My Day on February 20th

Today is a special day.

It was Saturday and Parker and I headed out to meet my friend Meagan at the gym, so I could work out and he could play with his buddy Rhys.   Unfortunately on the way, I got stopped by the police for speeding and was handed a citation for going 60 in a 35.  The court date was set for March 19th, which just so happens to be Dan and I’s wedding anniversary!  Just a little reminder to slow down in life, right?  Yeah, a BIG reminder. Ugh, thanks for that.

We had a relaxing rest of the day after my work-out. Parker had a little melt-down leaving the gym, but nothing out of the normal for a two year old.  We all went and had lunch at Lenny’s  (buy one get one free coupon, I mean…it was basically begging us to go).  We enjoyed a nice low key family meal.

We later went home so the boys could nap, and Dan and I could have some down time ourselves.  When they woke up, we decided to take advantage of the seasonably warm temps and head to the park to enjoy some family time and the warm sunshine. We like Fowler park, and it’s especially nice when there’s a little bit of a chill in the air because the play area is in direct sunlight, which provides just the warmth needed to enjoy playtime.  They also have a nice skate park, where Parker loves to watch the kids do tricks…having his big kid envy.  We loved walking on the big creek greenway, listening to the frogs, and trying to avoid Parker from diving into the swamp.

What a beautiful day it was today!  Parker loved our little walk, and scaring me half to death by backing up to sit down on the edge of the bridge.  This picture captures him with a little snarky face.  Proving that he can and will get as close as he can to the edge, while capturing the beauty of the surrounding.  It’s pretty fitting to his personality.

What I didn’t know, was how special today would be… you see, by the end of the day I found out some pretty neat information that I didn’t otherwise know.  Something amazing was happening right under my nose.  Cells dividing rapidly, a embeded blastocyst forming inside me.

That evening I decided to test since Dan was going out of town.  I hadn’t even missed my period yet.  But… I had a feeling something was cookin’ up inside me.

Okay! Well that was not planned… at least not so soon!  After I picked my jaw up from off the floor, I went downstairs and told Dan.  He just looked at me and smiled and gave me a nice long hug.  As if to say, it’s going to be okay.  God has a plan, and we can do this.  My internals were saying “Man, we really know how to space them out…  Parker and Mason are 18 months apart, and this one will be about 20 months apart from Mason!  Eeeeek!”  Estimated due date is October 29.  All exciting none-the-less.  So, are you all freaking out with me?  Yeah… thought so.  Go ahead, whisper that I’m crazy under your breath.  I know you want to.

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