Tree Lighting Ceremony

We joined some friends for a pretty tree lighting ceremony in Alpharetta square.  We were sad that Daddy wasn’t home to see it with us, since he was in Vegas doing an important certification class, but we made the best of it.

Parker enjoyed a tasty mini cupcake from our friend Jill who owns Jilly’s Cupcakes.  Chocolate Peppermint was DIVINE! Super yummy!

Overall, we all had a great night out!

Mason On The Move!

At eight months old, Mason has been exploring his world a little more the past week or so.  He started crawling!  In true Christiansen fashion, it is indeed an army crawl, just like his big bro did.  I’m not sure if he’ll start to incorporate a knee or two into the mix later, but he seems to be quite content letting his arms do most of the work.

I love this stage he’s in. He’s so curious, pleasant to be around and generally a happy baby. Of course, he thinks the world of Parker, even though Parker is going through a “everything is MINE” stage. He also really likes our dog Lizzie. He loves to giggle and coo whenever she gets near him. We also recently found out (by accident) that he really LOVES Elmo. I know right, what kid doesn’t? I thought maybe he was too young, but we caught him giggling up a storm when Parker was watching him while on vacation. It was pretty stinkin’ cute. I love that baby boy. He makes his Mama’s heart happy.

From A to E

Parker’s first road trip!  Woohoo! We packed up our trusty new (relatively speaking) Lexus and hit the road last Thursday for some fun with family and friends.  Gotta love it.  Here was our A-E route:A. to B. We left home Thursday night to visit my grandparents in Lake Hartwell, GA.  When we arrived, my almost 80 year old grandfather was stabbing bales of hay with his tractor, and Grandma was quick to be Suzie homemaker by whipping up chicken and dumplings in the kitchen while we got settled in. Mmmm I love it.  If Dan and I are half the people they are when we’re seniors, we’ll be doin’ pretty well I’d say.  The beautiful farm and my welcoming grandparents was exactly what we needed. The BEST form of medicine from the hussle of metro Atlanta.  Parker settled right in, and slept so well that night.  My Grandparents showed him lots and lots of love.  He didn’t get tired of it one bit.  I think cows were jealous.  I learned a lot about raising cattle and farm living too.  I think one day…I may just have to try that country living, animal raising,  farming thing out.  Ahh…the simple life.

C. From Hartwell we headed over to Charleston where we met Dan’s parents for dinner.  Parker was in SUCH a giddy mood that night, and when it was time for bed, he didn’t want any part in it.  He was ready to be the center of attention and had a good time showing off his Mama and Dada words that he learned only a few short weeks prior.  Nana and Poppy was taking all of what he was giving.

In the morning we met up with my best friend from high school Jess and her fiance` Chad.  It was so nice to see them and hang out.  We spent the entire day together catching up, letting Parker nap, eating, talking, going into downtown to see the huge arts festival, looking at wedding dresses online, chatting some more, eating some more (you get the point). We had a great time, but Parker…apparently did not.  He was a pill and a half the entire day and was on permanent strike from his stroller and being outside in the heat.  Come to find out, he was cutting a tooth, and had every reason to be a pain in the butt, but still was not fun for the rest of us.  Teething aside, we still had a wonderful visit, and I can’t wait until I get to spend another weekend in beautiful Charleston. (I’m already planning a girl’s weekend once Parker is weaned!)

D. Myrtle Beach was the next stop on our trek up the eastern seaboard.  To be honest, there’s not a lot of things I find appealing about Myrtle Beach.  It’s flashy, it’s tacky and there’s not a cute quaint little town anywhere to be found.  BUT  There are a few things about Myrtle Beach that I love; THE BEACH, my best gal pal from college Catie, and my amazing sis in law Jenna, Jon and their six (yes SIX) kids.

We definitely got the most out of our trip.  Parker got to play at the beach and this time he LOVED it.  He loved it so much in fact that he tried to eat it.  He soon realized the beach didn’t taste as good as it looked.  He got a kick out of the waves and we both had a blast playing in the water, dodging waves.  I got up with Catie while I was there and got some much needed girl time relaxing on the beach, soaking in the sun and taking the damp salty air.  Man, do I miss that.  It was SO nice while it lasted and getting to catch up with Catie was well worth it too.

Visiting the Kustafik family is always fun.  I always try to take tips from Jenna as a Mom of six kids, because she always seems so have it together.  Her kids are all full of life and energetic, and she never seems worn out one bit by it.  Her kids and the family are all such a joy to be around.  Never a dull moment!

E. I haven’t been to my old stomping grounds of Wilmington, NC in some time.  I miss that place, and I miss the people there.  People seem way more laid back and easy going than here in Atlanta.  No worries…isn’t that what they say? I love the charming downtown area and I miss the old nastalgia of the draw bridge over the Cape Fear river, Port City Java, Perkins (both working there and eating there in the middle of the night), the tiny streets downtown, City Limits…ahh…let me reminisce on the thought, not to mention the wonderful access to the beach. I also miss the house I grew up in.  We went to visit it while we were there.  It was a beautiful colonial inspired home that my parents had custom built when we moved to Hampstead (north of Wilmington).  It wasn’t too long after my older brother Spencer and I moved out of the home that my parents decided that it was time to downsize and move closer into Wilmington.  They put the house on the market, and there was a family who loved the color red, asphalt, pit bulls and popcorn ceilings (they ADDED popcorn ceiling to the already FLAT ceiling) that shortly there after moved in.  It wasn’t too long until our old colonial inspired home turned into what looked like Santa’s workshop.  They removed the navy shingles and added a red metal roof, and painted all the shutters red.  Can you tell that this bothers me??  That is just wrong on SO many levels.

We had a wonderful visit while staying with my Dad, Rennie and brother Chris and also visiting with my brother Spence, his wife Lisa, and my nephews.  Time certainly flies.  The kids have grown up so fast.  I remember when it was just Spence and I, and that seemed like such a short time ago. We made some great memories during this trip, and I’m so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to share life with.