Toy Story Halloween

This year for Halloween the boys dressed as their favorite Toy Story characters. Nannie got Parker a Woody doll for Easter last spring, and ever since then and watching the movie, he and Mason have been obsessed with the movie. It even inspired Mason’s first sentence! “Toooo infinEEEE en BeeeeOOOOn!” Which is cute as can be.
We had a fun outing in the costumes to Home Depot with our playgroup one Saturday, but the fact that Dan was in the hospital put a damper on things a bit. We still made the best of it. The boys enjoyed getting out, and I enjoyed getting my mind off the craziness that was my life at the time with a sick husband and a baby due any day. I also wanted to make sure that we participated in something fun for the season since I wasn’t sure what would happen on actual Halloween since it was past my due date. They really enjoyed playing in the store. The tractors were a big hit, the games, hay ride, and just being able to be goofy and run around like the crazy tots they are.

Then the day came… Halloween.  It just so happened that it was also my induction date.  I was due on October 29th, and we decided to induce on November 1st because the docs would be at the hospital that I would deliver at, and I was ready.  I didn’t expect to last as long as I did since it was my third pregnancy, but again still decided to do induction since I was past my due date and the thought of actually being able to “plan” the delivery sounded more appealing with all the craziness we had been through the weeks prior.  The Herty’s are an amazing family that I met through playgroup, and they also conveniently live within a few miles of the hospital.  They graciously offered to have the boys over Halloween, take them trick-or-treating and let them have a slumber party for the nights we’d be in the hospital.  Parker and Mason LOVE playing with Charlie and Amelia so it was a lot of fun for them.  They even slept in the same room the last night and had fun chatting and playing.  Here are some photos that I got prior to heading to the hospital to have baby girl.


It was the best way to end our last night as a family of four.

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