Strawberry Picking at Warbington Farms

Dan’s parents were here this past weekend, and we wanted to do something fun and different with them this time. Warbington Farms came highly recommended through some friends, so we decided to give it a try.  Dan had the day off on Friday, so we decided to go then in hopes that it would be less crowded  and more strawberries would be available.  We were very pleased with the big selection they had of strawberries to pick! It was a big hit with the boys too!  They only thing that was a little disappointing was that they had to spray pesticides this year due to a bug that would’ve killed their crop if they didn’t.  So, they weren’t organic strawberries, but nothing a little good vinegar or citrus veggie wash can’t get rid of.  In addition to the boys having fun picking the strawberries, they enjoyed bouncing around on their inflatables, and petting the farm animals.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch under one of their covered picnic areas and enjoyed all the cute farm had to offer!  As a word of caution, Dan found a tick on his leg the next morning (a brown legged dog tick) so if you’re walking through the fields and feeding the animals in the petting zoo, be sure to check for ticks! Crazy that this family of ours is such a magnet for them!  We had a really nice time, and will probably make this fun farm an annual family affair!

Strawberry 9 Collage Strawberry 8 Collage Strawberry 7 Collage Strawberry 6 Collage Strawberry 5 Collage Strawberry 4 Collage Strawberry 3 Collage Strawberry 2 Collage Strawberry 1 Collage

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