Atlanta Zoo

Playgroup this week was at the Atlanta Zoo. We had been several times before with Parker, and he wasn’t much of a fan, so I’m not sure why I thought he would love it this time.  I mean honestly, he likes animals, but he’s just not that into you know, the basics… staying with Mommy without running off, riding in the stroller with screaming brother (who also would prefer to run away), or being asked not to climb all over fun fences that prevent little kids from being eaten by big animals.  You know, he’s typically pretty compliant too.  I feel bad that I was losing my patience pretty quickly with him because he wasn’t responding the way he typically does when I give him direction.  Looking back on it now, he wasn’t really being that out of line… he was just being a curious two year old, and I was being an over-bearing Mom with high expectations of how our “Zoo outing” should go.  Nevertheless, it was a memorable and fun outing, and among the craziness, I was able to snap some shots, which made it appear that we had a fabulous time.

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