Meet Sienna Marie

On Halloween night, we went into Northside Hospital Forsyth to be induced, and have our sweet baby girl Sienna.  We were looking forward to meeting our daughter, and since I was past my due date, and the doctors from my practice were on call on November 1st, we decided it was the right time.  Plus, with all that had gone on with Dan’s health (a recent bowel resection and two week stay in the hospital) we were thankful that he was able to be present during the delivery, and wanted to go ahead and have a scheduled date to help us prepare for her arrival.

I was told that I needed a ripening agent to soften my cervix since I wasn’t as thinned out as they’d like prior to induction.  So, we stayed overnight at the hospital after an evening with the kiddos, watching them play in their Halloween costumes at the Herty’s house.  The hospital was fabulous.  The nurses were wonderful, and they did everything they could to make me feel comfortable so I could get a good nights sleep before my delivery in the morning.  I took full advantage of the nice jetted tub bath they had in the room, and after that I got back in bed, and they started the pitocin.  The cervidil didn’t ripen my cervix that much, but did take me from two to three centimeters dilated, which was decent progress.  The midwife broke my water and I went ahead and ordered my epidural.  I got a chance to really feel some intense contractions prior to getting the epidural because it took about 45mins for it to come, and since I have such low resting blood pressure, they wanted me to take two bags of fluid prior to getting the epidural since that could lower my blood pressure even more. By 9am, my Mom and my Aunt Marie had arrived to help assist during the delivery. I chatted with them for a little bit, then tried to get a quick nap in before the delivery. By 11am I was about six centimeters dilated then by 12:30 my Mom and Aunt left to go have lunch.  About a forty minutes later, Dan was about to leave to get lunch, but I was feeling pressure to bear down.  We had the Midwife check me and I was ready to go! I called my Mom and Aunt and they came back from lunch and shortly there after, baby girl was born!

Weighing 8lbs, 3oz, and 21 1/2″ long, she was a little peanut compared to the boys! I was so surprised to see how little she was. Parker was 9lbs, 3oz and 22″ and Mason was 10lbs, 1oz and 22″.  Even though she’s not really small by most people’s baby standards, I think the thing that makes her seem so tiny, is her length.  21 1/2″ is pretty long when you’re just over 8lbs, so her chubbiness isn’t noticed as much as the 8lb babies who are 19″ long.  She had the cord wrapped around her neck when they placed her on me, but they said there was nothing to worry about and that it happens more often than people think.  She had the white vernix and lanugo all over her, which was different from the boys.  I was instantly in love with her and so thankful to finally be holding my sweet Sienna in my arms.  Daddy quickly cut the cord, and they briefly got her cleaned up while I held her.  Shortly there after, I began to nurse her for the first time.  Man, did she take to it like a champ!  She knew exactly what to do and was busy getting her belly full of colostrum within the first half hour after delivery.

The first night, we enjoyed getting to know our sweet little girl.  Since she was delivered so quickly and didn’t stay in the birth canal very long, she still had a little bit of fluid that she was coughing up, which sent Dan and I into crazy panic mode.  We didn’t have crazy random choking episodes with the boys where they would spit up fluid, so this was new to us.  Fortunately after the first night, it resolved itself.  We weren’t able to entice her with the hospital pacifier, so she frequently nursed and didn’t want to be put down at all.  It was really hard because I just wanted to snuggle her and let her sleep in the bed with me, but hospital policy didn’t allow it because the risk was too high of injury to the baby, which I can understand.  However, after repeatedly nursing and waking when we would put her down, the nurse suggested that we bring her to the nursery for a little bit so someone could hold and rock her for a little while so we could get some rest.  I wasn’t keen on doing this since I always was a firm believer of rooming-in and did so with the boys.  However, this little girl just wouldn’t cut us a break, so we decided eventually to take the nurse up on her offer, and we finally got some rest.  Us veteran parents know that good rest equals good parents, and good parents equals happy baby.  A win-win for all!  At least SOME rest… an hour and a half will do!  Nevertheless, we loved her to pieces, and enjoyed every bit of getting to know her in the hospital, just me her and Daddy before she had to share our attention with the rest of the kiddos. 

Our sweet friends Kate and Eddie kept the boys for us during the delivery.  Kate brought them over along with some a pizza dinner to help keep them occupied in the tight quarters of the hospital room.  It worked out perfectly.  Kate stayed for a bit and captured a few family photos- the first of our complete family.  The boys just loved her to pieces.  Granted, the novelty wore off fast, and they were looking through the DVDs only moments after they arrived to see what movie they could watch while they chowed down on their pizza, but I didn’t expect anything different from the two tots.  They are just too young to understand the gravity of a new life and new little sister joining the family, but boy will they find out!  It was a sweet and memorable first meeting with sweet Sienna.  Our family is now complete!

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