know it’ll turn out prett and very special in the end.

A little background on her name.  We’ve always wanted Sienna, ever since we found out we were pregnant with Parker.  Dan actually came up with the name one day with the thought that it embodied our love of travel, was unique without being weird, and had a beautiful sound.  I loved it.  Siena Italy is a beautiful city in Tuscany region of Italy, and I love the thought of naming our daughter after that beautiful unique town in Tuscany.  I don’t even care if others like it, because it’s something that we love, and that’s all that matters.  Marie we thought went really well with Sienna.  Marie is my Aunt’s first name.  The one who took me in after high school when I had no where to live, and helped me get on my feet.  She has always been such a close influential and selfless person in my life.  She has helped me a lot along the way, and this is one way I’d like to honor her.  Marie is also the middle name of my best friend Jess who I basically grew up with, and has been close friends with since sixth grade.  Our friendship has lasted through the years, and she is someone that I would like to honor by using her middle name, Marie.

We are excited to meet her, hold her, love on her, and welcome her to the family!

My six month bump

It’s official, I’m six months pregnant.  This pregnancy is moving along too stinkin’ fast!  I’m trying my best to enjoy it while I can.  Here are a few things I’d like to say to my little BIG six month bump.

-You already have sibling rivalry.  When older bro Parker is on my lap playing patty-cake, you kick me as if to say…”Mama, it’s my turn, my turn!”

-You are a night owl AND a morning riser.  I feel you kick the most first thing in the morning.  Probably to let me know that I should empty that bladder of mine to give you some extra room OR ELSE.  Before bedtime when Daddy and I snuggle up to watch some late night TV in bed, we feel you moving around in there practicing your kicks and spins.  We both enjoy feeling you move around and wondering what you’re up to.

-At your 2o week viewing (ultrasound) we found out that you were going to be a boy.  We were thrilled and excited that Parker would have a buddy to play with.  I just know you two will be the best of friends.  The boy name we picked out for you is Mason.  We thought it was pretty hip, but also thought it sounded very masculine, timeless and strong.  Your middle name will be Ashby after my side of the family, which I’m very proud to be apart of.

-You’ve been getting a lot of bouncing around and movement because Mommy has been working out a lot while you are bundled up inside my belly.  Being pregnant with you has been different from Parker because it hits all the major fattening holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  While I love the excuse to “pig out” , I don’t want you to get too big and be mad at me come delivery day.  Because of that, I’ve been trying to make sure I’m making it up with lots of time in the gym on the elliptical.  Your older bro loves the play area there, which I’m sure you’ll grow to love after your born.

-We’ve been slowly working on getting your nursery ready for your arrival.  Most boys love cars, planes, scooters, and anything that moves, so we decided to incorporate that into your nursery “theme”.  Good thing your Mama is an interior designer, because that and my good friend Etsy, you’re going to have the best looking nursery in town.

-We wonder what you will look like and what your personality will be.  Will you look like your older brother Parker?  He’s pretty cute, so if you do, we won’t mind.  We wonder how much you’ll weigh, if you’ll be tall, what your eye color will be and wether you’ll have a lot or just a little hair at first.  One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, kiss your head and say Happy Birthday to you in March.  I’ve already started to bond with you, even though I haven’t seen your sweet face.

Pottery for Mason

Last Friday night, Dan and I had a great date night at  All Fired Up.  We wanted to paint ceramic pieces for baby Mason, which is the same as what we did for Parker.  Look at how much fun we had!

Dan did a blue piggie bank for Parker, and so he’s doing a brown piggie bank for Mason.  Slightly different designs on it, but he wanted to give them the same aspirations to “save” money!

I decided to paint a picture frame, which is also what I did for Parker. I don’t know exactly what will be in Mason’s room, but I do want to do a “transportation” theme of some sort.  So I painted two cars on the  frame to hopefully go with the overall “theme” of the room.  Here are the creations pre and post glazing.



They are certainly not perfect, but they of course were made with love.

Let the nursery designing begin!

This weekend after our vacation, we went scouting for the perfect nursery furniture for baby Mason.  We bought Parker’s furniture at Ga Baby and Kids, and since they have such a great selection, we decided to go there again.  We were drawn to the clean lines of  Capretti, which is the same company that we got Parker’s furniture from.  It’s a great company, and we’ve been very pleased with Parker’s furniture (with the auto-closing drawers) so it only made since to use them again.  We were really only there to look, but the sales person gave us an incredible deal with over 25% off the showroom price, and this time we didn’t have to buy the floor model to get the discount (like we did Parker’s).  So, this is what we’ve decided on.  Nothing too fancy… but I think it’ll be a great for baby Mason.

The best part is, that we got it in the same exact finish as Parker’s furniture…so if we have to move some pieces around between rooms once the cribs become full size beds, we don’t have to worry about them matching.  In case you don’t remember what Parker’s furniture looks like, here it is pictured below:

We had thought about going with a cheaper quality crib that wasn’t convertible in case we decide to have them share a room later, but we decided that it was best that they have their own furniture right now.  If it comes to a bunk bed situation later, then we can revisit that then.

We also decided on the rug for the room.  It was a reasonably priced wool rug from The Land of Nod, which is Crate&Barrel’s kids line.  I know it’s a little busy, but it’ll be all the color for the room.  The walls and curtains will be muted. I’m in love with it.

We also wanted to use a No VOC paint for the room, and we love the company The Freshaire Choice which is what we used for Parker’s nursery.  This time we’re looking to do the room in a soft brown to pick up the background of the rug.  “Pinecone Hill” to be exact.  I still have a few others that I’m contemplating, but for now, that’s my top choice.

I also found these wall decals on Etsy.  What do you think?  It’s for the scooter, car, hot air balloon and helicopter. I think they’re pretty freakin’ cute.  I think they would look great in Mason’s room, all in a dark brown color above the crib,…perhaps.

Oh Boy!

We’re excited that we’ll be having another boy! We got the news today during my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. They also checked all the vital organs and measured the bones to ensure that they were growing properly. Everything looked great!  The only thing that they’re going to keep an eye on is the location of my placenta.  My uterus is pretty low right now, and the placenta is low, but this could change and shift away from my cervix as I grow.  They’re going to check it at 30 weeks via ultrasound to see if it has shifted.  If the placenta is blocking the cervix (called placenta previa) then unfortunately I’ll need a c-section.  Let’s pray that this isn’t the case!
So….Holy cow…I’m going to be a Mom of two boys! I don’t know if I’ll need a padded room for myself or them.  (just kidding!) Parker and Mason. I’m loving the sound of it. They’re going to be best buds. I’m sure of it!
Now I can officially start the planning for the nursery! I’m trying to gather some inspirations for the room from magazines and different things I see on the internet. We decided on this artwork from Maple Shade Kids for Parker’s nursery, and after revisiting it, I think we may use them again.  I just found some new artwork on a peg board that I love.  I think this will be my new inspiration piece! The best part is, the lady is wonderful to work with and will do as many custom pieces as I want.  I love when I find cute creative things and I get to put my design skills to work. Yay!

I’m sure some of you are wondering… “Is she upset because she’s not having a GIRL?” If we’re keeping it real… then I would have to say this: I know that God only gives me things that I can handle. Let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t want a little girl to dress up with, do fun crafts with, get mani/pedi’s with and attend ballet recitals I right? It’s like a mini self version that you can relive your childhood with. However, I have faith that God knows what’s best for our life and our family, and I will in no way love this little baby any less just because I already have a little boy. He will be different from Parker with his own personality and we will learn and grow with him too, as we have with Parker. We will find out later what God has in store for us in a way of increasing the number to of children three, but if two ends up being it, then I will be thrilled that God has blessed us with a two healthy boys!

Much to say about something…

So, life has been a little crazy lately. Here’s a little ‘cap
1. I think my need to have everything perfect was just the mojo I needed to kick this baby nursery into motion. Dan and I finally got dates to all of our tasks outlined on our excel spreadsheet last week, and we’re happy to report that we have some things crossed off. Yippee! I need to say for the record that my husband is a real trooper because I know it hasn’t been easy dealing with my list of demands and detailed action items and my “Hey sweetie…Can you move this please!?” in the middle of his workday.

2. Everyone tells me that babies/toddlers go through phases. I’ve experienced this a few times with Parker and most of the time, I’m happy to report that the unpleasant phases are short lived, and I get my cute little pumpkin face back to himself in no time. However, why does it seem like the unpleasant phases are never ending? For the past week, Parker hasn’t been the Mommy’s boy that I’m used to him being. Oh no. He LOVES his Daddy. Wakes up calling for Dada, cries until he gets Dada, and heaven forbid I ever try to take him from Dada’s hands. That would be a nightmare. It’s sad because I miss the days when he NEEDED me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also started to really test boundaries and get VERY temperamental when removed from the situation or forced to do something he doesn’t want to do (ie; go down for a nap). I was pretty embarrassed last week when I had him over at someone’s house for a play date. He kept trying to crawl into their office to play with the cords, grab old lamps in corners, open china cabinet drawers, etc. Everytime I removed him from the room or item, he had a full blown temper tantrum with screaming and arching and shaking his head! What has happened to my little angel? Please…someone out there tell me there is hope. Please tell me he’s not turning into one of THOSE kids…the ones you whisper about and say that your kid will NEVER be like…yeah, those.
3. Parker loves to have visits from his Nanny (what he calls my Mom).  My Mom just lights up when she sees him, and he does the same.  He’s always so good for her too (at least that’s what she says…like she would say that he was BAD) so they’re perfect together.  Dan and I in the meantime have been enjoying some great nights out…just the two of us. Last Saturday night we went to see the movie “Life as we Know it”. It was really cute.  We just couldn’t resist seeing a comedy that depicted two adults who have no idea what they were doing, caring for an adopted one year old. Oh, and did I mention that Josh Duhamel is in it? BONUS!  The little girl was really cute.  I hope I have a little girl one day.

4.  We were invited to a birthday party last Saturday.  It was at a cute little farm north of Atlanta.  The party started at 10, so we thought we’d try and make it and see how Parker would do with just one nap.  Well, let’s just say he’ll be keeping that am nap for quite some time.  He was SO tired!  He still managed to have some fun helping Mama paint the pumpkin and feed the fish.  He also LOVED feeding the goats and letting them lick his fingers.  Poor little guy was exhausted though.  It was unseasonably warm too, which didn’t help matters.  We did decide that we would return for a family trip to pick out our first REAL Christmas tree.  I’m looking forward to that!

5. I love the random things my husband says to me.  While wiping Parker’s face the other night he looks at me and says “Are you using a clorox wipe?”  Yes, dear…I AM that neurotic about things being clean.

6.  At the end of this month we’re planning on going to an assisted living facility locally and deliver pumpkins and goodies and bring our kids dressed up in their finest Halloween costumes.  We’ll be doing this with our bible study group, who also has small kids around Parker’s age.  This year Parker will be a black bear.  It really is the cutest little costume. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces  when they see all our kids all dressed up.  There’s something so sweet about the elderly and young kids coming together that makes me smile.  Pictures to follow!

7. Only three days left until we get to find out how little wiggles is doing.  It’ll be exciting since I’ve only seen 7 week old ultrasound pictures and I’m really curious to see!  I pray that everything is developing as normal and that the baby cooperates so that we can see the sex of the baby.  Some people can wait, but I just can’t.  There’s something about knowing if it’s a boy or girl that helps me to form an even closer bond with the little one growing inside me.  I can’t wait to see what it is.  Any guesses?

8. I’ve been having such a great time with Parker at the Park lately.  It’s been our favorite place to play and laugh.  I bring my trusty waterproof picnic blanket, and Parker’s cheese bread, turkey and sippy cup of milk, and walker and we’re set.  However, we could leave all of that behind and Parker would be happy just swinging in the swing.  It is his absolute favorite thing to do.

9. Did I mention that Parker was able to meet Darth Vader? We heard about a fundraiser called “Music for Megan” and there were lots of fun things for kids to do, which included inflatable slides, ginormous bubbles to pop and Star Wars characters! Those of you who know my husband, knows what a big deal this is. He (Parker) was SO fascinated by him!

10. We’re leaving soon to enjoy a nice week in Asheville. I can’t wait to spend some nice time with my family enjoying each other, the local attractions, and the beautiful fall foliage!

The Worrywart in me

I thought this pregnancy would be different. I thought that since I had done this before, that I should just lay back and take it easy and not worry since it ain’t my first rodeo.  However, I’m starting to see it creep in…slowly.  It started Saturday night after Parker’s party.  I woke up about 2am, tossing and turning and unable to fall back asleep.  Not wanting to wake my husband, I decided to go downstairs to see if I could fall asleep on the sofa (the most comfortable place in the house during my last pregnancy), but alas, no luck there either.

I started to think about all the preparations that I needed to make for the new baby… cleaning out the guest room, organizing the closets, installing a fan, picking out furniture, figuring out what to do with all the STUFF in the guest room (old bluprints and design boards from school, pictures, general “Sharon” memorabilia) and I started to panic.  True, I’m only 16 weeks…but I have SO much going on now.  I have a 1 year old that I have to care for… I can barely keep the house cleaned and the laundry folded as is, so how in the world am I going to make time for all of this?   The challenge lies in how much space we have.  We would LOVE to move into a bigger home, but with our house value the way it is, that is certainly NOT an option.  With all of these  rambling thoughts,  I calmed myself  by cleaning up the kitchen, getting rid of all the piles of stuff left over from Parker’s party.  I started to make mental lists of things that I needed to add to my spreadsheet timeline that I hadn’t thought of before.  Eventually, I was tired again and fell asleep.

Uggh, why do I do this to myself?  How can I control it?  For my entire family’s sake, I need to stay strong, put my trust in God,  and know that everything will get done in time,… that little baby will have a beautiful nursery just like Parker does and that we’ll find a place for everything in the guestroom, AND the healthy baby will be born to a stress free environment with an anxiety free Mama!  Let us pray…

Painting for Parker

We got two things crossed off our before baby “To Do” list!  It was a team effort with help from our friends Kristin, Scott, Jason, Leslie and Michelle.  Lizzie (our dog) tried to help too, but we all agreed that that probably would not be a good idea.  Everyone did such a great job and we had a great time painting, eating a  delicious pizza lunch and enjoying frozen push up icy pops!

The second thing we got to crossed off our task list was power washing our back patio.  Scott brought over his power washer and the back patio and front driveway looks as good as new!  It was so gross too, especially the back.

The baby’s room looks great.  We are so thankful for great friends.  The bedroom was painted with love and everyone added their own special touch!  Dan and I moved the furniture back and added our wall decal above Parker’s Crib.  It looks really cute.  We’re going to wait to snap pictures when the room is done completely.

Last week I started on the window treatments for Parker’s room.  It was pretty challenging in the beginning, but I finally finished one panel and I’m hoping to finish the second one before the end of next week.  It’s a cute pattern with a white background and little blue owls.

More updates to come!