So much has happened since my last blog post that it’s hard to know where to start with catching up! Here’s a little run through of some happenings.

1. I tested positive for Lymes disease from that tick bite back in February.  Crazy, right?  I took a month long course of antibiotics, but a few days ago I started getting symptoms again (stiff neck and back, extreme exhaustion, nausea, stomach cramps, etc.) So, I went back to get some blood work taken to see if the bacteria is still in my system.  Since I’m breastfeeding, they had to give me a different type of antibiotic than they normally give for Lymes since the medicine will transfer in the milk supply.  I got the results back from the bloodwork and I tested positive again for the Lymes.  Apparently, this monster wants to stick around for quite a bit.  I had to make a very difficult decision to stop nursing Sienna and get on IV antibiotics after having horrible neurological symptoms from stopping the oral antibiotic and the new oral antibiotic not working.  I now have to go to the doctor every day for IV rocephin antibiotic.  I will see another doctor for a second opinion this week to determine if it is advantageous to stay on the antibiotic for longer, or if I should chance it and stick with the 30 day dose.  We also got Sienna and Mason tested for Lymes as a precautionary measure.  Mason has had a rash on his bottom for quite a while (that appears to be some sort of insect bite mark), and even the steroid cream from the dermatologist will clear it for only a short time and it comes back.  Sienna was breastfed, it is somewhat unclear as to whether or not Lymes can be transferred by breastmilk.  She too, has had a diaper rash for some time that has been difficult to clear up (keeps coming back) so it is precautionary. We will find out by week’s end the test results. Praying they’re both clear.  The Lymes symptoms have been super scary for me.  Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.  Stiff neck, sore lower back, brain fog, confusion, severe nausea, and exhaustion are a few of the symptoms that I’ve had.  I had to call my Mom to  and a friend to help with the kids since Dan was out of town.  It was super scary for me. I hope I never have to experience that again.  It has certainly given me a new perspective on life and I now am conscience to thank God each and every day for my health.  Something that is so easy for all of us to take for granted.

2. We’ve been so busy with getting ready for our big move! We’re are so excited that the new house is coming along nicely.  The house is fully bricked, the facade is about 95% complete, and they’ve been working on the inside for the past month or so.  Only about two and a half weeks left! I can’t believe we’re so close to moving into our dream home!








3. Last month we celebrated our sweet boy turning two! It’s been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog about it until now, but we are so thankful for this sweet boy, and so glad that God decided to bless us by letting us be his parents. He has his own little personality that can sometimes be challenging, but he is smart, enthusiastic, compassionate and lovable.  We had a fun little morning celebrating his birthday at Ihop.  We decided to do a “Pancakes and PJ’s” birthday party where we had fun with his little friends listening to a story “Curious George makes Pancakes”, stringing cherrios, and used cookie cutters to cut shapes out in pancakes.  It was a fun little party and I think Mason, as well as his little friends had a nice time!  IMG_7805











4.  Sienna had her first Easter this year.  The weather wasn’t ideal, but we still had a nice day going to church and learning about our risen savior, and visiting family.  The boys loved all the little toys they got in their basket and they had fun leaving a carrot out for the bunny.  Plus, they looked just as cute as could be.  So happy their our kids.  Love them to pieces.







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