Mason’s Big Boy Training

If someone asks me about potty training,  I will likely tell them my experience with the 3-day potty training method.  Why?  Because it works SO well! We used this method for Parker with great success when we potty trained him a year and a half ago.  It turned out to be nice timing because Dan was working from home this week (the first time since we’ve moved in) and Parker had summer camp this week Monday through Thursday.

The first morning of course was rough, he didn’t get it as quickly as Parker did.  I even heard Dan mumble under his breath that he didn’t think he was ready after we cleaned up the third pee accident in a row.  At one point he refused to put on underwear and yelled NO.  It can be really hard not to show emotion when they have accidents or when you are getting frustrated.  I just kept my cool and then it just happened.  Right before nap time, on the first day, we were playing in the playroom and like a broken record I kept saying “Tell me when you have to go potty, Mason…okay?” and instead of replying Okay… he looked at me for a second and just stared and said “Yes!” with a big grin.  We made it a fun and I yelled “Yay! Run Run Run!” and then he’s been good ever since!  He had his first poop accident on day two (he had no bm day 1 or 3), then on day four he finally used the potty for poop.  Yay!!  We were overjoyed and I was acting crazy singing his praises!IMG_8827


We had fun playing outdoors, activities inside, anything that made him feel like he was special, and encouraged.  We went on walks and did a few indoor activities.  He loved all the individual attention.  We did Mason jars (fitting for Mae Mae, am I right?) full of chocolate and yogurt covered raisins for a reward as well as a sticker chart.  I felt the candy was great for the instant reward, and the sticker chart is great for him (and ME) to look back on at the end of the day to see how “accomplished” we were for the day.  I had three sets of stickers and I just let Mason pick out a sticker of his choice when he peed or poo’d.  He loved doing this! We had three bathrooms that we put a chart and candy in, so that we could reward the good behavior in different areas of our home.  The chart below was from our main level on day two.IMG_8829

With the three day method there aren’t any pull ups or diapers involved at all.  Even at night.  I feel it’s important at least for the first week to do this so that they understand that diapers have been completely removed from their world.  For Parker, he didn’t do so well keeping dry at night, so after the first few weeks with no success in night training in underwear, we put him in pull ups at night.  He was completely trained during the day so we didn’t feel like he would regress by doing this.  About three months later, he was starting to wake up dry, so that was our cue to put him in underwear at night. I honestly can’t remember the last time Parker had an accident at night.  He’s done great even though we temporarily needed to put him in pull ups.

Mason however, woke up wet in the middle of the night the first night, but then the next two nights he woke up and told us he needed to go potty! So unexpected, but we’re going to go with it. I’m hoping that it really will be this easy to night train, but we’ll see.  Mason woke us up at 6:30am, dry (which we were super excited about) but he then didn’t want to go back to bed after going potty.  So, I guess you choose your battles.

Overall, I’d say it’s been very successful.  And you know what… me and the little man have really bonded through this.  I’m so incredibly proud of him.  I’ve enjoyed spending one on one time with him while Sienna napped, and Parker was in school.  These days, it can be really hard to get that one on one time.  Even though he’s now rockin’ the big boy undies, he’s still secretly my baby boy… my sweet Mae Mae.  After all, wasn’t he just born…like not that long ago? Jeez, time slow down!


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