Stitch Fix

So, one of my good friends, Danielle over at Bitter Me Lovely inspired me to try  Stitch Fix out for the first time.  If you don’t know what Stitch fix is, this is basically what happens:

  • You go online to and you create a style profile (You can even link to clothes you’ve pinned and styles that you have on pinterest!)
  • You are charged a $25. styling fee that will go towards whatever you decide to purchase
  • You’re sent a box of clothes. I got two tops, a cardigan, a bracelet and a pair of jeans
  • You decide within three days what you want to keep, and send the rest back in pre-addressed envelop free of charge
  • If you decide to keep everything that was sent you get 20% off
  • If you refer a friend that does a stitch fix, then you get $25. off your next purchase (hence the link BELOW…help a sista out!)

So, if you’re wondering what the style profile is like, they’ll ask  you what your opinion is on several groups of clothing.  Just for a reference, out of the different groupings, this is what I said I LOVED. The others were either not my style AT ALL or just a little meh..

style2 Stylegroup1


They also will of course ask what your size, weight, and height is. They also ask you how you like to wear your clothes. For instance, do you like to have your tops fitted, or more loose, do you like to show your arms, show cleavage, show legs, or keep covered, etc. They’re very specific, which I love! In addition to all those questions, they also ask you how much you like to spend on clothes, whether or not you are looking for clothes to be more casual, for date nights or professional. The questions are great. 

 So, without further adieu, this is what was shipped to me.  The packaging was very professional and pretty!

The first thing I opened was this cute cuff. I loved it but I already own something similar to it and it was $38. so I decided to return it.

This cardigan is cute and edgy and good in theory.  However, when I tried it on, it did nothing for my figure and was way too big. Maybe in a smaller size, and possibly a different cut. It definitely has the boho tribal vibe, which I love.


Okay, for the pants, I got a pair of denim jeans.  I really wasn’t too excited about these, and the price was over 70, which is pretty pricey. I tried them on and again, I wasn’t overly impressed.  Then when I was about to pack it up to send back, I realized that they had a style card in there and they were supposed to be ROLLED UP. They were called boyfriend jeans. Man am I out of the loop!  I just started getting into skinny jeans, and now I need rolled up boyfriend jeans?  But you know what? When I tried them on again rolled up, I loved them. I’m still perfecting the skinny tight roll (It doesn’t look quite right in the picture) but I’ll get it eventually. They’re not too tight and fitted, they’re super comfy, and honestly they’re my new favorite pair of jeans!



In the box was also this comfy knit shirt, but the fit was all wrong. I have a long torso and the shirt was super fitted right around the chubbiest part of my stomach, when it should’ve sat closer to my belt line.  It is a pretty color (my favorite) but the fit just wasn’t right. It was also super tight around the elbows with it being more loose in the shoulder… giving you the batman wing-ed arms… not really my thing.


I love this top! The colors are certainly my colors and I love the style. It’s perfect for the spring and I love the cute triangle cut-out details in the back of the top too.  I feel like I need a long silver casual necklace to jazz this up a bit, so I’ll be on the lookout for an inexpensive piece that I think will help complete the look more. This top is a keeper along with the jeans.  I love them both!

It was overall a great experience for me.  You should definitely check it out.  If you have already and you’d like to share what you got, comment with a link to your blog post!

For those of you that would like to try Stitch Fix, please help me out by using my referral link:

This Winter

I’m so glad Spring is on the way! This winter hasn’t been as bad as last in the sense that we didn’t get the amount of snow that we did last year, but the ice was a lot worse. We even lost power a few weeks ago, which was surprising and unexpected because our entire neighborhood has buried lines.  It was from 7pm until about 11 the next morning, which totally freaked out the kids!


We made a fire for Dan and I and made the best of it.  After lots of snuggles (especially Parker, who knew?) and songs, and also the help of light sticks, we got them to fall asleep.  Whatever light sticks that were left, we let them use in the tub for a cosmic tub time.  That was a big hit!

The very next week we had snow forecasted, conveniently the same night as my consignment sale, but fortunately I still sold quite a bit of stuff, but I think my sales weren’t as good as they could’ve been if the weather would’ve been better. The kids liked the snow, but It wasn’t quite enough snow for a snowman. We got enough for a few silly snow angels, though!


We’ve also been trying to make the best of our indoor playtime and we’ve been continuing to go to storytime, the gym and also Catch Air occasionally with friends. We joined our friends Kialer and Kinsey one Thursday and with inflatables, dance floor, and slides galore, the kids were able to have fun while the Mamas could catch up on conversation! We’ve really lucked out with our neighbors. We have some great ones! We also love having neighbor friends over for playing in the playroom when it’s cold out. Nothing can cure the chilly boring day blues like a little friends, dress up time, and kid music to dance to!

Another way we’ve been trying to stay warm this season is trying new winter comfort food recipes. Here are some yummy ones I’ve tried! Mostly thumbs up from the fam! I thought they were so good recipes that were easy for me to prepare for the kids. Also, I’m not a huge beef fan, so I usually tend to make a lot of chicken dishes.  These two are a great way for me to incorporate beef into my meals. I’ll certainly make these two again!

One thing I had on my inspiration board that I wanted to do more of, and we’re reminded of during the marriedlife seminar, is to date more often. So Dan and I have been enjoying more dates this year, one double date with our neighbors where we ate at Kona and went to Andretti’s. It was a lot of fun to have dinner and conversation with them without the kiddos, and to share laughs and connect as couples!

Another date we went on, was when I accompanied Dan to his favorite shooting range Sharp Shooters. We did some target practice, and I got to learn a few things about how to load a gun, etc. It was a lot of fun, but I have to admit that I was nervous the entire time!  I don’t know how to shake the nerves about others with guns around me. It’s not the guns that I’m shooting I get nervous about, it’s the random strangers around me with guns that I have a hard time with. I wanted to do it though because I know how much it means to Dan! We also discovered a new yummy pizza place called Crust in Alpharetta that was fabulous! We will definitely go back there. It was very good food and great service.


Parker started spring baseball practice, but due to the nasty weather it’s been cancelled all but three times, one of those times P has Strep Throat and couldn’t go, so he’s gone twice. The start of baseball as well as this burst of warmer weather here and there is makinging me super excited about the new season! The few days have been warmer  the past few weeks, we’ve jumped at the chance to get outside and enjoy it!  We had fun time celebrating our friend Kim’s pregnancy with baby Xavier, her first baby boy! We’ve also loved going to Sims Lake Park as a family, the greenway, and simply playing in the yard with the kite, little neighbor friends and our new sandbox!


Come on Spring and Summer, we miss you and we have BIG plans for you!


How is it already March?  I feel like January and February was such a blur. Now we’re thinking of plans for Mason’s birthday (turning four…eeek!!), Easter plans, Spring Break plans, etc.  Life is moving at a blur.

At the speed that things are going, I always try to savor the moments and enjoy this season of our life.  In February, we went to a Marriage seminar at North Point called Married Life, and one of the main points the speaker was talking about, had to do with being intentional in your marriage. Fifteen minutes to check in each day, Date nights away each week, an escape together each year.  It’s a reminder to make life exciting with one another, yet also intentional and heartfelt.

After this “married life” date it got me thinking, and I know that the busyness of life we may wonder… are we doing enough?  Am I doing everything I can to be the best Wife, Mother, Friend, Family Member, Christian, …contributing member of society?

I think that I’ve traveled down this road quite a bit with several of these areas, and of course coming to the conclusion that I fall short in ALL areas to some degree.  However, the one that seems to be on my mind quite a bit lately is the last one… contributing member of society.

I know that I pour into my children, that remains true.  However, I can’t help but feel very vulnerable and feel as if I’m falling short in being a contributing member of society.  In plain english, having a real job.

In hopes of not offending every SAHM out there, I want to say, I know I have a real job. I know what I do every day IS in fact enough. The playtime I have with the kids, the chores, the carpooling, child rearing- cooking, etc. Yes, I get it. However, my time with my kids while they’re young is fleeting.  They will soon be all in public school and gone all day.

I feel this urge to get out in the work force again. It’s not even so much as for financial reasons in the sense that we need the money. I mean, the extra money for savings as well as other extras would be really nice, no doubt. However, I think my urge to want to go out in the working world again has more to do with wanting to create an identity for myself outside of being a Mom. I want to know that I’m good at something other than taking pictures of my kids and posting them on social media, taking them to story time at the library, building lego towers/houses/spaceships, tea parties with a little girl and dolls, working out at the gym, blogging, the occasional jewelry making, etc.

Before we decided I would be a stay-at-home Mom five and a half years ago, I worked as an Interior Designer in the corporate world. Now that I have three kids, I get nervous about devoting my time to a job like that again. My fear is that if I pour into a job like the one I had before kids, then I won’t be able to be there enough for my kids. This may be something that a lot of Moms struggle with.

I know that my current skills are in fact enough, but it doesn’t feel like I’m using them to their full potential because of the life stage that I’m in. Being with my kids is the most rewarding (albeit challenging at times) and fulfilling job I’ve ever had. However, I know that being a mom is not all the skills I want to be good at.  I’ve been out of the workforce for so long, it begs the question:  Am I becoming weaker in my job skills, or just stronger in others?

These are some things that have been spinning in this brain of mine over the last few months.  Among this trying to tell myself that no matter what happens in my future career or lack thereof, that I am doing what God has created me to do, and that no matter what, that I will be enough for Him. For my kids. For my husband. For my friends.  My identity isn’t held up in what I do, but in who I am. How I treat others.  As my grandfather Brown would say… in my character. I’m trusting God that when the time comes for me to have a career outside the home, then he will provide clarity and provision for that.

Stay tuned on my career path in the years to come… Until then, I’m going to keep on, keeping on.