House Update

Things have been super busy around here with three kiddos, trying to organize everything into piles of “keep and pack”, “donate”, “sell at All4Kids consignment”, and “yard sale”. It’s exhausting! I’m so thankful that help is on the way, and I know we’ll get through this challenging time soon and we will be in our new beautiful home. It’s just been a difficult transition with Sienna at three months old and Dan traveling so much throughout the week. I trust in God and know that he has never given us anything that we can’t handle. He’ll see us through it! On an exciting note, here’s some progress on the house!


-This is right before they started pouring the slab and framing.




-Then the framing went up so fast! Less than two weeks later, almost the entire house was framed!




-Below is the back of the house.  We’re loving the site of our flat green space and then woods that the boys will go nuts in!



It’s starting to feel real now that the shell of the house is up!  I’m so excited about this next chapter of our life!

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