A burst of spring showers

Parker just got a brand new spiderman umbrella that he asked for, and has been wanting to use for a few days now.  Every day he asks “Is it going to rain today?”  The other day he ran through the sprinkler with it to get his fix.  So, today when I heard a little rain on our roof in the afternoon, we quickly got boots on and grabbed the umbrella to go and play in the rain.  The rain was short lived, but the boys had fun splashing in the puddles!

IMG_8609 IMG_8610 IMG_8611 IMG_8621 IMG_8625 IMG_8627 IMG_8634 IMG_8638 IMG_8639 IMG_8640 IMG_8642 IMG_8647


Fun in the sun with the neighbor kids!

When we decided to start looking for our new home, we had an idea of what we wanted.  We wanted a real neighborhood.  One where kids played in their yards and fun neighbors that we could get to know who were in a similar life stage.  Well, God knew what he was doing when he placed us where we are, because we’re surrounded by some wonderful families!  You can pick your home, but not your neighbors, and so far we’ve been very happy.  I can already tell that our kids (and us) will grow some lasting friendships over the years!

Today was our first really warm day of the season in our new home, so I decided to invite the neighbors over for fun in the sprinkler and with the water table.  Our one neighbor Jenn hooked up the slip and slide, and after that, the kids had a blast getting wet!  I decided to outfit Sienna in her bathing suit that has been patiently hanging in her closet since before she was born.  Remember our little shopping spree Danielle? To my surprise, she’s almost outgrown it already! Little chunkers.  I decided to let her toes get a little sprinkled and she didn’t mind at all.  It was pretty toasty out, so I think that’s why she enjoyed it.  Lots of fun was had by all and it was a great way to kick off the break from school for summertime!







IMG_8542 - Version 2











Happy Half Birthday, Sienna!

She’s growing up way too fast!  Our one and only baby girl, Sienna, is already half way to her first birthday.  She’s popped two bottom teeth that are completely cut through the surface and her favorite past times include playing with toes, blowing raspberries, smiling at everyone she sees, sticking out her tongue,  and making those gooos and cooos at her two big brothers.  She also tried something else that she loves… food!  It’s not so surprising since everyone in our family loves to eat.  We tried apples for the first time the day before her six month birthday.  She gave the typical “What is this strange stuff you’re giving me on a spoon” look, but it didn’t take long before she was intrigued with it, and starting opening her mouth with every spoonful.  Just like a pro… So proud.

I used my brand new Breville blender to whip up some nice yummy apples.  I made all Parker and Mason’s pureed food with my last Hamilton Beech blender, but this one is 100x better! I love it!  It makes me feel better that I’m blending up fresh pureed food for her to eat since I had to wean due to my heavy antibiotic use because of the Lymes diagnosis.  This is my last week of antibiotic treatment though, and praying that I continue to feel well.

Here’s a few sweet pics of baby girl and her first taste of solid foods (other than a frozen banana in a mesh feeder a few times).


The anticipation…


I think she loves her new chair.




The first taste…


…and raspberries it is!

IMG_8465 IMG_8467  IMG_8473 IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_8478

Happy girl loves it!




Bye Bye Townhome!

We never intended to stay at our first home so long.  We bought at the height of the market and still haven’t been able to recover.  With that being said, it was a great home with lots of memories.  The first home Dan and I owned together, the home we brought all three of our sweet precious newborn babies home to, and where lots and lots of memories were made in the seven and a half years we lived there.  It’s hard to believe we were there that long.  It seems like yesterday were were newlyweds, picking out finishes to this new starter home, but needless to say, we outgrew it and needed a change.  God has blessed us in many ways, and we are thankful to have spent the time we did in this house!  Until the market recovers, we will continue to own the home and rent it out until we feel we can get the money out of it that it deserves. We are using a management company Marketplace Homes to help with peace of mind and allowing us guaranteed rent so we don’t have to bother finding a tenant.  Even though we’re still owners, it’s good bye for now and we hope that it provides a family a place for laughter and great memories like it did for us.

IMG_8454 IMG_8456 IMG_8458

Spring Concert

We have had such a busy last few months!  However, we had a great time being able to sit and relax, a few days before we were moving to our new home, and enjoy a sweet spring concert our boys put on at school.  It was a great escape from the stress at home.  They needed it, we needed it.  It was so precious!IMG_8369IMG_8377 IMG_8378


Mason in the white shirt on the end with his teacher, singing to the music!


Parker in the brown striped shirt beside his best friend Glancy singing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes!

IMG_8405 IMG_8398

No Spring Concert would be complete without a sweet ice cream celebratoin! We don’t do a lot of ice cream or sweets in our home, so this was a nice treat for the boys.  Of course, they had no objections and loved every bit of it.  Of course, so did Dan and I.

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