Enjoying Summer Break |iphoneography|

This summer with the boys out of school and having three mobile kiddos to entertain and keep up with, I’ve been working to keep ourselves busy without feeling exhausted from too many planned activities. One of my favorite things about having a break from preschool is not having to rush out the door early in the morning with three kids. I love snuggling in the bed with the kids, enjoying cartoons and delaying going downstairs for breakfast until after 8am.
I did plan a few things over the summer to keep the kids entertained. I decided to put together a playgroup for every Friday during the summer. I invited little friends that Parker and Mason either go to school with, or friends that they don’t get to see as much during the school year from previous play groups, and a few new little friends from the neighborhood. It’s been two weeks and there was a great turn out both weeks! Lots of little friends came to play at the park with us. We’ve done Wills Park and Sims Lake Park so far and we have Old Atlanta Splash Pad, The Art Barn, and Sharon Forks Library to celebrate the famous Author Eric Carl’s birthday for the month of June.
We’ve also been to the zoo with some friends, which is always a big hit with the kids, even if it’s slightly exhausting for us Mamas!










Last week we enjoyed some grown-up time away from the kiddos, and went to see my favorite musician Jack Johnson. We went with a couple in our neighborhood who had mentioned that they like his music too. We had dinner beforehand and then headed over to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. We enjoyed a wonderful evening of music, drinks, friends and summer fun!

This weekend Parker went on a Father-son vacation with Daddy to go see his best friend Jim and his family in Philadelphia. Parker had a blast going to Sesame Place, enjoying a few local parks and spending some quality time with Daddy while he showed him around where he grew up.
I spent the weekend with the two youngest, playing it low key. We enjoyed park time, pool time, indoor play time and sweet treats.









This week we have the boys enrolled I swim class. We feel they need a refresher course, so our mornings are packed with towels, swim suits and lessons for the week!

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer holds. It is my favorite season of all!

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