Imagine It! Children’s Museum Atlanta

For this week’s play group, we went to Imagine It Children’s Museum in downtown Atlanta.  We arrived a little after 10am since I know my boys poop out early afternoon, and wanted to get the most out of our time there.  Admission was pretty expensive being $12.75 for persons 2 and older.  It would’ve been cheaper if we had a group, but it would have to be ten or more, and we all arrive at the same time.  I know my kiddos get anxious waiting, and it’s hard to confirm 10 mommies when you have little ones, and anything under the sun could happen at the last minute.

We started off just exploring the place.  The boys loved the area where you could farm your veggies, then grocery shop, then bring them back to the pretend kitchen for a meal.

Over in the “Leaping into Learning” area, there was a great place for the boys to play with tot toys and their absolute favorite was a baby waterbed.  It wasn’t too long before Parker learned how to climb out of the waterbed on to the ledge and plunge on top, making Mason giggle up a storm. They also had an area where Parker could catch fish.  He was quite the fisherman.  Mason on the otherhand, just wanted to go for a swim.

They had quite a few areas for the boys to “dress-up”, but that only lasted a little while.  Mason loves hats, so he enjoyed them quite a bit.  They had a track where you could run a scooter over different surfaces, and little hide-away tunnels that were a big hit.

We sat down just at the right time during lunch because only a few short minutes later, there was an “Adventure” performance that included a pirate, hidden treasure, and a hot air balloon.  The boys loved it while they at their lunch.

There were several “building” areas with foam blocks, pipes, wood blocks, etc. that the boys loved.  The large ball area kept them entertained for a while, placing the balls in the pipes and watching them go up in the machine and shoot out again.

Of course, Parker’s visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the train table!  He enjoyed that quite a bit while Mason enjoyed playing with the magnetic gears and the plastic balls with a little girl he met.

The boys were pretty well behaved.  The only challenge was that the area was pretty spread out, and Mason wanted to “explore” different areas while Parker really played with the exhibits more.  It definitely kept me on my toes, but they both had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it.

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