School Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny Visit

Parker had his first school organized egg hunt last week in his MMO class.  I was able to help since Dan was home to watch Mason, so I came early and Parker and I helped place the eggs on the playground for all the kiddos.  Parker had a blast.  It was pretty funny though because he kept leaving his basket behind and grabbing the eggs and bringing them back to the basket.  We had to keep reminding him to bring his basket with him.  Silly boy.  He still was full of smiles and was excited about what he got in his eggs.  They also had a little party with cupcakes afterwards, and Dan brought Mason to join in the fun, too!

On Saturday, we decided we’d head over to the mall after naps since we got in the ties from etsy in the mail to complete the boys’ Easter outfits.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t a line at all.  Dan played photographer incognito, hiding behind some trees to sneak in a few “free” shots.  The cheapest package with a digital copy was $34.95! What a rip!  So, we politely declined after the visit with the big white bunny, but secretly happy because Dan got some good shots. Both boys didn’t mind the bunny.  Parker wasn’t too enthusiastic about smiling for the pictures, which was odd because it’s usually not an issue.  He still enjoyed the experience, though and got a fun little mask afterwards. The boys also enjoyed running around and playing in the soft play area afterwards.  Mason is a little crazy in that play area, crawling and climbing everywhere.  They had a so much fun!

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