Showering Sienna with Love

I have some of the most amazing friends and family! Through the years, God has really blessed me by sending the most thoughtful and caring people to touch my heart!  Just over the last few years I’ve met some new Moms, and they have truly been a blessing to me, and I’m so thankful for them.  Sarah and Kim graciously offered to throw me an amazing shower.  They pulled out all the stops, and paid attention to perfecting every detail.  Everything from the napkins and plates, to the bunting banner, hand crafted food signs and take-home gifts…they were all amazingly done and perfected with love.  Not only did they put tons of time into making every detail perfect, they executed the shower seamlessly by letting everyone know what to do, and what was to be expected next, etc. Fantastic hostesses!  As if all that weren’t enough, a handful of other friends brought yummy treats to share, and made sure to keep within the beautiful theme that Sarah and Kim created which was inspired by Sienna’s nursery.  See! I do have amazing friends! Furthermore, Sarah decided to use her awesome photog skillz to document every beautiful aspect of the event!

Even though only about have of the invitees were able to attend, nothing skipped a beat, and the smaller more intimate group made for great party.  I also got to hear from each one of them about why they think I would be a good Mom to a daughter, and/or advice for raising a girl.  The heartfelt sweet responses had a lot of meaning, and meant so much to me.  It truly made me feel super special! This baby girl is so loved by so many already!

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