Pre-School Holiday Festivities

This year Parker and Mason both got to participate in St. Aidan’s Christmas Concert. I was told that they both would be singing “Away in a Manger” and “Jingle Bells”. Since Mason was such a disaster after he saw me on Thanksgiving prior to his group singing, I made an effort to stay behind the camera and hide instead of smiling and waving at him. He did great! He smiled and tried to sing some, and it was cute as can be. They were given little baby dolls during away in a manger, and Parker was directed to sit right beside Mason. When he was handed the doll, instead of singing, he immediately began undressing the doll! The teacher wasn’t paying much attention, so he was busy doing that instead of participating, which is funny in it’s own right. They both joined back in for Jingle Bells though, and had a jolly time singing and being silly for the entertainment of all.





Parker and Mason both had their class parties last week. Mason had a cute party with adorable little treats. I love his teachers, and they have been great for Mason. He used to scream when I dropped him off, but now he loves going to school. They do lots of crafts and projects, and Mason has grown so much since we started him early fall.
Parker also had his party on the same day, but a half hour later. They did a pajama day, and got to bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal to school to talk about it. He brought his bear to school that Nannie got him, and he loved telling everyone about it, and watched frosty the snowman on TV! Parker had a blast. They started the party by a dance song called “Shake the wiggles out, and enjoyed dancing and goofing off. Then enjoyed some yummy treats and a Christmas craft. A great way to end the last day of the year at school.














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