Parker Turns 3!

Earlier in the year, we had taken Parker to Chuck-E-Cheeses to see if he would like it, and it was a huge hit!  He loved playing the games, ripping the tickets, putting coins in the machine, and running amok in the tunnels in the toddler area.  So, it was a no-brainer that we would have his birthday party there.  He loved bounce houses, but this place seemed to be something new to him, and it seemed extra special since we tend to go to bounce places fairly often.

In the weeks/months leading up to his birthday, he asked for a Mickey Mouse cake, so I decided I’d try to work in a little theme of Mickey Mouse (which he loves of course) in to the party.

I found this pinterest inspiration for the birthday cake:

and with a cake pan, the cake ended up like this:

It was fun to make the cake this year.  It was my first time for the kids birthdays.  I was a little more confident after the successful attempt with Dan’s birthday cake.  I made a few cupcakes too, but everyone devoured the cake and left the cupcakes.  I guess my cake was too cute to pass up!

Since Parker is getting older, we decided to ask him this year who of his friends that he would like to invite to his birthday.  Between school, church, two play groups, and many of my close friends through the years, it’s been hard for me to decide, but Parker knows who he really enjoys playing with, and it’s typically the kids his age, or those that he’s just around more often.  He had such a blast with all his friends.  It was a great turn out, and Parker really enjoyed having fun with Uncle Spence who came down from Greenville, his cousins, and his best buds climbing through the tunnels, and playing the games.

Parker had so much fun, and it continued when he got to his party table.  It was sweetly decorated with Mickey decor, which had black, red, and white polka-dot balloons, Mickey logo on the party hats, and Mickey on the party bags.  His face lit up with excitement when he saw the Mickey cake, and he loved all the Mickey decor.  With being just a week since our visit to Disney, he certainly still had the Mickey bug, and loved it all.  I think he had the most fun with the Chuck-E-Cheese celebration where they sang to him and he blew out his candles and got the crown and medal.  I know he felt super special, which was my goal.  All of his friends and the crazy atmosphere all made for a super exciting birthday party for him.  He also got to go in the ticket blaster, which was a lot of fun, and he had some time to open presents before we left, and he opened the rest at home.  He loved having his little friends beside him to help him open them. He couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had the rest of the day!

Parker, 3 years old.

As they say… They grow up too fast!!

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