Day in the life

My typical week looks something like this…

Workouts. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I take Les Mills Body Pump class and I run a mile beforehand on the treadmill in the morning. Sometimes if I’m running late, I don’t get time to do the treadmill, but most of the time, I can squeeze in a mile or if I’m lucky, over a mile.

On Tuesdays I have Storytime with Sienna and Mason at the local library and then we all play at home,  I start washing clothes, and tidying up the house until it’s time to pick up Parker at 12:45

On Wedneday after the gym I have laundry. Lots of laundry. Typically takes me all day long. This is when I take all the clothes that were washed the day prior and sort, fold, hang, etc. Fortunately, the boys have become very helpful in this area and they both now put away and hang up their own clothes! We also have small group on Wednesday nights and we’re doing a parenting study now and it’s going great, but that also means squeezing in reading two chapters a week and answering questions to prepare for our discussion.

Thursdays have just changed to another gym day, and I’ve so far done Body Combat and RPM (stationary bike) class. Another workout in the morning and then back home to play with Mason and Sienna since Mason is home from preschool on Tues and Thurs.

After the boys get home from preschool we all have lunch, and Mama gets a break. Mason and Sienna take their nap and Parker either takes a nap in his room or takes the time to look at his pen books or have some alone time playing quietly while the others nap.  After naps, we try to play outside if weather permits. It’s hard to do so on Wednesdays because I’m typically still in laundry madness trying to get everything sorted and hung. Otherwise, we’re either outside or playing in the playroom together.  The boys LOVE to have dance parities. Their favorite musician is the Laurie Berkner Band. They LOVE the “I’m going to catch you” song!

Once the kids go to bed, I get time with Dan at night. Right now, we’ve really enjoying snugging up on the sofa and watching the Walking Dead series.  Sometimes he likes to have his guy shows that he watches, or shoot his bow in the basement while I blog, edit photos, read,  or catch up on a girlie show (Bachelor, Parenthood, etc.). It’s healthy to have time alone as well as together.  Sometimes if we’re lucky, we get a date night, a girls night, or a guys night out.

Life is busy. Work outs. Carpool drop-offs and pickups. Kids running around without pants. Grocery shopping. Playing dress-up. Messy playrooms. Books before bed. Tantrums. Hugs. Building a “lego city”.  Riding bikes and playing outside. Washing dishes. Watching their favorite show. Making lunches. Cleaning. Meal planning. Cooking.  Goodnight kisses. Repeat.

The life of a stay-at-home Mom means running a household and making sure it not only runs smoothly, but with love and patience. Reminding ourselves that grace is needed for ourselves, our kids, and our marriage.  Being intentional about serving others, bringing God into our everyday conversations, leaning on him for strength, making sacrifices, and above all being grateful for where you are in this stage of life.

What does your day look like? I’d love to see a blog post from my readers!!

No more diapers

Over five years of kids in diapers in our house, and we’re finally done. Santa left some potty related items under the Christmas tree and we thought the holidays would be a great time to get her interested.  Dan is home from work for two weeks, we’re stuck mostly indoors because of chilly weather and a plethora of toys, so selfishly WE decided it was the right time.

She took well to it. Not right away, but after some persistent persuasion she complied. A few “Frozen” jelly beans may have helped a bit.  After day three, we could put her on the potty and ask her to go and she would try.  She’s still working on going poop on the potty, but she’s got the peepee down!  We can take her to the gym or anywhere out and about, and she’s good to go for the most part.


After years of kiddos in cloth diapers it feels strange to not be using cloth, and to leave the house without diapers! It seems like my sweet baby girl is growing up so fast, and has turned into a big girl overnight.  I’m so proud of her for mastering this milestone! She’s one amazing girl!

No More Babies

I’m sure many of you know the rate of speed our kids are growing, and that we do not in fact have any more babies in our house. Sienna is growing by leaps and bounds, will be two in November, Parker will turn five on Sunday, and Mason is 3, with his birthday in March. Whew!
When you’re in the baby stage, it seems so exhausting and never ending. It’s precious, but so draining and requires SO much of Mommy. I wouldn’t change any of it, It is our family, and I love it. I always dreamed of being a Mommy, and as I look around at my life, and my family, it is exactly what I wanted as a little girl. It’s not always fun, not always without frustration or yelling, not always technology free and full of hugs and kisses, but it’s our family and I’m so thankful for it.

I’ve been focusing on the baby years a lot these last few months because Dan and I made the hard decision to stop having babies, and have Dan get a vasectomy. We came to the decision after several factors. One being that we are happy with the size of our family. I know there are GREAT Mamas out there that can divide their love and attention between three plus kids, but I just know it isn’t for me. I don’t know if the decision is made more evident by the fact that our kids are so close together in age, but right now, it’s pretty challenging on a daily basis to make sure I’m dividing up my attention enough between the three kids. Sienna is very jealous of the brothers, and the boys usually have to call my name several times to get my attention because I’m busy with one of the other kids doing something else. I feel constantly torn, and admittedly my fuse can be short at times with them because of it. I know it’s just the season we’re in right now, but after much prayer and consideration, we know that this is what God has for us. It is what we can handle.
Secondly, we don’t use birth control. I know, I know… I get the raised eyebrows and side slanted head from my OBGYN every visit. It’s just not for us. I don’t like to put hormones into my body, and the copper IUD makes you bleed like you’re dying a slow death, which doesn’t sound fun. There’s also condoms, but seriously… who enjoys those? The “being careful method” (also known as the “pull and pray” method, haha!) just didn’t make for a relaxing experience for me. It always made me SO nervous I was going to accidentally get preggers again!
Also, I’ve been working hard lately on my fitness, getting my body back in shape after having Sienna (almost TWO years ago!), Lymes disease, lower back issues, and just lazy bones syndrome. I didn’t gain a ton of weight, I just never lost it after I had Sienna. I went straight from breastfeeding to being sick, and then never got around to losing it. So yeah, that was another deciding factor. I admittly, selfishly, want my body back after pushing out nine, ten, and eight pound babies within a three year period.
Another reason is Money. I mean, speaking strictly from a practical point of view, of course, we could get by with WAY less. Our kids could share rooms, wear each other’s clothes, wait to get a car until they’re in their 20’s…, the list goes on. But why? I agree that teaching them to get by with less, will allow them to be good shepherds over what they do have. I COMPLETELY agree with not getting them every single thing they want, doing chores and earning money only for EXTRA work around the house instead of just what is expected are all GOOD things, but what about college? What about the inevitable doctor bills or sports and extra circular activities they’ll join, or summer family vacations, etc. Shouldn’t we plan from a practical perspective when planning our family too? I think so. I think that three kids is all we can afford comfortably. For now AND down the road when college and all the other big expenses start creeping in.
Lastly, Dan and I aren’t exactly spring chickens. When I say “Dan and I”, I really mean… just Dan. Haha (sorry honey!). No, but seriously. Dan just turned 40 this year, and I turned 33, which is acceptable child bearing age, but for Dan, he just feels like he’s done (and I do too). I had to have an arm twisting session with him to convince him to have another after the boys. SO SO glad I won that battle (or should I say that GOD won that battle) and that we got our GIRL!

So, yeah. Dan had a vasectomy on Friday. He’s fine. He has some pain of course. The worst part was that they offered no sedation. He had a valium and some lidocaine via local injection. It’s hard when you have three kids and have something done like that. Sienna loves to give hugs and her head is right at crouch level. Ouch! Seriously, though. I’m so thankful that he agreed to do it, especially after all the Crohn’s surgeries he’s had, it’s hard to want to have an ELECTIVE procedure done that he knows will be so painful, but I’m forever grateful that he agreed!

Parker cracks me up with his questions too. In our house, we try to be perfectly honest as much as possible given their age and understanding. This is the conversation I had with Parker after I dropped Dan off at the office for the out patient procedure.

Parker: “Mommy, why are you dropping Daddy off?”

Me: “He’s having a procedure done”

Parker: “I heard Daddy said he was getting a needle in his pee pee”

Me: “Yes, he is. He’s getting it done so we don’t have any more babies”

Parker: “Ouch, that will hurt really bad. Why does he have to get a needle in his Peepee when you’re the one who has the babies?”

Me: “…..Well… When two people are married, you need a Mommy and a Daddy to have a baby”

Parker: “Oh, okay. Where is that park at? Is it really far away? Does it have a slide?”

Whew! Lengthy explanation averted!

So, yeah. No more babies. I bawled the other day. A friend posted a sappy video on FB about a few japanese Moms leaving their child’s one year appointment and their husband’s surprising them with an artwork style display of baby photos of the child’s first year along the walls of the hallway. I just cried like a baby. I cried because it made me realize how fast and quick those baby years really are. I cried because I knew I wouldn’t have another baby of my own to hold. I cried because I wondered if I had enjoyed it enough, savored it enough, documented it enough, loved enough without complaining of how hard it was, or if I was doing it right, or if they were reaching their milestones. I mourned the baby stage. It’s a sweet stage and one that goes by way way too quickly.

For now, I will savor the toddler and childhood stages and dream about whats to come, what we can finally talk about doing now that the kids are older. The fun adventures that await as they grow, makes us excited to look forward to the future. The future of them growing into their own person, and us helping them be the best they can be!

Mason’s Big Boy Training

If someone asks me about potty training,  I will likely tell them my experience with the 3-day potty training method.  Why?  Because it works SO well! We used this method for Parker with great success when we potty trained him a year and a half ago.  It turned out to be nice timing because Dan was working from home this week (the first time since we’ve moved in) and Parker had summer camp this week Monday through Thursday.

The first morning of course was rough, he didn’t get it as quickly as Parker did.  I even heard Dan mumble under his breath that he didn’t think he was ready after we cleaned up the third pee accident in a row.  At one point he refused to put on underwear and yelled NO.  It can be really hard not to show emotion when they have accidents or when you are getting frustrated.  I just kept my cool and then it just happened.  Right before nap time, on the first day, we were playing in the playroom and like a broken record I kept saying “Tell me when you have to go potty, Mason…okay?” and instead of replying Okay… he looked at me for a second and just stared and said “Yes!” with a big grin.  We made it a fun and I yelled “Yay! Run Run Run!” and then he’s been good ever since!  He had his first poop accident on day two (he had no bm day 1 or 3), then on day four he finally used the potty for poop.  Yay!!  We were overjoyed and I was acting crazy singing his praises!IMG_8827


We had fun playing outdoors, activities inside, anything that made him feel like he was special, and encouraged.  We went on walks and did a few indoor activities.  He loved all the individual attention.  We did Mason jars (fitting for Mae Mae, am I right?) full of chocolate and yogurt covered raisins for a reward as well as a sticker chart.  I felt the candy was great for the instant reward, and the sticker chart is great for him (and ME) to look back on at the end of the day to see how “accomplished” we were for the day.  I had three sets of stickers and I just let Mason pick out a sticker of his choice when he peed or poo’d.  He loved doing this! We had three bathrooms that we put a chart and candy in, so that we could reward the good behavior in different areas of our home.  The chart below was from our main level on day two.IMG_8829

With the three day method there aren’t any pull ups or diapers involved at all.  Even at night.  I feel it’s important at least for the first week to do this so that they understand that diapers have been completely removed from their world.  For Parker, he didn’t do so well keeping dry at night, so after the first few weeks with no success in night training in underwear, we put him in pull ups at night.  He was completely trained during the day so we didn’t feel like he would regress by doing this.  About three months later, he was starting to wake up dry, so that was our cue to put him in underwear at night. I honestly can’t remember the last time Parker had an accident at night.  He’s done great even though we temporarily needed to put him in pull ups.

Mason however, woke up wet in the middle of the night the first night, but then the next two nights he woke up and told us he needed to go potty! So unexpected, but we’re going to go with it. I’m hoping that it really will be this easy to night train, but we’ll see.  Mason woke us up at 6:30am, dry (which we were super excited about) but he then didn’t want to go back to bed after going potty.  So, I guess you choose your battles.

Overall, I’d say it’s been very successful.  And you know what… me and the little man have really bonded through this.  I’m so incredibly proud of him.  I’ve enjoyed spending one on one time with him while Sienna napped, and Parker was in school.  These days, it can be really hard to get that one on one time.  Even though he’s now rockin’ the big boy undies, he’s still secretly my baby boy… my sweet Mae Mae.  After all, wasn’t he just born…like not that long ago? Jeez, time slow down!


My Growing Boys

I can’t believe this weekend Mason will be one!  It’s been an exciting year with him in our life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Just the past few weeks he’s really turned into quite the “Big Boy” of sorts, learning to let go of the bottle (he’s on only sippy cups now), enjoying the deliciousness of whole milk and peanut butter, and learning how to talk, and walk.  He’s loving saying his Mama’s and Dada’s (and even says it to call us! How sweet, right?) and every now and again he’ll surprise us and repeat back a word such as “all done” like he did the other night.  He’s very bright, and loves his brother.  He’s got the sweetest disposition, and even though he can be quite cautious of strangers, I’m kind-of liking the fact that he’s a bit of a Mama’s boy.  Parker was MUCH more of an independent one, and could care less if I came or left, but Mason certainly takes notice. I love that about him.  He’s a little curious critter, always looking for a drawer to open, a basket to rummage through,  a cabinet to tear into.  He loves eating, playing with his brother (especially pillow mountain and the tunnel) and learning how to walk.  He’s a busy boy and keeps Mama and Daddy on our toes!  *Sigh* I just don’t know what would I do without his adorable chubby legs and irresistible chub chub cheeks.  I just love ’em!

Parker is growing and maturing more and more each week!  I’m glad to report that Parker has seemed to drop his tantrums while leaving places.  He may get sad, but overall he’s really turned a corner with it!  I started bribing him (I know, classic horrible parenting, right?) It’s only sort-of bribing… I would tell him before we went to some place like the park… I’d say something like “I would like for you to be on really good behavior leaving the park.  And if you are on good behavior, I have a surprise for you afterward” and it would typically be a sucker (or lollipop as Dan calls them), or I’d let him watch a favorite show in the car.  At first, he wasn’t on good behavior, and he didn’t get a “surprise” and then finally one day, he got it.  Now, I just talk to him beforehand and tell him that he needs to be on good behavior leaving, and so far, so good!  The tantrums waking up from his naps, have subsided.  He still has them sometimes, and we’re not sure why.  He just seems to want to vent his frustrations for being awake, grumpy, and tired all at the same time and then shortly after, he’s fine.  So, we’re still working on it!  On a brighter note, Parker has seemed to really “get” staying dry overnight, and we have stopped using pull-ups!  I’m so proud that he’s reached this milestone so early!  I’ve heard that bed wetting can be normal up to age five and even as late as eight, but thankful he tackled this one early!

He’s also been quite the chatty one lately! Not only am I hearing this every day, but from his teachers as well.  He says the cutest phrases.  He told me the other day.  “Is that a new dress Mommy? I wuv it!” Seriously?  When your kids start complementing you, it’s the best feeling in the world! Finally, I get a verbal affirmation after all this time! Oh, and when we tell him we’re going to go somewhere or eat something he says “Parker eat that, too!” or “Parker go to the store, too!” He always wants to be right in the mix, never missing a beat!   Another favorite thing he does that I love is that he likes to hop up on every bench he sees (at the park, in the breezeway after picking him up from school, anywhere he can find one) and looks up with a smile and says “Come sit, Mama! Pleeeeze!” A subtle reminder for me to take things slow in life and enjoy every moment.  He just loves to tug at my heart strings with the cutesy things that he says and does!

I know I echo Dan when I say that we both truly feel blessed with our boys.  Of course, we have those will this day EVER end kind of days, like most of us do, but sitting down looking at the big picture at the end of the day, we are thankful.  Thankful for not for perfection, but because God has given us a chance to learn and grow each day and discover a little more about our self, life, each other, and appreciate the little things and the good things in each day.

Happy One Year to my Mason (Mae Mae) and Two and a half to my Parker Pooh.

Potty Training Parker- Success!

Let me preface by saying that I was COMPLETELY intimidated by the whole potty training process.  I had heard some horror stories from a few friends, and I just didn’t know if I had thick enough skin to get through it, and be as “happy go lucky” as you’re supposed to be throughout the entire process.

We decided that after Christmas would be a good time to train because Dan would be home from traveling and he could help.  Plus, we thought Christmastime would be a good time to stick a few potty related things under the tree or as a stocking stuffer to help entice him and make him think the whole “Potty Training” process would be a fun and exciting experience for all of us.  We mentioned the week before Christmas that after Christmas that he would not use diapers any more.  We reminded him almost every diaper change.  We also prepared a few weeks prior by turning his crib into a big boy bed and sang his praises about how he was growing up so big, and told him that he didn’t need the crib anymore.  He took really well to that and he was actually proud of himself for reaching this milestone of his new “Big Boy” bed.  Other than him doing the happy dance one time during his nap, he never got out and wandered the house, even though he didn’t have a lock on his door.  I think he’s just really into his little bedtime and nap time routines, and doesn’t care to venture out, which is fine by me!

So, after a busy Christmas, the day came.  We had a great breakfast to start the day off right, and then Dan took over watching Mason.  Parker and I headed upstairs into his room and I got down at eye level with him and held his hands, and told him that he was a big boy, and that he didn’t need diapers anymore.  Then I told him that Mason was a baby and that he needed diapers.  I asked him who the big boy was, and he enthusiastically shouted “Parker!” and then I asked him who the baby was, and he said “Mason!”.  I told him that we needed to get rid of the changing table, and all of his diapers, since big boys don’t need them.  He enjoyed helping me remove the changing pad from the table and helped me move over some stuffed animals and items to place on top of the newly named chest of drawers.  I got a laundry basket and had Parker help me empty all the diapers out of the drawers in his room, and bring them to Mason’s room and put them in his drawers.  Through the entire process, I talked to him about how he was becoming such a big boy, and that he didn’t need diapers and how proud I am of him.  It made it easy by the fact that Parker and Mason wear the same size cloth as well as disposable diapers.

After the diapers were out, I broke out the underwear that he opened on Christmas day, and he helped me load them into the drawers.  The whole time I “talked them up”, saying how they were underwear for big boys.  Then I removed his diaper and said it was yucky because it was dirty and wet.  I put on the underwear and praised him repeatedly about how big he looked.  He LOVED this part. He had a grin from ear to ear.  Then Daddy came in and praised him all over again, telling him how he looked like SUCH the big boy!  He ate it up!

We followed the three day planned as outlined here.  They have a downloadable pdf ebook that is awesome.  It’s an easy read, being only 50 pages, and it has some great info!  Some of the basics are this:

  • Keep the kiddo in a shirt and underwear all day long, no pants
  • Mention to them every few minutes repeatedly “Tell me when you have to go to the potty (or tell me when you have to pee or poop.  You can insert your personal verbiage here), Okay?”.  Their theory is that “tell me when you have to go” vs. “Do you have to go” gives control to the child as opposed to the adult
  • No diapers, pull-ups, padded training pants, plastic pants, etc.  Only underwear.  Their theory is that if they go to training pants or diapers, that they will be confused and that it could cause them to regress
  • The plan outlines day training and night training all in one.  As stated above, no pull-ups, etc at night
  • Praise, praise, praise, and no negative words when referring to potty or accidents.  You can say that it is “yucky” when they make a mess, but that is it.  Praise them when they are dry and any time they make ANY amount in the toilet.  Let them flush and wave goodbye.  Make it playful and fun
  • …and now that I’ve had three glasses of wine, I can’t think of any more bullet points

Parker did SO well!  Seriously, WAY better than I ever anticipated.  I bought the jumbo size carpet cleaner expecting to clean up accidents all day, and I cleaned up ONE all day long.  The first day he had two pee accidents in his underwear, then by the afternoon he was asking us to take him to the potty.  He would get these grins and surge of excitement when I would say “tell me when you have to…” and he would shout YES! and run to the bathroom.  We gave him two M&M’s per time he pee’d  on the potty the first day, and it switched to one M&M the second day, and on the third day, it was only an M&M if he did #2.  We up’d the ante a few days later to cookies and suckers because he began to feel nervous about doing number two on the potty.  Partly because he was new at it, and partly because we had company over and he wasn’t very comfortable doing it while they were here.  It was nothing a little miralax didn’t fix though, and he was unplugged and going as normal by a week from the start of the training.

He did great through naps, stayed dry and would either wake up early, stay dry throughout, or wake up and go, and then go back to bed.  Night time, however, we tried him in underwear for a week, without any progress of staying dry.  He would wake up SO upset for peeing, and when we tried to put him on the potty, he would just yell “NO!!”.  I don’t really blame him either.  I mean, he would pee in his sleep, and then get woken up to bright lights, and us ripping his clothes off and changing his sheets.  I’d be pretty pissed off too.  So, after a week without improvement, we decided to just put him in pull-ups and call them “night-time pants” and tell him that he should try really hard to keep them dry.  We even tried to attach an award to it, if he kept it dry, but that didn’t seem to matter.  Even a sucker wouldn’t do the trick.  So, we’re going to leave well enough alone.  He’s done AMAZINGLY well, and much faster than we could had anticipated.  I mean, he’s only 27 months old, and some kids don’t get this until their much older.  I’m thinking maybe it’s because he was cloth diapered, and understood feeling wet and messy.  We also talked up the whole potty training prior to us actually training, and introduced questions like “Are you wet?” and “Are you still dry” which are used frequently during the potty training.  I think that helped a lot.


I feel so lucky that things have gone so well!  I am so happy to change only one baby a day.  However, one thing that they don’t tell you, is that YOUR BACK WILL HURT!  Leaning over, picking your child up and placing them on the potty a billion times a day, pulling down their pants and then pulling up their pants a billion times, wiping, etc. is exhausting!  I’ve yet to determine if it’s more or less work than diapers.  I’m sure it’ll be much better once he’s more self sufficient and can get on and off the potty alone and can pull up and down his own pants…and wiping his own butt would be fantastic!  I know that we’ve got some time before that happens though.  I’m okay with that for now.

Just some personal tips:

  • Prepare some activities or new toys on the days that you plan to train.  That way they feel like it’s an exciting fun thing that they are learning
  • Be consistent in your follow-through and try your best not to loose your cool.  Remember that this is a challenging new thing that you’re asking them to do, too!
  • Encourage them to use the bathroom, but don’t force.  When we wanted to go somewhere, and needed Parker to go.  I would just say “Do you want to go to the mall with Mom and Dad?  He would say “YES!” and I’d say “then you need to go potty first.” and he’d always go without question.  If it turns into a battle then just let it go.  You want them to think that you trust them enough to believe that they will stay dry.  Parker loves to feel like he’s trusted.  It makes him feel in control.
  • Don’t be afraid to use miralax if they’ve gone several days without going number two and they are scared to do so.  It’s a great helper if they’re holding it because they’re nervous or scared.  It was a lifesaver for Parker.

I hope this helps those of you who are planning to train your child and were looking for some helpful tips! The potty training experience has been a decent experience for us. I’m hoping that Mason will be just as easy to train!

Blog worthy thoughts

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a good brain dump.  Ya know… the kind of blog post that really says whats on my mind.  One of  THOSE… Nothing in particular…just rando-town thoughts. 1-2-3- GO

I think Glee is quite possibly my fav show. This is huge people. I don’t give that title out too freely. It is just that stinkin’ fantastic. I love it!  That Sue Sylvester… favorite quote? How about “Now take your juicy, vine-ripened chest fruit and get the hell out of my office.” Compliments of tonight’s repeat.  Gotta love it!  What is your favorite Glee performance?  These have to be a few of my favorites…

I’ve been reading more about different parenting styles lately.  You know…I always thought it was so cut and dry…Either you’re an attachment parent, or you’re more “Babywise” disciplinarian. Either you’re a parent who spanks, or doesn’t spank…Either you’re a toughie or a softie.  However, after doing some praying lately, God has really led me to develop a discipline style that works best for Parker.  I truly believe that leading him with love, and focusing on teaching and redirecting in a loving way really renders the best results.  Does that mean that I’ll never loose my cool and yell or get frustrated? Probably not.  But I have seen such an improvement in Parker’s temperament since I’ve been responding with a gentle tone. James 1:19-20 19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires”  Sometimes I think that us Christians feel the need to take corrective action to discipline our kids out of anger when they do something that we don’t want them to do.  But what does this teach our kids about how they should respond to someone not doing something that they want them to dot? If anger is all they see, then anger is what they’ll produce.  Show love instead, and see how they respond.  I also found this to be a great article… and I can totally relate to the challenges she speaks of!

Speaking of challenges, the next major challenge for Parker will be potty training.  I want to do some reading about it to get myself ready, but I want to make sure first of all, to know the signs of when Parker will be ready.  That way I can be a support to him during this transition.  Apparently, the average age of potty training is between 18 and 31 months, with 98% being fully potty trained by 36 months.  So, I’m in no rush, but I want to jump on it when all the signs point to it.  I plan to get Elizabeth Pantly’s “No Cry Potty Training  Solution” and just start reading through it to get prepared.  One thing I need to figure out a good cloth diapering- training pant solution.  I want to get something that is absorbent for accidents, but can be easily pulled up and down.  Any cloth diapering- potty trained Mamas out there, please weigh in!

Parker has been growing and changing so much lately.  He’s my little man.  We’ve been attending a lot of play groups lately, which has allowed him to explore in social settings, meet up with familiar faces, and allow me to learn about things he likes.  It’s been good for me getting practice on how to get out the house with two kids, and coordinate feedings and naps.  Not to mention, just getting some time to chat with some girlfriends and feel a little “normal” myself!

Parker playing “dress up” with his friends in front of the green screen at Imaginations at Play

Parker feeding the ducks at Autry Mill Nature Preserve

Checking out the Indian Tee pee at Autry Mill Nature preserve with Mom and Tots playgroup

Parker at Fowler park peeking out of the tunnel

Parker and his buddy Cole at Cogburn Park having some slide fun!

Parker and Pace hanging out with “Mama Kate” at Cogburn park

Mason and his buddy Aidan at a Hip Mama’s playdate

Playing T-ball at Kangazoom

and… I’ll leave you with a funny parenting FAIL…