You’re having a GIRL!

We anxiously awaited the news to find out how baby pumpkin was doing… and hoping that we could find out the gender.  I know some people keep it as a surprise, but we just couldn’t take the anticipation much longer.  It’s still a “surprise”, it’s just 20 weeks earlier.  Plus, I love that I know what the gender is because it allows me to know just a little bit more about the little miracle happening inside me.  It helps me bond while the little one is still inside me.

The morning came that we were going to the doctor to get the 20 week gender scan.  I was so anxious that I didn’t get any breakfast before I left the house, not even a sip of water or coffee.  Granted, the appointment was early, but I just didn’t want to take the time since I was already feeling queezy.  Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out, that wasn’t such a great idea.  Once we got into the ultrasound room, the tech was using the wand to press all over my stomach, and I began to feel sick.  I stuck it out with some breaks and sips of water, and we got to see our beautiful daughter.  Kicking away, moving around for us to see.  We found out why I haven’t been feeling her as much as I did my boys at this stage.  Apparently, I have anterior placenta.  Which means that the placenta is positioned right below my belly and as the Dr. explained, it’s like having a pillow between me and the baby.

The ultrasound tech was doing her thing, but baby was making it difficult because she was crossing her legs.   It took some time to but then suddenly, the tech uttered these words: “You’re having a girl!”  I turned wide eyed, because while she was wiggling my belly to try to get the baby to uncross the legs, I thought for sure I saw a little boy part down there.  But I was wrong!  I immediately replied with “Really??!!” “are you sure?” (like she didn’t know how to do her job or something) and then the tears just flowed and I just looked up at Dan and said “Sienna Marie” followed by the biggest grin I could make on my face.  We were both SO happy!

It took some time for it to sink in, and we are still a bit in disbelief.  A GIRL?  I’m going to have a girl after having two boys?  What in the world do I know about girls?  I’m used to playing with messy, loud, obnoxious (but oh so loving) boys! Now I get to have a sweet little princess to spoil! I can’t wait to teach her all the girly things I know.  I can’t wait to dress her up like my personal doll baby and show her off like I did my dolls when I was a little girl.  I look forward to helping her pick out a dress for her school dance or prom, or wipe my tears when I see her walk down the aisle and get married.  I can’t wait to help her paint her nails, and show her how to put on make-up.  I look forward to getting our nails done and having spa days together one day… Mother and daughter.

YES! I’m having a GIRL!

I’ve been going crazy (and those who follow me already know) on Pinterest!  I have found some wonderful ideas for baby Sienna’s room.  It’s so overwhelming to decide what we’ll do in her room, but I know it’ll turn out prett and very special in the end.

A little background on her name.  We’ve always wanted Sienna, ever since we found out we were pregnant with Parker.  Dan actually came up with the name one day with the thought that it embodied our love of travel, was unique without being weird, and had a beautiful sound.  I loved it.  Siena Italy is a beautiful city in Tuscany region of Italy, and I love the thought of naming our daughter after that beautiful unique town in Tuscany.  I don’t even care if others like it, because it’s something that we love, and that’s all that matters.  Marie we thought went really well with Sienna.  Marie is my Aunt’s first name.  The one who took me in after high school when I had no where to live, and helped me get on my feet.  She has always been such a close influential and selfless person in my life.  She has helped me a lot along the way, and this is one way I’d like to honor her.  Marie is also the middle name of my best friend Jess who I basically grew up with, and has been close friends with since sixth grade.  Our friendship has lasted through the years, and she is someone that I would like to honor by using her middle name, Marie.

We are excited to meet her, hold her, love on her, and welcome her to the family!

4 thoughts on “You’re having a GIRL!

  1. I am so happy for you and Dan! This is sooo exciting and I can’t wait to meet her. She’ll have 2 big brothers to protect her 🙂 I also love the name and that it is so personal – very special.


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