Spring Concert

We have had such a busy last few months!  However, we had a great time being able to sit and relax, a few days before we were moving to our new home, and enjoy a sweet spring concert our boys put on at school.  It was a great escape from the stress at home.  They needed it, we needed it.  It was so precious!IMG_8369IMG_8377 IMG_8378


Mason in the white shirt on the end with his teacher, singing to the music!


Parker in the brown striped shirt beside his best friend Glancy singing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes!

IMG_8405 IMG_8398

No Spring Concert would be complete without a sweet ice cream celebratoin! We don’t do a lot of ice cream or sweets in our home, so this was a nice treat for the boys.  Of course, they had no objections and loved every bit of it.  Of course, so did Dan and I.

IMG_8412    IMG_8428 IMG_8430 IMG_8417IMG_8425


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