It’s Summah Time!

So, I have a post in the que from last month titled “Sienna is 8 months!” that I started and is obviously irrelevant now that she’s 9. Geez. Seriously, this summer is going by way too fast. I completely missed the entire month of July in blog posts, and so much has happened! There’s a huge pile of clothes waiting to be entered in my consignment online inventory, I’ve been interrupted twice now for someone to “re-cover” them and the dishes and bottles are just sitting there waiting to be cleaned by you-know-who since the hubs is away traveling, but I’m making a point to just carve out some time to blog tonight because… well… it’s my therapy and I enjoy it!

I don’t even know where to begin… We’ve been having a nice summer. Some days filled with some fun, excited, well planned out activities and other days just lounging around the homestead, rotating out the swimsuits and pjs. There is a part of me that is looking forward to school starting back up in the coming weeks to free up some personal time to get things done, and then there’s another part of me that is savoring these last few weeks of unplanned, spontaneous, lazy days we’ve been having. I mean…let’s be honest, we all have our days, but I know before long they’ll be in school full time, and I will miss these lazy unplanned days with these kids that drive me crazypants.  We’ve also have been just trying to be content with being home more.  It’s a bit challenging with Sienna having multiple naps to really get out and enjoy a lot of activities outside the home.  So, we’ve been doing a lot of kiddie pool, and water table time outside while she naps, and when Daddy is home, taking the boys on some outings.


Sienna has been doing great.  It’s pretty incredible how much she has grown and changed in just a month.  We were worried about her growth and development because right when she turned eight months old, she wasn’t quite where the boys were in their gross motor skills.  She was pretty wobbly sitting up and would fall backwards or to the side at any given moment, wouldn’t jump in the jumperoo, she was only self feeding with one hand, and had no interest in the sippy cup.  I tell you though, God has really taught me a lesson in patience, and reminded me that HE is in control! I got in a tizzy about the whole thing and after a doc recommendation to see a neurologist came about, I was completely convinced that there was something wrong with her. She’s completely fine though! She’s just on her own timing.  She’s just a product of her environment of her being a third child, being held more, being put in the exersaucer and bumbo instead of on the floor so she can practice balance and mobility (and so I can cook, clean, or whatever).  She is also a GREAT sleeper.  I mean… the girl may need to be rocked to sleep once in a blue moon, but the girl can put some hours away in that crib of hers.  She’ll sleep 12hrs at night, then nap from 9:30-11ish and again from 1:30 to 3ish and AGAIN at 5/5:30ish for a half hour snooze.  I’ve been trying to cut out that last nap, but when she doesn’t get it, she is GRUMPY! Or, she’ll want to crash right at 6:30 or 7, and that is just poor timing for us with dinner and bath time.  So yeah… sleep! She loves it. Little lazy bones of mine.  Hopefully it’ll stick.  Mason was a great sleeper from early on, and now he bugs me with either “I’ve got to go potty” for the billionth time, or “I need to be covered”, so it can be a toss up!  A few day after getting the OK from the neurologist that Sienna didn’t have anything wrong with her, she started crawling! She creeps on her belly, and most recently has been taking a few “knee step” crawls!  She jumps in the jumperoo as well, and is working on mastering the sippy cup.  She brings me such joy and I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and how much more God will show me about her little personality!


As a catch-up, our July fourth was fun and pretty low-key.  We had two families over that we just adore; The Valencias and The Hertys.  They both have four kids close in age, live close by, and we all have grown to love them as well as their kids! It’s great to be able to relate to the grace that is needed for raising multiple young kids close in age.  And no, we don’t have plans for a fourth at the moment!  Nevertheless, here are a few shots from our evening of family fun celebrating the fourth.  The Hertys brought over a bottle of Champagne to toast to all of the families living close together due to the recent move of the Valencias and us!

IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9176 IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9182 IMG_9183 IMG_9194 IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9201 IMG_9209 IMG_9226 IMG_9234 IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9242

Mason burned his hand on a sparkler that night, but other than that, I think it was a great evening of fun.  We also thought it would be fun to revisit the children’s museum that we went to downtown like we did last year.  It was a week day and Dan wasn’t traveling, so he kept Sienna at home while she napped, and I took the boys.  It was great.  The boys loved it last year, but this year I feel like they were old enough to do so much more! They did everything from grocery shopping, to learning about weather, to camping, fishing, building, dress up, painting, and the list goes on.  Here are a few favorites from the fun day we had.

IMG_9156 IMG_9154 IMG_9149 IMG_9148 IMG_9147 IMG_9138 IMG_9134 IMG_9126 IMG_9123 IMG_9117 IMG_9108 IMG_9104 IMG_9094 IMG_9082 IMG_9078 IMG_9062 IMG_9056 IMG_9052 IMG_9041 IMG_9033 IMG_9030 IMG_9025 IMG_9024 IMG_9021 IMG_9011 IMG_9008 IMG_9006

We also have enjoyed fun little activities around the house, like this one we did the other day, a home made bird feeder.

IMG_9243 IMG_9248 IMG_9249 IMG_9252 IMG_9254 IMG_9258 IMG_9266 IMG_9267 IMG_9272 IMG_9273  I haven’t been feeling my best lately and I’m hoping to get to the bottom of the source (and relief) from my back pain that’s been giving me problems this summer, but other than that I’ve been enjoying motherhood, my family, our friends, our new home, my favorite season-Summertime, and overall feeling very very blessed by it all.

2 thoughts on “It’s Summah Time!

  1. Sharon,
    This summer has gone so fast! I’ve enjoyed the couple of times that we have been able to get together! You have a beautiful Family, and you are such an incredible mommy




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