Fun in the sun with the neighbor kids!

When we decided to start looking for our new home, we had an idea of what we wanted.  We wanted a real neighborhood.  One where kids played in their yards and fun neighbors that we could get to know who were in a similar life stage.  Well, God knew what he was doing when he placed us where we are, because we’re surrounded by some wonderful families!  You can pick your home, but not your neighbors, and so far we’ve been very happy.  I can already tell that our kids (and us) will grow some lasting friendships over the years!

Today was our first really warm day of the season in our new home, so I decided to invite the neighbors over for fun in the sprinkler and with the water table.  Our one neighbor Jenn hooked up the slip and slide, and after that, the kids had a blast getting wet!  I decided to outfit Sienna in her bathing suit that has been patiently hanging in her closet since before she was born.  Remember our little shopping spree Danielle? To my surprise, she’s almost outgrown it already! Little chunkers.  I decided to let her toes get a little sprinkled and she didn’t mind at all.  It was pretty toasty out, so I think that’s why she enjoyed it.  Lots of fun was had by all and it was a great way to kick off the break from school for summertime!







IMG_8542 - Version 2











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