Sip and See Baby Hudson

I mentioned in my last post that my neighbor Lauren had her baby last month. Baby Hudson arrived, and a few of us ladies in the neighborhood got together to throw her a Sip and See.

Cherie was responsible for the decor, and she did a great job with the grey and yellow color scheme!  She said after having three boys of her own, she was over blue. It was fresh, new and perfect for a summer party.  I thought a cute idea would be to have onesies as a banner, and have her place stickers on them with his name so that she can use them as decoration as well as have Lauren bring them home for Hudson. I think it turned out super cute! Sarah, Jenny Gray, and Jenny Scroggins also were a big help with food and party items!

It was a fun time of celebration with neighbors, friends and family for the newest member of the Sanders family, and a cute little future buddy for all of our children!


IMG_9821 IMG_9824 IMG_9828 IMG_9831 IMG_9835

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