Dear Little Pumpkin,


Dear Little Pumpkin,

I’ve decided to nick-name you pumpkin (for now, new nick-names, I’m sure will emerge) since you are due at the end of October.  I don’t know much about you, but I did get a chance to peak at you today and see your heartbeat flutter!  Your Daddy and I were thrilled to see you, and it just made our heart smile.  Your little picture shows you measuring right at seven weeks and two days (as of March 13th), and everything perfectly healthy so far!  I even got to see your arm and leg buds emerging from your body, getting ready to sprout your limbs for all the clapping and running that you’ll delight in, after your born.

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted lately and I’m not sure if my pregnancy symptoms are worse this go around, or if it’s just a little more challenging to cope with since I have two other kiddos to look after.  Nevertheless, it’s definitely kicking my butt.  One of the hardest things to deal with is that coffee makes me nauseated, so my normal caffeinated boost is no longer.  It seems that most of the unhealthy things that I eat (pizza, chocolate, etc.) don’t give me a very good feeling either, so I’ve been filling my tummy with more healthy things.  One of my favorites is a cucumber hummus sandwich.  I’ve always liked hummus, but cucumbers is definitely a newbie.  I’m also loving the taste of fresh organic apples too, I can’t get enough of them.  I’ve been diligent on taking my prenatal vitamins so that hopefully you are getting the best nutrients possible for your developing and growing brain, organs  and the rest of your tiny body.  I don’t have any strong feelings on what your gender is yet, but something tells me that I will be preparing for another baby boy.  I’m not sure if that is because I already have two boys and that’s all I know, or what, but either way, I am excited to find out your gender so I can know that much more about you.

I look forward to learning more about you as you grow in my belly.  I’m excited for the first flutter that I will feel when you’re big enough so that I can feel you stretch and kick.  It’s  just one of many sweet reminders of the miracle happening inside me.  We are so thankful for the precious gift that you are, that God has given us.  It was all in his perfect timing!

My Day on February 20th

Today is a special day.

It was Saturday and Parker and I headed out to meet my friend Meagan at the gym, so I could work out and he could play with his buddy Rhys.   Unfortunately on the way, I got stopped by the police for speeding and was handed a citation for going 60 in a 35.  The court date was set for March 19th, which just so happens to be Dan and I’s wedding anniversary!  Just a little reminder to slow down in life, right?  Yeah, a BIG reminder. Ugh, thanks for that.

We had a relaxing rest of the day after my work-out. Parker had a little melt-down leaving the gym, but nothing out of the normal for a two year old.  We all went and had lunch at Lenny’s  (buy one get one free coupon, I mean…it was basically begging us to go).  We enjoyed a nice low key family meal.

We later went home so the boys could nap, and Dan and I could have some down time ourselves.  When they woke up, we decided to take advantage of the seasonably warm temps and head to the park to enjoy some family time and the warm sunshine. We like Fowler park, and it’s especially nice when there’s a little bit of a chill in the air because the play area is in direct sunlight, which provides just the warmth needed to enjoy playtime.  They also have a nice skate park, where Parker loves to watch the kids do tricks…having his big kid envy.  We loved walking on the big creek greenway, listening to the frogs, and trying to avoid Parker from diving into the swamp.

What a beautiful day it was today!  Parker loved our little walk, and scaring me half to death by backing up to sit down on the edge of the bridge.  This picture captures him with a little snarky face.  Proving that he can and will get as close as he can to the edge, while capturing the beauty of the surrounding.  It’s pretty fitting to his personality.

What I didn’t know, was how special today would be… you see, by the end of the day I found out some pretty neat information that I didn’t otherwise know.  Something amazing was happening right under my nose.  Cells dividing rapidly, a embeded blastocyst forming inside me.

That evening I decided to test since Dan was going out of town.  I hadn’t even missed my period yet.  But… I had a feeling something was cookin’ up inside me.

Okay! Well that was not planned… at least not so soon!  After I picked my jaw up from off the floor, I went downstairs and told Dan.  He just looked at me and smiled and gave me a nice long hug.  As if to say, it’s going to be okay.  God has a plan, and we can do this.  My internals were saying “Man, we really know how to space them out…  Parker and Mason are 18 months apart, and this one will be about 20 months apart from Mason!  Eeeeek!”  Estimated due date is October 29.  All exciting none-the-less.  So, are you all freaking out with me?  Yeah… thought so.  Go ahead, whisper that I’m crazy under your breath.  I know you want to.

Midnight Snuggles

Now that Mason is older, it’s pretty rare that he wakes in the middle of the night.  When he does though, it’s typically short lived.  Last night, he decided to start fussing around 4am, and I got up to see what was the matter. I picked him up, and he immediately clung to me.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  He wrapped his little chubby arms around my neck so tight and started to babble, as if to tell me something.

I went over to the chair and started to rock him and sing the typical lullaby that we usually sing…

Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet Mason

Mommy loves you, Daddy too, and your brother Parker pooh

Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet child,

Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet child. ♫

It was so precious how he stayed there clung to me like glue, taking deep breaths and muttering sweet babbles as I sang.  I really savored the moment.  Then I put him back in his crib, and he curled up his chubby legs under his chest so his bum stuck up in the air, and I covered him up with warm blankets and kissed him goodnight.  He didn’t make a peep after that.

So, morning came, completely convinced that Mason woke up to just get some sweet Mama love, I came in to get him, and turned on the lights to see him jumping up and down without his pajama bottoms on.  Silly boy was trying to tell me last night that he was cold because he took off his pajama bottoms and threw them over the crib.  Aw, and all along I thought he just wanted some midnight snuggles.  I love my sweet and silly little Mae Mae.

Happy Easter Sunday!

We had a great Easter this year! It was fun getting the baskets ready for the kiddos and telling Parker that the Easter bunny was coming.  He was full of excitement, and he and Mason had a great time seeing what surprises were left by the Easter bunny! 

We went to the 8:30 service at church so that we could get the boys down for a nap in between church and visiting the family.  It ended up working out well, and we came home, made brunch, and went for a nice little walk.  We wanted to see if we could feed the geese, but only ended up feeding the fish since the geese were on Easter break apparently. Then we all had a nice early nap!

After we woke, we packed up the kiddos and headed over to our Aunt Vickie’s house in Decatur an enjoyed a yummy lunch, a great time visiting with family, and an Easter Egg Hunt!  The boys had a great time, and since I didn’t stuff their basket with any candy, they were overjoyed to score some yummy treats!  It was perfect weather, and a wonderful Easter!

Spring Break

I’m not sure why they call it a spring break.  You see, when you have a toddler, who normally goes to school a mere twice a week so you can keep your sanity and pretend to get things done around the house, and that gets taken away, it sure as heck doesn’t seem like much of a break.  It’s been an unusually warm end of March slash beginning of April being that each day has been a high of 85.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a baking in the sunshine kind of gal, with summer being my favorite season, but this was a little too soon for me.  All complaining aside, we made the best of it by hanging around locally and trying to stay cool.  We headed over to Mall of GA on Tuesday, and my Mom joined us for some fun in their little fountain.  Both boys loved it so much!

We joined some friends over at Morgan Falls Park in Sandy Springs on Wednesday for a little fun in the sun and a picnic lunch.  It was fun for the boys, they got to splash their toes in the lake for just a teenie bit, but had fun running around with their little friends and climbing the playground.

Yesterday after the park we decided to break out the trusty blow-up pool and throw the kiddos in for a little bit to get them cooled off.  I knew Parker would remember how much he loved it, but this would be Mason’s first time since he wasn’t too keen on the idea as an infant.  They both had a great time!

School Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny Visit

Parker had his first school organized egg hunt last week in his MMO class.  I was able to help since Dan was home to watch Mason, so I came early and Parker and I helped place the eggs on the playground for all the kiddos.  Parker had a blast.  It was pretty funny though because he kept leaving his basket behind and grabbing the eggs and bringing them back to the basket.  We had to keep reminding him to bring his basket with him.  Silly boy.  He still was full of smiles and was excited about what he got in his eggs.  They also had a little party with cupcakes afterwards, and Dan brought Mason to join in the fun, too!

On Saturday, we decided we’d head over to the mall after naps since we got in the ties from etsy in the mail to complete the boys’ Easter outfits.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t a line at all.  Dan played photographer incognito, hiding behind some trees to sneak in a few “free” shots.  The cheapest package with a digital copy was $34.95! What a rip!  So, we politely declined after the visit with the big white bunny, but secretly happy because Dan got some good shots. Both boys didn’t mind the bunny.  Parker wasn’t too enthusiastic about smiling for the pictures, which was odd because it’s usually not an issue.  He still enjoyed the experience, though and got a fun little mask afterwards. The boys also enjoyed running around and playing in the soft play area afterwards.  Mason is a little crazy in that play area, crawling and climbing everywhere.  They had a so much fun!

Kid Free Vaca!

I had a wonderful time with my bestie Jess in Charleston for my first kid free vaca of the year, and the first one since Mason was born. It’s become a bit of a tradition, it seems because I went for my first kid free vaca when Parker turned one. Of course, it was wonderful to see Jess. We’ve been friends since middle school, so when I see her, I have no inhibitions, and I can completely let loose and relax with her. I love that. Although we had lots of fun activities planned for us to do, you know what activity I was MOST looking forward to? Sleeping in! I couldn’t remember the last time I slept in, it was probably when we had our little mini-babymoon before Mason was born. So, sleeping in was nice. Especially since Parker has the tendency to wake up between 6:45 and 7am and go potty, and then sleep a mere 15-30mins more after that. It can be so tiring every single day. Of course, I could just go to bed early, but that would dig into our personal time of doing chores, updating the blog, catching up on our favorite shows, so we typically don’t get into bed until closer to 11:30 or 12. What a treat it was to roll out of bed after 9am, without two kiddos pleading for my attention? Very very nice.

I got there around 6pm on Thursday, and since it was the first night, we just took it easy and grabbed some sushi to go. We stayed up and caught up and chatted, and then hit the sack. The next day we decided since the weather was perfect, that we would do some paddle boarding. One awesome thing about staying with Jess, is that her fiance Chad has every outdoor sport gear imaginable, so they had two paddle boards ready to go, they just needed to be loaded on the rack of the car. Since Chad was out of town, that left Jess and I to figure out how to secure them, thinking it wouldn’t be too hard. Well, we got a reality check when we took our first turn gassing it out of the neighborhood. The boards went-a-sliding! Jess pulled over in time to avert a real traffic disaster, and we re-secured the boards, but Jess wasn’t impressed. We went back to the house to see if we could reach Chad on his cell, but he was out surfing. We decided to do some youtube searches, and finally we were confident enough after watching a few “how to” clips, to try our hand at securing the boards the correct way, and make our way to the beach. It was SO worth it! Paddle boarding is so fun, relaxing, yet takes core muscles and focus. It was perfect!

It was amazing how much we could see and do without kiddos! We later did some shopping, mani/pedi and enjoyed a nice dinner on Sullivan’s Island. It was weird not having to worry about a nap schedule, or cooking, or anything kid related! It was nice to get updates on my phone from the hubby of cute little things the boys were doing. Dan took them out to the Aquarium one day while I was gone, and also took the boys out for frozen yogurt. This was a real treat. It was Mason’s first cone, and Parker’s second, so I guess it was pretty well deserved. I know both Daddy and the boys loved having some extra attention paid just between the three of them, as much I loved some time with Jess.

On Saturday, We walked the bridge to Mt. Pleasant where we enjoyed some beautiful views and that evening we celebrated Jess’ birthday by going out to a swanky restaurant. Honestly, I don’t even remember the name, but it had some amazingly delicious salmon served with a “corn pudding” that was very delightful. We got all glammed up to go to the Charleston Fashion Show. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we had a wonderful time! We had great seats, and there were very upscale and stylish fashion lines. There were a few emerging designers that had interesting lines, but it all made for great entertainment!

On our last day, we just took it easy, played some tennis… okay, well we just smacked some balls around and ran after them, it was still fun! We enjoyed a leisure lunch and then walked the pier at Shem Creek Park. We were able to spot some dolphins and see kayakers during the walk, as well as quite a few fiddler crabs in the marsh. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The perfect way to end the vaca!