Sienna’s First Snow Day

It has happened yet again. It snowed in Atlanta, and then we become butt of all the jokes in America about how we AGAIN can’t handle the snow. I’m glad our family didn’t get caught in the mess on the roads as much as some of the others did. I left to pick up Parker and Mason at school and it took me 45mins to do a normal 20 minute commute there, and a good two hours to do a normal 20 minute commute back home.   All I have to say is Thank you LORD for the in-car entertainment to allow the boys to watch Toy Story and otherwise keep occupied.  Sienna wasn’t the happiest with it being her nap time, but the situation definitely could’ve been worse.  So thankful God looked out for us.  The roads were pretty scary! Dan made it home shortly before me, after leaving his Abernathy office a few minutes after 1pm.

It snowed about two inches and it was beautiful. We Atlantans don’t usually get to see this much snow. The last time we had a good snow (mainly sleet and ice) here was when I was pregnant with Mason and Parker was 16 months old in 2011. Before then, Parker was just an infant, and the weather was just about like it is here in 2010. Snowy and then followed by GORGEOUS weather, like we had yesterday for Super Bowl Sunday.  So nice to be able to get out and ride bikes and play outdoors!

To say that the boys had fun in the snow was an understatement.  They LOVED playing in the snow and having fun with the neighbors doing so.  We started to make a snowman, but the snow wasn’t sticking very well.  The boys just enjoyed some snow ball fights and sliding around in their laundry baskets, making snow angels and hiking in the beautifully snow-lit woods surrounding our house.  A great way to change it up from the normal chilly winter days!  Sienna didn’t like being cold, so she smiled for a few photos, and then, well… she wanted to be back inside where it was nice and warm.  I hear ya, baby girl.  I’m a summertime kind-of gal myself!

Snow2014_8 Snow2014_7 Snow2014_6 Snow2014_5 Snow2014_3 Snow2014_2 Snow2014_1

Having my iPhone was much more convenient, so I took more pictures day two with my phone for instagram as well.
InstagramSnowpics1 Instagramsnowpics2 Instagramsnowpics3


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