She’s a walking, talking machine!

Sienna has really sprouted over the past few months. She took her first steps right around Thanksgiving and ever since then, she’s been slowly refining her skills. We had a neighbor over a few months back and Sienna was in a cheerful mood, and took her first four to six steps in a row. It was so fun to see the excitement on her face of her big accomplishment! She’s SO proud of herself!  The past few weeks she’s been showing off her new skills and we’ve been having so much fun seeing her do her little “side step” that she likes to do.  I love the sweet uniqueness she has, and in no hurry to do milestones on anyone else’s timeline but her own!

Not only have her physical milestones been taking off, but her verbal milestones have as well. I feel like now instead of her just babbling words, she’s actually trying her best to say things that mean certain things. What a victory and blessing that is! I just love to hear her sweet voice! As of now, she calls me Mama, Dan, Dada (the obvious) and Parker BuBu and Mason MaeMae! I haven’t been as great with sign language as I was with the boys, so she hasn’t picked up any of that yet, but it is fun seeing her little personality shine as she learns to communicate in her own way.

Lyme Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video, so I wanted to post about my treatment the past 4-5 months. Since I’m still having some neuropathy and lower back pain, my primary care physician wants me to see a neurologist and I made an appointment for Thursday. It’s mainly to make sure the neuropathy (slight tingling in my hands, feet, and mouth) isn’t too worrisome, and what the cause may be. It could be caused from the lower back pain, or possibly something more serious. I will give another update after my visit to the neurologist.
The probiotics used: Garden of Life Primal Defense HSO Formula
Homeopathic Practitioner: Seneca Anderson‎
Health Store mentioned in video:
Nutrition Depot 1100 Market Pl Blvd, Cumming, GA 30041
(678) 455-6295
Energetix Products Used:
Core Cat’s Claw
Bacteria Chord
Also shown in video: Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol product

PJ’s and Table Forts

During the Christmas break, there were some sweet times at home, just enjoying the quiet days indoors, and the silly playfulness of the three little ones. They’re pretty good about finding things to do when I’m tidying up, and one morning in particular they all gathered under the table in the dining room with their trucks, pillows, and blankets to create a fort of their own. Sienna loved joining in on the fun, and even laid down with Parker on his pillow and let him cover her up for a bit. In true form though, as soon as I got out the camera, she popped up and wouldn’t snuggle her brother any longer. We’ve enjoy the sweet simple days here at our home and try to savor them before they are far and few in between! We are constantly reminded how precious these young years are, and it’s so true how fast they grow. I can’t believe Mason will be three in just a few months. Craziness!

IMG_0948 IMG_0953 IMG_0958 IMG_0966 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0974 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_0984

A fun filled Christmas Holiday

Right before the boys were released from preschool for the holidays, they had a great Christmas ceremony at their school.  They both did such a great job singing with their classmates, and making Mommy and Daddy proud!

IMG_1018 IMG_1014

We had a great time lounging around the homestead and not feeling like we had to rush off to preschool everyday, which was really nice.  The boys REALLY enjoyed searching for “Quackenshelf” each morning and I just loved seeing the excitement that Parker had running back upstairs to tell me the new location he flew to.  Both boys were certainly sad to see him go after Christmas!  We couldn’t go into the holiday without making a Gingerbread house.  The  boys throughly enjoyed eating and decorating away as we let their creative juices flow.

IMG_1053 IMG_1065 IMG_1069IMG_1059

We had some great family and kid oriented Christmas fun, but I also enjoyed being with my girls for a fun night of girl talk, drinks, and exchanging cookies!  We started this three years ago with the HMC Moms club, a small group of us who I love to pieces!  I was excited to host this year, and I really enjoyed myself!


Christmas Eve, we did our usual Christmas Eve service at Stonecreek.  Since we live much further now than previous years, I wasn’t able to make a big dinner.  We decided to enjoy a nice dinner at a local upscale Chinese restaurant with my Mom and sister.  We really enjoyed spending time with them and attending the candlelit Christmas Eve service with them!

IMG_3499 IMG_3518

It’s always a busy Christmas Eve for us because we head down to my Aunt Angie’s house where the Ashby’s gather and my Aunt Rachel flies down from Boston.  Due to her demanding job, it is the only time that her family comes to Atlanta.  To our surprise, my grandparents made it down from the farm in Hartwell, and joined us as well.  It was just like old times having them there.  Of course, the kids got spoiled rotten with toys (we all chip in and get the kids in the family a few small gifts) and loved every minute of it!  I enjoyed catching up with the family and just enjoying the holiday season.  It goes by so fast!

ChristmasEve2013_2 ChristmasEve2013_3 Christmaseve2013


When we got home, we made sure we set out plenty of cookies for Santa, and Parker had some special oatmeal concoction that he made at school to feed the  reindeer that we put out with it.  The boys were so excited albeit exhuasted that it was Christmas Eve and that Santa was coming.  We even let them give “Quackenshelf” a hug because he could just “hitch a ride” back on Santa’s sleigh and didn’t need his magic to fly back home.  They both loved giving their little elf friend that they ADORED a little hug to say goodbye before they went off to bed for the night.

ChristmasEve2013_4 ChristmasEve2013_5

Christmas Day was nice and relaxing.  I had a simple but yummy menu for the day.  I had pre-made quite a few dishes beforehand so I would just have to pop them in the oven.  I did mostly oven dishes so I wouldn’t have to be at the stove cooking the entire day, and I could put in the oven and forget about it.  The family loved it, and so did I!.  The kiddos loved their gifts, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing day.  It was even warm enough with a jacket to go for a walk around the neighborhood after lunch.  I kept the wine and beer flowing throughout the day, and was guilty of getting a case of the sillies a time or two, but that’s what it’s all about. Having fun with the family, remembering the reason for the season, and creating great memories.  It was a wonderful Christmas, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! We loved being at home and not having to travel.  It was the first year we spent home, just the five of us and I feel so blessed that we have each other.

ChristmasDay2013_1 Christmasday2013_2 Christmasday2013_3