An evening of fun at the Fair!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Dan’s surgery. One of the reasons why I remember it so well is because the week he was admitted, was the same week of the fair. It was something that we looked forward to each year and had to skip during his hospitalization. Thankfully, Dan is feeling great this year and looks great too! We are so thankful for his good health this year, and God’s continued healing! So, this year we celebrated life and enjoyed going to the fair. I’m not sure who had more fun.. us or the boys! Incidentally, we left Sienna’s pacifier in the car, and we stayed out WAY past her bedtime, but she wasn’t sad one bit! The boys had so much fun riding rides, and taking in all the lights, fun and action. By the time we were ready to go, we were ALL ready to go. We were so tired, and ready for bed. Great memories were made, and we look forward to this fall tradition each year!









IMG_9930IMG_9998 IMG_9994 IMG_9987 IMG_9983 IMG_9980 IMG_9968 IMG_9955 IMG_9950 IMG_9941 IMG_9939

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