Parker Memorizes a Bible Verse

I found ABC’s printable scripture cards on pinterest from this site and had been wanting to make them for Parker for some time now.  This past weekend I decided to do it, and sent Dan the info and he had them printed for me.  I got some self laminating sheets and laminated myself and punched holes and added a binder ring.


We had the ring of scriptures on the dinner table so I could practice with Parker during our meals.  Parker doesn’t really “memorize” things (he barely remembers familiar songs) so I was planning on doing a verse a month.  I’m working on the alphabet with a friend of mine each week, so I thought this would be a great addition.  I was so surprised when he completely had it memorized in just a few days! Wow, what a smart little guy!  I’m so proud of him!  I’m looking forward to doing the rest of the alphabet with him, and memorizing some great scriptures for myself along the way.



A visit from the ‘rents

We had a great visit from my parents and brother this week! It was the first time they met Sienna, and they enjoyed loving on her, and of course spoiling the boys with Christmas gifts, among other things. The boys loved seeing them and all of the attention. We also took them up to see the progress on the new home, and they were super excited to see it. Overall, a great time and wished it was longer!








Home Update

They’ve poured the footings! As exciting as that it is that they are finally starting on our home when we are closing in just four months, we’re probably just as excited (if not more) that we recently got word that we’ve been approved for our loan! Of course, they will re-run our credit and crunch the numbers once more before closing, but it is a sigh of relief that we have been given the big thumbs up! We still have all the money saving to do before closing and getting this town house in rental condition before we move, which will keep us very busy. We are thankful and feeling super blessed right now that things are starting to feel very real for our new home that we’ve been waiting and saving, for some time now! Yippee!





For those of you who aren’t familiar with the community, here is a video that talks about the community and the area.

Sienna’s First Smile

Around five or six weeks old I was video taping Sienna after a feeding and she cracked her first smile! I’m just now getting around to uploading it to youtube in order to post here, so this is a bit of an oldie but goodie. Please excuse my singing, high pitched squeaky voice, and my messy home and enjoy.

Parker learns to ride a bike!

Parker got a new bike (with training wheels of course) for Christmas and he’s been practicing quite a bit at home since it’s been so chilly out. He finally mastered it in our hallway, and the temputures warmed up a teenie bit to the low sixties, so we took the bike out around the neighborhood!


Christmas Day

Christmas day was a bit busier this year than previous years. Not only was it Sienna’s first Christmas and our first as a complete family of five, but we planned to go up to my grandparents farm for lunch with the extended family after a morning of opening presents and having our own family Christmas. My grandmother isn’t in the best of health, and as sad as it may be, we don’t know how many more Christmases we’ll have with her, so it was important to her and us to make the trip up. We didn’t capture many pictures at Christmas lunch because of the craziness with the kiddos (only a short nap in the car prior to lunch) but Dan did manage to capture a few pictures of the family right before blessing the food. It was a wonderful and memorable Christmas!