Night of Lights

One of the annual traditions we have in December is going to Lake Lanier to see the lights, roast marshmallows, pick out an ornament, and enjoy a festive time in Santa’s village. This was the first year that the boys were old enough to really enjoy the carnival rides they have to offer at Santa’s village, and they really had a lot of fun on the rides! When we got home, they loved placing their ornament on the tree to commemorate their evening of family fun.

IMG_6759 IMG_6763 IMG_6768 IMG_6777 IMG_6782 IMG_6783 IMG_6786 IMG_6793 IMG_6795 IMG_6797 IMG_6800 IMG_6804 IMG_6810 IMG_6820 IMG_6826 IMG_6836 IMG_6843 IMG_6847 IMG_6849 IMG_6855 IMG_6857 IMG_6861 IMG_6864 IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6873 IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6887

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