Destin Vaca: The evening of our Arrival

We had a great trip to Destin. Last year when we went, we had a 20 month old and a 2 month old, and that was a challenging car ride because of the constant need for nursing, and Parker not being as easily distracted by the DVD player.  We thought the ride may be challenging this year too, since this is our first road trip with Parker being potty trained, but we just asked him to go when we made our stops, and it wasn’t an issue at all.  We arrived around 5pm, ventured around the beautiful condo taking in the beautiful balcony views and the amazing large three bedroom condo with full kitchen.

After having an early dinner of locally ordered pizza, we decided to hit up the beach just to take a peek, and look at the pool, etc.  There is a fabulous restaurant right in front of the beach that has a cute little boat out back with slides to the sand.  The boys took full advantage of this.  They loved it! We hadn’t changed our clothes yet since we were just taking a walk, but I guess the boys had other plans.  Mason made a face plant into the sand only a few minutes into being out there, and it stuck to him like glue.  Dan went out to water to wash off his face, and Parker followed.  The beach was beautiful!  It had rained most the day, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell anything happened at all.  It was a nice welcome to Destin, and we got our sandy fun in early.

The boys had so much fun.  It was so needed after 7.5hrs on the road with little exercise.  They also had fun that evening sharing a room.  They were giggling up a storm and making noises back and forth. At one point I had to go in there to ask them to get some rest, and found that Parker had happily brought all his animals into Mason’s crib and had hopped in there with him.  How sweet!  A fun start to our vacation for sure!

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