Choo Choo! To the Train Museum we go!

Last week for one of our weekly playgroup, my Mom “Nannie” joined us at the South Eastern Railway Museum.  It was a lot of fun. We had fun meeting with the group and having a special little train session with our guide including a story time, interactive discussion with a toy train, and craft time.  Then after looking around the train station and getting to go into a few old trains, we went for a train ride.  Parker had a great time.  I’m so glad Nannie was able to join us since Parker was so anxious to run ahead and behind the roped off areas.  He’s so sneaky.  I was able to get some decent pictures, but I’m kicking myself because when we went outside on the train ride, I forgot to turn down my ISO, and all of my outdoor pictures were too bright and overexposed! Ah! What a waste.  It’s so easy to do with the 50mm lens, too because it lets in so much light that it can be overpowering on sunny days. Oh well, hopefully I’ll remember for next time!

After a tour through the train station we enjoyed  a nice short train ride.  Mason fell asleep shortly before the train ride, but fortunately, they allowed me to take him for the ride anyway.  After the train ride, we enjoyed our packed lunch in a nearby gazebo.  It turned out to be a very fun outing for us all!

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