Granddad “PawPaw”

My Granddad Paw Paw was a great man. Not only was he a Marine, but he was an amazing man of character. I remember that he taught me at a young age what the word character meant. It wasn’t what I thought -The plush stuffed walking animal in Disney World. It is the moral qualities that make a person who they are. He taught me that it didn’t matter what I would do in life, but what really mattered was my character. How I treated others. If I was respectful, loving, genuine,… loyal. I was saddened last week by the news of his passing. My Pawpaw was a good man. He put his life on the line for many years through the Vietnam and Korean wars. He made it up the ranks to a Captain and was respected by many. I remember his humor as being sarcastic and sometimes brash, but it still made us all laugh. He was passionate about his country, being a marine, being a man of God, his family, and he sacrificed so much in his life for the better of others. He had a thing about old western movies and he loved his Cherokee Indian heritage.  He was a great guy and he will be missed so much. He was laid to rest on Thursday, May 1st. He was 82.

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One thought on “Granddad “PawPaw”

  1. Sweetie. thank you so much for the photos and thoughtful message. This is a comforting memory you have shared with me.
    love u


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