Destin Vaca: Day Six Beach and Pool Fun

We decided that we’d spend our last day just relaxing around the condo.  We had done so much every day filling each day to its fullest, and we just wanted to have an easy agenda.  So, we set off to the beach to enjoy the sea and sand, and a picnic lunch.  Boy did we get a work out carrying lunch, towels, four chairs, an umbrella, and… oh yeah two kiddos!  It was a lot of work for just a few hours of fun, but well worth it.  Both boys love jumping waves, and playing in the water.

After spending a few hours at the beach, we decided that it was time for Mason to get a nap in the stroller and for Parker to enjoy the pool for a little bit.  Parker had such a blast in the pool.  He was kicking and learning to swim.  He even loved being thrown in the air and splashing back in the water.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk, and head next door where we stayed last year at Silver Shells to see if anything had changed in a year.  Sure enough, they had put in a nice playground on their property.  The kiddos enjoyed running off some energy before night fell and it was time to end our vacation.

We had such a wonderful time, and we loved some of the simple things that we did… like reading a new favorite book “snuggle puppy” and acting silly before bedtime, watching the boys have fun with their grandparents, and listening to the boys laugh and giggle at each other before bedtime.  It was a nice relaxing time, and Parker said it best when he would continually say during our trip “I want to go on vacation AGAIN and AGAIN!”.

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