Father’s Day

After a leisure morning at home to celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to head north and go up to Dahlonega for the day.  We selfishly opted not to attend church, because we knew with the kiddos it would be an either or thing for them and that they wouldn’t do so well if we tried to squeeze in both church and the day trip.

We ate lunch at one of Dan’s favorites, the family style restaurant Smith House.  It’s great because we don’t have to wait long for the food, which makes life with the kiddos a lot easier.  We devoured some fried chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes, fried okra, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, rolls, roast beef, and of course strawberry shortcake as a delicious dessert.  It was a very yummy lunch indeed.

About thirty minutes outside of Dahlonega, there is Amicalola State Park, which has some amazing waterfalls.  We thought we’d burn off some lunch and take a trip to see the falls.  I opted to do a little amateur photography session, with it being Father’s day.  It was nice to capture some pretty moments with the boys and enjoy God’s gift of the beautiful scenery.

One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Gorgeous scenery and Parker is adorable in his sunglasses!! Mason appears to be studying his surroundings as he rides in his stroller. Great photos of all your smiles and Mason’s wave hello!!


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