New Years and Monster Jam

This year our New Year’s Eve was pretty low key. I made dinner of Chicken Teriyaki with fun 2015 shaped bread that I saw on Pinterest.
Afterward, we decided to meet up with the neighbors and roast marshmallows by the fire, shoot off small fireworks, sparklers and just enjoy conversation. The wine I drank at dinner made me tired so I didn’t last long outside with the neighbors. After we went in and put the kids to bed, I went back out for a little bit, then I came inside and ended up falling asleep watching Walking Dead. Dan ended up waking me just after midnight to kiss and wish happy New Year. We’re officially an old married couple! All that said, it was still a fun night.
I decided to play with my camera a bit that night since I was still learning the new settings of the camera I got for Christmas. I played with the settings to see if I could achieve a sparkly-blur effect with a slower shutter speed while we were playing with sparklers. It turned out okay. Still learning!


For Christmas this year, we got my brother Spencer, my sister-in-law Lisa, and our nephews Zane and Gavin tickets to Monster Jam.  They came down from Greenville to stay with us, and we really enjoyed spending time with them, and going to the Monster Jam event!



Lisa is so amazingly talented, and it was so nice to take some time to pick her brain about camera settings, what she’s learned, tips and tricks, etc. She’s so smart and I just love that she has been blessed with so much creativity and knowledge and that she’s willing to share it.  It was a great time visiting with family!

Parker, Mason and Sienna opened their Christmas presents from Aunt Lili and Uncle Spence and they loved them! The boys got Monster trucks and Sienna got a sweet little ballerina doll. Great memories this weekend!

As a side note, I updated my “What I ♥” (about me) page above. You may want to check that out, especially if you’re new to my blog!


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