She’s a walking, talking machine!

Sienna has really sprouted over the past few months. She took her first steps right around Thanksgiving and ever since then, she’s been slowly refining her skills. We had a neighbor over a few months back and Sienna was in a cheerful mood, and took her first four to six steps in a row. It was so fun to see the excitement on her face of her big accomplishment! She’s SO proud of herself!  The past few weeks she’s been showing off her new skills and we’ve been having so much fun seeing her do her little “side step” that she likes to do.  I love the sweet uniqueness she has, and in no hurry to do milestones on anyone else’s timeline but her own!

Not only have her physical milestones been taking off, but her verbal milestones have as well. I feel like now instead of her just babbling words, she’s actually trying her best to say things that mean certain things. What a victory and blessing that is! I just love to hear her sweet voice! As of now, she calls me Mama, Dan, Dada (the obvious) and Parker BuBu and Mason MaeMae! I haven’t been as great with sign language as I was with the boys, so she hasn’t picked up any of that yet, but it is fun seeing her little personality shine as she learns to communicate in her own way.

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