No, I’m not talking about the handbag line… I’m talking about my age. Yes… I’m officially “into” my thirties. Yikes! Honestly though, age doesn’t scare me. I mean, the alternative to having a birthday is dying, RIGHT??? So I’ll take getting older over that. I mean, this life isn’t too shabby.  I think I’ll take it as an excuse to celebrate!

I have some amazing friends and family that certainly made me feel special and loved on my birthday. My friend Sarah organized a girls night with some Mommy friends, some of which were also celebrating an August birthday.

Friday was my actual birthday, and since Dan was out of town, we had just planned on celebrating it on Saturday night.  I made a playdate with a friend of mine, Kate who I hadn’t seen in a little while, and had just planned to go over her home, let the kiddos play and catch up with her.  The boys always love seeing Charlie and Amelia and they always have fun playing with them.  This time though, Kate had surprised me and invited a few more Moms over as well, and Jenny and Tara were able to join, and Parker and Mason had a few more playmates too!  It was great because they all played so well together, and us Moms were able to relax a little and actually hold conversations.  Kate made a great salad for the Mamas, lunch for the kiddos, and of course a delicious home made cake.  What more could I have asked for?  It was SO sweet!  Of course, everyone knows that when the kiddos are happy, so is Mama, and this playdate made it easy for me since the boys had such a wonderful time playing with friends and gobbling up yummy lunch and cake.  I got some sweet gifts, flowers and balloons, and the boys and I went home for nap time all tuckered out from the fun with our bellies full.  Thanks, friends!

As if I hadn’t indulged enough in cake at Kate’s house, after naps, my friend Meagan brought over a home made cake for me! Ah, so sweet of her! Of course, THIS pregnant Mama can’t get enough cake for her birthday!  Good thing I passed my glucose tolerance test! My sweet tooth was in full force!

Since Dan wasn’t due into town until later in the evening, I decided to do a little “date” with my boys for dinner and take them to my favorite place, ZPizza.  My boys were sweet enough to be on good behavior while I indulged in my Chicken Sausage Arugula pizza on Wheat crust.  Yum!  Of course, they were pretty quiet because they were busy chowing down on their own yummy pizza slice with avocado and grapes I brought from home.  Next door is a Starbucks, and every ZPizza visit wouldn’t be complete without getting a cookie for the boys next door.  They made a crumbly mess of it, but they loved every minute of it!

This day was finished off with some cuddle time on the sofa with my hubby watching a movie when he got home.  Absolutely perfect!  Not to mention the wonderful phone calls, cards, texts, and messages I received throughout the day.  Feeling. Very. Loved!

Saturday night, we got a sitter and went on a sweet dinner date that the hubby planned.  I told him that I wanted to go somewhere “urban” with a city view.  My first thought was the Westin (and yes, Danielle, I saw your post afterward and thought it was ironic you ended up going there! Must be a thirty-one-birthday-thang).  Dan did some research on food reviews as well as city views, and he also got the recommendation from a friend for Capitol Grille, so that is where we went.  Dan and I agreed that the food was super yummy.  I got a cedar plank salmon with grilled asparagus and he got a filet mignon.  The portions were decent, and the lobster bisque was very tasty without being too salty.  The dessert was to die for!  It was super rich, but I’ve been in a super rich chocolate sweets kind of mood lately during my pregnancy, so it hit the spot.  I even indulged in a few sips of Shiraz, sneaking them from Dan’s glass.

Everything was perfect and Dan and I were able to catch up from him being gone all week, and it was nice to feel like I got the star treatment.  I had fresh highlights done earlier in the day, so my hair was at its best, and I had been completely pampered.  The only thing that was a little bit of a let down at Capitol Grille, was the view was a little less than we expected.  There were two ginormous cranes outside the window of the building, and you could see the city view a little more in the distance than we had expected.  It was still a fun “urban” dining experience and it certainly was nice to get out of Alpharetta for a change.  Here’s a pic of us prior to diving into my birthday slice of cake.  I know, I know, … it looks like my boob is about to fall out onto the table.  It’s an illusion I assure you!  Gotta have a sense of humor when you’re growing into a whale sized being in preparation for birth.

On Sunday, my Mom and younger sis Amanda came over to visit and give me birthday gifts, hugs and love.  I of course, loved seeing them and visiting and going out to dinner with them.  The boys LOVE seeing them and Parker always has a blast getting to play with Nannie and showing her all the toys he has.  He was so sad after dinner when we came home, and she didn’t come back home with us.  He LOVES the attention she gives him so much.  It was great visiting with them, and a nice way to end my birthday weekend!

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