1st Neighborhood Ice Cream Social

Let the summer fun begin! In order to kick off school being out and the hot weather, we decided to host our very first Ice Cream social with several neighbors of ours.  I think it was a big success! We had such a great time visiting with everyone, and the best part was that the kids all played very well together! We had water guns, kiddie pools, slide, water balloons, and of course, ice cream! Everyone chipped in and brought something which was such a big help.  The kids looked like they had a wonderful time!


Maybe we’ll make this a yearly tradition!  We are having a blast in our neighborhood with some pretty incredible neighbors!  Not only do we hang out during fun little get togethers like this, but I work out with some of them, go pooling with some of them, watch ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ on Monday nights with them, go to the library story time together, and our kids are all great friends too! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better neighborhood for God to place us in!  We prayed for this when we were living in our townhouse, and we feel so blessed for the answered prayers!

Independence Day Neighborhood Fun

We really lucked out this year with the weather for the 4th of July.  It was perfect.  Last year it was raining, and even though we had a great time having a few friends over, Mason burned himself on a sparkler, and we had to call it a night early.  Sienna wasn’t really able to enjoy it either because she was so little, and was asleep most of the time.

This year, we had our friends and neighbors the Sanders over.  They recently had their fourth child (a sweet baby boy) named Hudson, and instead of providing a meal for them, we decided to just invite them over to join us for dinner on the fourth.  Parker and their son Davis who is two years older than Parker, always have such a great time playing.  They also have two girls, who are around the same ages as our kids, and they  enjoy playing together too.

I had fun making a American Flag inspired dessert- Angel food Cake topped with homemade strawberry syrup, cool whip, strawberries and blueberries.  Corny, I know, but after looking at all the fun patriotic desserts on Pinterest, I decided to make up my own.  It was delicious.  A tradition in the making, perhaps!

After dinner, we were joined by another family in our neighborhood for fireworks and lined up all the lawn chairs on our grass in the front yard for some grocery store firework fun.  Next year, we’re bringing the big bangs!  We stayed up until 10pm, and the kids did so well without sleep. They were playing and laughing with the other kids, and it made for the perfect little home-based holiday!


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Neighborhood Fun

The first warm Sunday of the year, and all the kids came out with suits on, ready to get wet. No plans, no pre planning, but somehow several neighbors busted out their kiddie pool and the kids decided to run from neighbor to neighbor’s house hopping in kiddie pools, playing in sprinklers, and water tables. We just had our deck stained, so we had our grill on the driveway cooking bbq chicken and we had a few beers. Perfect weather, great impromptu family fun!














Sienna’s First Snow Day

It has happened yet again. It snowed in Atlanta, and then we become butt of all the jokes in America about how we AGAIN can’t handle the snow. I’m glad our family didn’t get caught in the mess on the roads as much as some of the others did. I left to pick up Parker and Mason at school and it took me 45mins to do a normal 20 minute commute there, and a good two hours to do a normal 20 minute commute back home.   All I have to say is Thank you LORD for the in-car entertainment to allow the boys to watch Toy Story and otherwise keep occupied.  Sienna wasn’t the happiest with it being her nap time, but the situation definitely could’ve been worse.  So thankful God looked out for us.  The roads were pretty scary! Dan made it home shortly before me, after leaving his Abernathy office a few minutes after 1pm.

It snowed about two inches and it was beautiful. We Atlantans don’t usually get to see this much snow. The last time we had a good snow (mainly sleet and ice) here was when I was pregnant with Mason and Parker was 16 months old in 2011. Before then, Parker was just an infant, and the weather was just about like it is here in 2010. Snowy and then followed by GORGEOUS weather, like we had yesterday for Super Bowl Sunday.  So nice to be able to get out and ride bikes and play outdoors!

To say that the boys had fun in the snow was an understatement.  They LOVED playing in the snow and having fun with the neighbors doing so.  We started to make a snowman, but the snow wasn’t sticking very well.  The boys just enjoyed some snow ball fights and sliding around in their laundry baskets, making snow angels and hiking in the beautifully snow-lit woods surrounding our house.  A great way to change it up from the normal chilly winter days!  Sienna didn’t like being cold, so she smiled for a few photos, and then, well… she wanted to be back inside where it was nice and warm.  I hear ya, baby girl.  I’m a summertime kind-of gal myself!

Snow2014_8 Snow2014_7 Snow2014_6 Snow2014_5 Snow2014_3 Snow2014_2 Snow2014_1

Having my iPhone was much more convenient, so I took more pictures day two with my phone for instagram as well.
InstagramSnowpics1 Instagramsnowpics2 Instagramsnowpics3


Fun in the sun with the neighbor kids!

When we decided to start looking for our new home, we had an idea of what we wanted.  We wanted a real neighborhood.  One where kids played in their yards and fun neighbors that we could get to know who were in a similar life stage.  Well, God knew what he was doing when he placed us where we are, because we’re surrounded by some wonderful families!  You can pick your home, but not your neighbors, and so far we’ve been very happy.  I can already tell that our kids (and us) will grow some lasting friendships over the years!

Today was our first really warm day of the season in our new home, so I decided to invite the neighbors over for fun in the sprinkler and with the water table.  Our one neighbor Jenn hooked up the slip and slide, and after that, the kids had a blast getting wet!  I decided to outfit Sienna in her bathing suit that has been patiently hanging in her closet since before she was born.  Remember our little shopping spree Danielle? To my surprise, she’s almost outgrown it already! Little chunkers.  I decided to let her toes get a little sprinkled and she didn’t mind at all.  It was pretty toasty out, so I think that’s why she enjoyed it.  Lots of fun was had by all and it was a great way to kick off the break from school for summertime!







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