PJ’s and Table Forts

During the Christmas break, there were some sweet times at home, just enjoying the quiet days indoors, and the silly playfulness of the three little ones. They’re pretty good about finding things to do when I’m tidying up, and one morning in particular they all gathered under the table in the dining room with their trucks, pillows, and blankets to create a fort of their own. Sienna loved joining in on the fun, and even laid down with Parker on his pillow and let him cover her up for a bit. In true form though, as soon as I got out the camera, she popped up and wouldn’t snuggle her brother any longer. We’ve enjoy the sweet simple days here at our home and try to savor them before they are far and few in between! We are constantly reminded how precious these young years are, and it’s so true how fast they grow. I can’t believe Mason will be three in just a few months. Craziness!

IMG_0948 IMG_0953 IMG_0958 IMG_0966 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0974 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_0984

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