Blurbs on the past few weeks

I’ve tried to post this for about a week now.  Needless to say, I’ve been a bit tied up.  Here’s what I got…

-Parker has been taking to the new addition pretty well.    He loves to bring blankets to Mason, try to give him paci’s when he cries and today he tried to give him a puzzle piece.  That’s my boy, already learning to share!

Pelvic Girdle Pain really sucks.  I’ve been to three chiropractor appointments with two different doctors, and still no reprieve.  I’m really getting antsy!  I want to be able to wrestle with my son, take long walks with the stroller in nice weather, stroll around the mall… all the things I love to do require me to be active.  Not to mention that this henders my daily activities like SLEEPING, walking up the stairs, laundry and dishes (standing in general).  Now that I’ve got all the whining out of my system, on the next one

– There are a few things that I forgot about a newborn

  • they wait until you’ve just finished diapering, dressing and swaddling them, to make another diaper explosion
  • Breastfeeding hurts, even the second time around.  Fortunately around the start of week 2, the soreness subsides, which I’ll take any day over 8 weeks, which is how long it took with Parker for the pain to go away
  • They sleep when you’re awake, and sometimes when you sleep, they think it’s playtime
  • Growth spurts happen unexpectedly, and you find yourself nursing all…day…long.
  • They HATE baths
  • They poop…A LOT
  • Their cry is so small, similar to a screeching bird
  • Car rides and stroller walks are a saving grace.  They love them, and quickly go to dreamland soon after
  • They love to snuggle.  Mason’s favorite spot is curled up on my chest while I sit on the sofa.  Simply, my favorite
  • They make the sweetest little faces, and they don’t even know they’re making them…

-Parker reached the 18 month mark.  We’re going to update his monthly picture every three months now.

-On March 19th, we celebrated our six year anniversary.  We got a sitter, and went out for dinner at Cabernet, an upscale restaurant only a few miles from our home.  It was so nice to sip on an Apple Martini, and enjoy a delicious dinner with my sweetheart.  We hadn’t planned on upgrading my wedding ring, but when I lost my wedding band last month, we thought that we mine as well.  Winning!

-We’ve been getting meals from friends of ours the past few weeks.  Oh my, have we enjoyed the meals!  From chicken pesto pasta to chicken pot pie and the yummiest desserts you could imagine!  We feel so blessed to have such awesome friends provide for us.

-I think Parker is hitting the terrible 2’s early.  Our pediatrician warned us of this, but I thought- oh, not MY Parker…he’s an angel!  Well, he was right.  He has the “nah nah nah” with the swift shaking head motion down pat!  He also does this whining thing when I hold Mason and wants to be held.  Let’s just say…it gets old real fast.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my sweet boy.  He’s just finding himself and gaining his independence.  It’s all apart of him growing and developing!

And that, is all I’ve got.


Welcome Baby Mason!

We are so happy that Mason is finally here!  Weighing in at a whopping 10lbs, 1oz and 22″ long.  He was was quite the big guy!  My labor went really well.  I was getting concerned because I knew that he was going to be big, and I didn’t want to have a c-section.  Even though Mason was born four days earlier than Parker, he was still almost an entire pound more.  How did this happen?  I exercised more with this last pregnancy than I did with Parker too.  Go figure.

The morning started early.  We had to be at the hospital at 5am.  We had dropped Parker off the night before so we didn’t have to wake him before heading to the hospital.  Dan and I both were so exhausted before the day even started.  They started my IV of fluids and pitocin around 6:30am, after I completed a boat load of paperwork.  They butchered my arm trying to get the IV started (hench the reason for the nasty bruise in some of the hospital pictures). They started me on a really slow drip.  It wasn’t too long after that, I received the epidural.   At 11:30 I had progressed to 6cm.  By 1:45 or so, I realized that the epidural pump was running out.  Shortly after,  I started to feel pain and pressure.  It seemed like forever that they got the epidural cartridge replaced, and got the nurse to come in to check me.  “You’re ready!” She said.  After a few practice pushes, she called in the Dr., and we tried for the real thing.  Three series of pushes through contractions and he was here!  It was SO fast.  I can’t believe how quickly he came.  It was so much easier and faster than Parker, even though he was so much bigger!

The next day Dan went to pick up Parker and bring him to the hospital. Ben and Gracile were so sweet to pick up a “big brother” shirt for him to wear to meet Mason. We think Parker was more interested in his graham cracker than his new brother. Here is how the meeting went… (check out Mason’s face when Parker kisses him, PRICELESS!)

We’ve enjoyed our first few nights home with our boys. It’s exhausting at times, but we are really enjoying the special moments that we’re having and the lasting memories being created.

Post Christmas Update

So, we had a wonderful first Christmas with Parker.  He got plenty of love from family and friends.  We enjoyed the candlelight service at Stonecreek, and we had a great dinner with my Mom and Sister.   We later went over to my aunt Angie’s house to see the Ashby family for our annual Christmas Eve get-together.  My aunt Rachel who lives in Boston flew in with her family and it was great to see them and see how much her family has grown.  We did our traditional reading of the bible story and the kids opened presents.  Good times were had by all.  Some family wasn’t able to make it, and that saddened a lot of us.  It is my hope that they were able to enjoy the holiday even in the midst of a very difficult situation.

Some of you may be asking: What happened to Sunday Slim-down and Sleepy Low-down?  Well, I’ve decided that it is just too much pressure (not to mention it doesn’t really make for good reading) to do a post every week.  So, I’m going to try to update you all on my progress monthly as originally planned.  I’m hoping that monthly will allow me more time to really start to see results.  I was told recently  that breastfeeding puts your body into a pseudo-pregnancy state, which can make it more difficult to loose weight.  It was a little reassuring to hear that since I’ve still been teetering around the same weight, and it has been over a month since my original “I’m going to put the smack-down on weight loss” post (well, not exactly titled that, but close).  Not to mention that even with me exercising and watching what I eat, it can get a little depressing not to see the scale go down and then have to write about that fact.

BUT  you know what?  I think I’m coming to terms with it a little bit.  I’m not by any means going to settle for this weight.  I’m still going to push myself to loose weight and get to my pre-preggo bod and beyond, but I think what I’ve learned recently is that my priority right now should be to be a good mom, and be a good wife.  If I’m stressing all day about trying to fit in a workout, or beating myself up for not loosing weight, then THAT isn’t good either.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need to be positive and try to cut myself some slack since my little one is only three months old, and we’re still having “those days”, which make life…well,… unpredictable.

My focus for the next few weeks is trying to put myself on a schedule.  I know that sounds really silly, but now that I have Parker on a good routine…I’m trying to put myself on one so that I can get things accomplished around the house.  We decided in order to save money, and since I’ll be at home, that I will be doing the household chores instead of hiring maids.  With that being said, I’ve been using my trusty outlook calendar to see what chores I can do on what days all while fitting in some time with my little man, grocery shopping, working out, cooking dinner, and spending time with my husband.  As I mentioned above, some days can certainly be unpredictable with a three month old, but having a task list of the weeks “to-do’s” will help me feel accomplished and organized by weeks end.

On another note: Parker and I did the Mommy and baby fitness DVD, and LOVED it!  That will definitely have to be on our “to-do” list for each week, maybe even a few days a week.  I love finding new things for us to do together.  I’ve also read that you can start your child on infant sign language as early as six months, so that will be something that I will look forward to doing with him.  Right now, he really enjoys sitting in my lap and watching me while I help him clap his hands, sing, play “ride that pony”, and reading to him.  He likes his belly time too, but he has such a weak stomach and spits up so easily, that it has to be done  WAY after a feeding.  He LOVES his bath too.  I think that’s probably his most favorite part of the day.  Dan and I take turns when he’s home, but we love to make up silly songs to sing to him and he has little animals that squirt water that he loves to play with.  He likes to kick his feet in the water all while smiling and giggling.  It’s SO adorable.  If there wasn’t so many creep-o’s on the internet, we’d post a video of it.

We updated his monthly picture on Christmas day.  It’s so hard to believe that he’s over three months old now!  We can’t wait to see what this next month brings.  Every day we love watching him learn new things and develop his own little personality.  It’s such a blessing.

Forced Motivation

Okay- I’ve had it.  I’m done with all this extra baby weight.  I thought it would just fall off since I’m breastfeeding, but apparently lack of sleep mixed with halloween candy has taken its toll.  So what is a chubby Mom to do?  Well, I’m using YOU…my blog readers as motivation. For six months I will update my blog each month with my weight, workout, diet and next month’s goal.  I actually am pretty embarrassed to post here my weight, but I don’t care. If anything, it should make you feel better about your weight, and at the same time motivate me to get in shape.  See, it’s a win-win.

Here we go:

Height: 5’9″ (just posting this once, sense it won’t change)

Weight: 217

Workout: Since Dan is only home on the weekends I’ve taken advantage of the gym TWICE when he’s watched Parker.  I am a pretty regular walker of the two-mile loop around the block, but that is the extent of my current work out routine

Diet: My diet is pretty horrible right now.  I’m a sucker for Luna nutrition bars, but I’m pretty sure they’re not suppose to be eaten more than three times a day.  I’ve had to cut out salads and some high fiber foods because it was causing Parker to be gassy.  I’m still a big sucker for sweets too..I have at least 2-3 a day (I know…it’s horrible!) My weakness is chocolate.  I’m good about drinking water and I have only the occasional soda.  I’m Mostly sticking with lean sandwich meats in sandwiches for lunch and Muesli cereal for breakfast.  Dinner can be hit or miss with everything from frozen pizza to chicken and rice.

I want to say for the record that I would like to get this done over night, but I know that it will take some time.  Mainly because it took 9 months to put it on, but also because I’m breastfeeding, and I have to make sure that it doesn’t affect my milk supply.  This is why I’m stretching this over six months.

Next Month’s Goal: I would like to loose 7lbs taking me to 210.  Over the next month I would like to decrease my sweets intake (including chocolate) to once a day. I would like to focus on making my dinner choices better.  I would like to work out vigorously three days a week and light exercise two-three days a week.  Try to get more sleep at night (or as much as a mom with a baby can!).

Month One Pictures (can you say YUCK!)

11/16/09 217lbs

11/16/09 217lbs

Wish me luck! =)


Baby Scheduling

So, this post goes out to all the experienced Mommies out there who, like me, like structure, process, predictability and, well…a schedule.  I’m trying to determine when to put little Parker on a schedule.  Right now he’s 7 weeks old and we’ve begun to develop a good rhythm, but I certainly don’t have anything written down that I go by on a day to day basis.  Some have said that they swaddle put their baby down for a nap three times a day, and some have said that at seven weeks, it’s just too early and they’re too unpredictable to go on a day schedule.  I find a day schedule challenging because since Dan travels a lot, I find myself having to go to the store, or attend appointments, or maybe even going for walks throughout the day.   I certainly want to get to the point where I have a general nap schedule during the day for Parker, but I don’t know when I should start this.  Suggestions!

I’ve been swaddling and putting him down for a nap about once a day for the past few weeks, (when I’m home) but even with that said, it hasn’t been at the same time every day.  Today when I put him down for his nap, he screamed bloody murder.  I had to pick him up, let him fall asleep on my chest, then I put him in his crib for his nap.  Is this wrong at this stage?  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly plan to let him “cry it out” when he gets to be a little older (I’m thinking around 12 weeks), but how do I ease into a healthy sleep pattern so that Parker feels safe and secure, but also knows his boundaries and develops good sleep habits?  This parenting thing isn’t as easy as I thought!  I SO hate to hear him cry.  Especially since I have a video monitor and I can see him squirming and crying… it just breaks my heart.  I know this is going to be the death of me!  This is my makeshift schedule that I would like to have as a goal by two and a half months.  I’m not sure if this is a good time frame, or how to ease into this, but I am open to suggestions since this is still so new to me!

7:00am-7:15am Feeding

7:15am-10am Awake/play time

10am-10:15 Feeding

10:15am-11:30am Early Nap

11:30am-1pm Awake/play time

1pm-1:15pm- Feeding

1:15pm-2:30pm Afternoon Nap

2:30pm-4:pm- Awake/play time

4pm-4:15pm Feeding

4:15pm-5:30pm- Evening Nap

5:30pm-7pm- Awake/play

7pm-7:15pm- Feeding

7:15pm- 9pm- Awake/play/bathtime

9pm-9:15 Storytime & Final Feeding

9:30pm Evening Bedtime

I don’t plan on being one of those Moms that abide by a strict schedule to where my entire life revolves around a  nap time, feeding and play time, but I DO like the idea of having time frames that keep us on track so Parker can thrive and I can be the best Mommy I can be to him.

One month and counting

Yesterday little Parker turned one month old.  I think I’ve learned more in one month than I have in the past year.  Here are just a few:

  • Patience, patience, and then some more patience
  • Babies cry.  That’s what they do.  Sometimes they want something, and sometimes…they just want to cry.
  • Sometimes Moms cry when the baby cries…and it’s okay too.
  • Nursing is one of the hardest things to do, but rewarding bonding experience when going well
  • When someone offers to help… let them
  • Don’t cut baby toenails…just file them.  Don’t ask, just TRUST me on that
  • If the baby needs to be held, and dishes need to be done, babybjorn to the rescue
  • The way you do things may be the best way, but not the ONLY way.  It’s good to let others (ie: husband) do it THEIR way
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon is the best children book, and does a heck of a good job putting a little boy to sleep
  • Naps are the best.  Take at least one nap with your baby each day
  • Having skin to skin contact with the baby daily keeps him content and secure
  • Thrush is no joke, and can be a painful nursing experience.  The earlier you get treated (14 day dosage NOT 2 day) the better you and your baby will feel
  • The fisher price bouncy chair is the best thing so you can finally get that shower you’ve been waiting for
  • Walking the two mile loop is the best way for baby to relax and mommy to “check out” for a bit
  • The halo sleep sack swaddler and a pacifier makes for a good start to a long night of sleep (long meaning waking every 2.5-3 hrs)
  • Cloth diapering is a good idea during the day…but at night it’s a pain when you’re half asleep
  • As much as I’ve wanted to get on a schedule with Parker, this month we’ve been focusing on getting to know each other in order to develop our own rhythm.  A schedule will come soon enough, and I’m not going to rush it.
  • Friends bringing meals has been invaluable, and has turned a few “bad days” into “better days”
  • It’s important to show love to your pets.  Lizzie ate Parker’s pacifier this morning…poor thing.  Probably love deprived.
  • Just when you think you’ve reached your wits end…just remember John and Kate Plus Eight and Octomom and thank your lucky stars!

Mystery solved

I know I seem obsessed with nursing by this point, but just wanted to make one more follow-up post on the one below.  I found out through the forums on La Leche League website that the reason why feeding is so painful is because I have thrush.  This is a self diagnosis, but I really believe I do because I fit all of the symptoms.  I would’ve noticed it earlier had Parker had symptoms of this (white tongue and/or white spots int he mouth), but apparently the baby can by asymptomatic.

Here are the risk factors:

  • Antibiotics administered to the mother during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, or shortly before or during the time that yeast symptoms occur. Please note that antiobiotics are always administered when a cesearean section is performed or when GB Strep is diagnosed or is being treated preventatively prior to delivery. A history of long-term or frequent antibiotic use in the mother is also a predisposing factor for yeast.
  • Antibiotics administered to the baby
  • Long term or frequent use of steroids in either mother or baby
  • Nipple trauma such as cracks. The breakdown of the skin allows for the entrance of yeast as well as bacteria. Cracking is not normal. This type of nipple trauma should be addressed quickly by a lactation consultant.
  • Maternal use of oral contraceptives containing estrogen
  • Allowing damp nursing pads or bras to stay up against nipple tissue for long periods of time
  • Using plastic lined nursing pads which prevent good air flow to the nipple area
  • Pacifier use in the baby
  • Excessive consumption of dairy products, artificial sweeteners, or sweets in the mother
  • Diabetes in the mother
  • Anemia in the mother
  • Vaginal yeast infection in the mother either during pregnancy or shortly before or during time that other yeast symptoms occur. Mothers who have a history of frequent vaginal yeast infections are also more vulnerable.

Here are the symptoms:

In the Mother

  • intense nipple or breast pain that occurs from birth, lasts throughout the feeding, or is not improved with better latch-on and positioning
  • sudden onset of nipple pain after a period of pain-free nursing
  • cracked nipples
  • nipples that are itchy and/or burning and that may appear pink or red, shiny, or flaky and/or have a rash and tiny blisters; nipples may also appear normal
  • shooting pains in the breast during or after a feeding if the yeast has invaded the milk ducts
  • nipple or breast pain with correct use of an automatic electric breastpump
  • a vaginal yeast infection

In the Baby:

  • diaper rash that does not respond to typical rash ointments
  • creamy white patches that cannot be wiped off on the inside of the mouth, along the inside of the gums, inside of the cheeks, roof of mouth, throat, or tongue
  • a shiny or “mother of pearl” look on the inside of the mouth
  • breast refusal, pulling off breast, or a reluctance to nurse due to mouth soreness
  • repeated clicking during nursing
  • excessive gassiness due to the yeast’s invasion of the gut

Let’s just say that I have several of the risk factors and symptoms, so I’m pretty sure this is what it is.  Thank you Danielle for showing me the La Leche website because I may have gone on a few more weeks thinking that I had “normal” breastfeeding pain.  I hope this helps others out there wondering about persistent breastfeeding pain.  Even if you’re prepared with reading all the books and talking to several lactation consultants, there still could be more answers out there if you dig for it.

He’s how big???

Holy Moly he’s here!  9lbs 3oz and 22″ long.  Can you  BELIEVE I squeezed that out of my…well…, nevermind.  The “Poll Happy” results were a little off, but that’s okay.  We’re just SO happy he’s here.  He’s our little nine pound bundle of love and we wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.  He’s our little Parker Pooh, and he’s absolutely PERFECT.

Oh Baby

As I pack on the pounds in the last weeks of pregnancy (Ugh!) I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to loose all this weight postpartum. Last year when I was preparing for pregnancy I attend a few of the 4 week long boot camps that focused on circuit training and running to get into shape.  It was a great work out and I lost quite a bit of weight doing this, but unfortunately after the baby comes this won’t be a good option.  Dan’s travel won’t allow me to have a set schedule because there won’t be anyone to watch little Parker, and we can’t have any of that.


So, I did a little research and found this place called Oh Baby Fitness. They have all types of exercise classes that you can attend with your baby! They have great things to offer such as Stroller Workouts, Mom and Baby Pilates, H2O Baby (water aerobics), Mom and baby Yoga and mat and cardio fitness classes with the baby.  I’m so excited that I found this and I can’t wait to give it a try! I can start anytime six weeks after birth assuming that all goes well with the delivery.