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I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I love to write about everything from family life to fitness, to parenting, birthday party planning, to Interior Design projects, to travels, health, photography, struggles, losses, blessings, etc.  This is my place for my word therapy. This where I go to reflect, to set goals, to type through difficult times, and celebrate the good times. To challenge myself, and also to encourage myself through writing. I also use it to document milestones, or events in our family life.

I’m a full time stay-at-home Mama to three kids, two boys and a girl.   Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, I got my degree as an Interior Designer and I worked mainly in the commercial field. I worked in hotel design right out of college at a place called Lodging interiors, and then went on to work at Verizon Wireless to coordinate and project manage reconfigurations of workplace environments.

I live in the suburbs of Atlanta in southern Forsyth County, just north of Alpharetta, Georgia. I am blessed with an amazingly smart and supportive husband Dan who works as a Sales Engineer. We have two beautiful boys, Daniel Parker  and Mason Ashby.  They are 18 months apart in age. We’ve always wanted our kids close together, and we are so thankful that God has blessed us in this way.  Parker is a very social kid, and he is thrilled to have a little buddy to play with. We are excited to watch every day how they grow and interact with each other.  Mason is very social kid as well, and he thrives on building things and loves creating new lego ships each day.  We introduced our third child into the world in 2012.  Being pregnant with Sienna Marie came a little sooner than we had planned, but we know that it is all apart of God’s perfect plan.  We are thrilled to have our sweet spunky princess as apart of our family. She certainly holds her own around her brothers, and is exactly what we needed to complete our family.

Before we had kids, we were blessed to have been able to take some amazing vacations .  Once the kiddos came around, they were still amazing, but became much different, and much more local. Traveling is one of the passions that Dan and I both share, and we are looking forward to doing more traveling once the babies get older.  I think there is so much to learn about culture, architecture, science and people through travel and I think it would be a great experience for the kids.

I love to take pictures, although I am still very amateur. I have no desire to become a “professional” photographer, only a good photographer. I want to take beautiful pictures of my family, friends, events and when we travel.  I currently shoot with a Cannon 70D with a 28mm lens, a 50mm lens, and occasionally a zoom lens.  I’m still learning and my pictures are far from perfect, but I love capturing special moments to treasure for years to come. I’m always looking to learn more about photography and how I can best capture the moments of my life with the people I love!

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