Dan Turns 40!

August is a big birthday month in our house because Dan and I both have August birthdays.  This year however, was especially important, because Dan turns the BIG 4-0! I knew I wanted to plan a party for him, but after asking questions, I decided I didn’t want to make it a surprise.  I just didn’t know enough about the people he works with and would want to invite, and I wanted to make sure that it was something that he really wanted, with the people invited that he wanted, so I made sure he was very involved in the planning.

Knowing that Dan is a big steak lover, and loves the restaurant Cabernet, we decided that it was the perfect upscale restaurant to celebrate such a milestone occasion.  They have a mezzanine level that serves as a balcony that overlooks the restaurant on the second floor.  It has one large “last supper” style table that seats 24 in the room, and we thought it was the perfect room for the party.

I went with a black and white vintage chalkboard type theme.  Dan really liked the invitation that I modified on mixbook.com  They had some really cute ones on Tinyprints.com, but we wanted to customize it a little more than they allowed on their standard invitations, so we went the mixbook route, and were very happy with it!





Dan and I decided since it was a special occasion, to do the Uber Black, which means that you’ll either get a town car or black SUV.  We didn’t want to drive because we knew some drinks would be thrown back, and we didn’t want to worry about how to get home.  We ended up with the SUV and it was so nice. Driver was great, transaction was simple. Easy peasy! We arrive in style!IMG_9634.JPG

It was a lot of fun, the only downside was that the room only sat 24 people, which made it hard when it came to Dan deciding who to invite between family, his work friends, church friends, and friends from our neighborhood.  We wish that more could come, but with a larger group, we wouldn’t have been able to sit at the same table, so that would’ve been hard too.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed delicious food, sipped on great drinks, and had a wonderful time laughing and goofing off with friends! We had a made from scratch cake made from The Baker’s Man, which is who made my 30th birthday.  It was meant to look like the invitation, and I think he did a really good job! It didn’t taste as good as the one for my 30th (a little dry) but the icing was yummy, and we were having such a good time, that we didn’t really care much! Here are a few iPhone shots of the evening.








IMG_9602.JPGI did a few surprise boards for Dan to commemorate his 40 years of life.  Ironically, Dan’s Mom had sent us old pictures a few years ago of Dan when he was a baby, and I dug through them all and found a few gems, and added a few recent ones too.  I’m happy with how it turned out!







As if the fun we had at Cabernet wasn’t enough,  we decided to go across the street to get a little more cray-cray at Wild Wing Cafe.  We took a few shots with friends, and watched a band play, and the laughter and giggles continued.  We hung out on the front patio and after a shot and two long island ice teas, Dan thought he was a comedic genius, and had all of us rolling! So. Much Fun! He certainly had fun on his birthday.  You only turn 40 once!IMG_9629.JPG




IMG_9632-0.JPGWell, Happy Birthday sweetie! I had a blast, and I’m glad to be celebrating this milestone birthday with you! After all you’ve been through the past few years, this party was well deserved! Looking forward to many more years of fun and celebrating!

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