Visiting the Aquarium with Three Littles

Our membership that we got last year will expire next week, and since Dan will be traveling next week we decided to take a trip to the aquarium. We were hoping to make it there early right when they opened, but I had such a horrible night of sleep. I had a painful plugged milk duct that I noticed while nursing the night before, and it just got progressively worse and worse. I decided to help unplug the milk duct, I would just bring baby girl to bed with us so she could have a buffet of boob if you will and hopefully help me out a bit. I even crawled into a warm bath at 4am hoping the warmth would help ease the pain and let the nursing feel better. I felt somewhat better by the morning, the duct felt unplugged, but the pain was still there. Oh, and the sleepy eyes… Yes the sleepy eyes had me.
Still, the day must go on. And a fun one too! Aquarium! So, I tried to feel better, packed the boys lunches, fed baby girl, and put myself together. Did you know that this post was going to have so much boob talk? I probably should renamed the post “Visiting the Aquarium with three littles and an achy boob”. No, that would scare people away.
So, we head down there and I feel terrible my head throbbing and tired and general achy-ickyness. Thinking it could possibly be from the tick bite I had three days ago (yes, I found a TICK on my body in February-thank you global warming). I thought since the milk duct was unplugged, the nursing was going better and I was okay to go on our little fun family day trip.

We had a nice time! Parker and Mason really loved getting to see all the fish. It’s amazing how much more Mason could enjoy now, than he could this time last year.  We went to the main exhibit with the largest aquarium and tunnel first then ate lunch that I brought. We even got tickets to the dolphin show and got to stay for about fifteen minutes before excusing ourselves. We decided to high tail it to the penguins since Mason was being a wiggle worm and wasn’t too keen on the opera singing. The penguins were a big hit too! The fun didn’t skip a beat and the boys were very compliant and nice. Sienna was easy too and just hung out in the stroller or in the Ergo where she slept during the dolphin show. We started to head out about quarter after one because we just knew we would be in for it if we didn’t. Sure enough, Mason passed out on the way home and we were thankful we averted a meltdown!  We didn’t stay for a really long time, but it was just enough time for the boys to enjoy something fun before naps!












On the way home, I agreed with Dan that since I still felt terrible that I should go to a doc in the box and see what they have to say. Well, after running through the nursing issues, possibility of pregnancy or reaction to tick bite, he examined me (and found a huge red spot the size of a pancake on the side of my boob) and determined that I have mastitis! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a terrible bacterial infection with flu-like symptoms that starts in your milk ducts. This is my third time nursing (I’m no newbie), and I’ve been through yeast/thrush, milk supply issues, let-down issues,  and I never had anything like it.  Now I can say I’ve positively had every nursing issue known to man!  Aren’t I the lucky one.  Fortunately, I got a round of strong antibiotics and I’m on the mend and back to feeding baby girl like a champ! They drew blood to test for Lyme disease just in case, but the antibiotics should get rid of any bacteria from Lyme’s disease as well. Even with the headaches and body aches, I’m still glad the boys had such a nice time at the aquarium and that we were able to enjoy it one last time before the end of our membership.  What a great break from all the packing of boxes and being stir crazy at home!

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Aquarium with Three Littles

  1. You poor thing.. I got mastitis with Jake and was thinking the same as you were.. I am no rookie at nursing why is this happening. I wore a sports bra and I that is what did it to me. Worst pain and feeling I have had! It hits you so quickly too! Just like the flu and mine also happened over night. So glad you are feeling better! Miss you!


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