Get ’em bathed and send ’em to bed

Our busy, but most fun time of the day is when we get the kiddos ready for bed.  We usually eat dinner around 6, watch the evening news at 6:30, then head upstairs for some scrub a dub dub, then a bedtime show for Parker while I’m putting Mason to bed, and then it’s Parker’s turn.  We recently weaned Mason from milk before bedtime.  He now gets milk at dinner, and goes straight to teeth brushing after being put in his jammies, and then gets a few stories and songs before lights out.  Parker LOVES story time, and if I’m done with Mason and his “show” is still on when I come back to get him, he usually asks to go read books right away.  I love it too.  It’s the special alone time that I get with both of the boys that I enjoy.  Here’s some pictures from the last few nights that I’ve captured from our evening.

Mason was in a bit of a grumpy mood this night.  I think he was teething since he kept his finger in his mouth quite a bit.

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